7 Ways to Help Kids Fall in Love with Reading

There are many reasons why kids should develop a love for books and reading habits as early as possible.

A good book encourages the development of intelligence, connects the spoken and written language, enriches vocabulary, deepens the imagination, and contributes to the development of creative thinking and the adoption of moral values and human messages.

This is an activity that is transmitted from generation to generation and almost every child enjoys it. If you teach a child to love books, you will give it the basis for the development of many skills, so here are a few ways to achieve it.

kids reading

Choose the Right Book

How will the child enjoy the book depends on the election of the book.

Small children love books that attract their attention and can easily be held in their hands. For them, the ideal picture books are the so-called pop-ups book (the opening of the book forms a three-dimensional image), then picture books with clear and large images.

Picture books with short, rhymed poems are a good choice, because they encourage children to develop their imagination – until it comes up with a story.

Also, allow it to make inquiries and investigate which book could be read next because the interest of every child is different. If a book was interesting to you in childhood, it doesn’t mean it will suit it as well.

kids reading

Reading Rituals

It would be good that reading becomes mandatory and very important part of every day. According to experts, the best time to read are the evening hours when the child has a need for more peaceful activities.

This is a time when tensions are lowered to the minimum, your daily routine is behind you and the child is relaxed and willing to listen. Adjust the brightness and make yourself comfortable in the corner that you specifically designed for reading fairy tales.

Read slowly, so that child could view pictures, follow the story and remember the storyline.

Children’s Books

Parents have many options today when they want to reward their children with something they will enjoy and enhance their creativity. Children’s books can be one of the best gift ideas because books give your child a pathway to information, critical thinking skills, delight, empathy, and engagement.

Great books should take your children through thrilling adventures. The content should be interesting, provide appealing illustrations, predictable language patterns, and a simple message.

As you pick the best books from a huge variety of options, you should choose types that your child can read, understand, and share stories with family and friends.

The Child in the Role of Hero

Moderately fast reading, with occasional short breaks, gives the child the opportunity to enjoy the action, ideas, people, landscapes and events in the story.

Sometimes, invent stories because the child will be enchanted if you put it as a hero in the story with his favorite toy or best friend. When it grows up a bit, it will probably ask you to read the same book.

Adults may seem that absurd, but it is very important to the child. All familiar things give your child a tremendous sense of security.

kids reading

To Play Role While Reading

It is very important that, without hesitation and boredom, you enjoy the story, because your child is not a critic and endlessly will enjoy the story while you laugh along and while “showing off”.

It might seem a bit “silly”, but while you are talking funny voices and imitating animals – children will be fascinated and will listen to you with the utmost attention.

Talk About Deciphered

Encourage your child to paraphrase what is read, and thus it develops not only the ability to communicate but also concentration and the ability to sort out important details.

If the child is still small, encourage it to come up with the story, according to the images seen on the cover of the book. Follow the words with your finger as you read aloud to toddlers, so the kid can link text with words. Hold a book at arm’s length so that the child sees the pictures. Show the pictures accompanying the story.

Ask him what the images tell on each side. When you notice that a child’s attracted attention, stop and have a chat about it together. This will help him to understand better the meaning of the words, and it will be interesting to him/her.

Cooking Together

The best way for a child to fall in love with books and cooking is if you come up with the idea that you prepare a meal together.

It doesn’t have to be something huge, a simple sandwich will be fine in the beginning. Check online for some recipes, and read it aloud and slowly so the child can understand and repeat them.

In this way, the kid will learn about vegetables, fruits, and spices and will be able to realize food and its importance.

kids reading

The Environment

What you can do is set up the reading environment where it is proved to be the most attractive activity in moments of idleness: start leaving books in places where it is most likely that the child will be bored.

Leave a cart with books in the car, so that every time you get stuck in traffic and they have nothing to do, they will have a book that can read.

Reading is important in every possible way and it can only be beneficial for your child. The sooner it starts, the greater awareness of the world will it have and the ability to express its deepest feelings and desires will be enabled. Read away!

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