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Where do you get your baking inspiration from? Cookbooks? TV shows? Internet? If you’re like most of us, you’re probably scanning Pinterest on weekly basis trying to find out what you’re going to cook or bake that week.

Pinterest is overflowing with amazing cake creations, some easier replicate than others. Unless you are a baker by profession, trying to recreate some of these state of art desserts will just result in frustration and despair. Luckily there is the rest, which even someone with zero skills can easily pull off.

Ever wondered which cakes get the most attention in Pinterest? We have geared up to answer that question.

We looked at the number of repins each cake got, based on the keyword “cake” and here are the results! (PS: They are not ordered by the number of repins)

Most Re-Pinned Cakes on Pinterest

We give you the ultimate low down of trending cakes on Pinterest that are re-pinned by the speed of light. Have you seen any of these on your wall yet?

To find the original recipe click on the “source” under image to get to the link with recipe and directions.

1Rose Rose Cake

re-pins: 32.5k

When they say “too pretty to eat”, this cake has its name all over it. Get familiar with some piping technique and you can make it at home, with a bit of luck and some serious skills.

2Pineapple Cake

re-pins: 4.4k

We’ve seen cakes of all shapes and sizes, but this newcomer will most likely rock the Pin world this year.

3Macaroons Cake

re-pins: 4.3k

State of the art cake, made by an artisan cake maker, surely not something you whip up in half an hour in kitchen, but soooo pretty to look at. The question is: where do you start eating it from?

4Floral Cake

re-pins: 6.8k

Floral cakes will rule Pinterest this year. This pretty pink one has all flowers made out of buttercream. That’s a lot of work to you and me!

5Succulents Cake

re-pins: 3.9k

Pipping skills, level: PhD.

6The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake

re-pins: 67.1k

Sometimes you need to go back to the basics. For those cases, save this moist chocolate cake to impress your family or guests.

7Moist Red Velvet Cake

re-pins: 52.8k

Talking about classics, here is another one – there are so many variations of this cake, but the original still remains the most popular.

8Fresh Blackberry Cake

re-pins: 31.6k

Something rather healthy looking – add fresh fruits and edible flowers for instant eye feast.

9Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

re-pins: 30.6k

Heavily loaded – this cake will leave you grasping for breath.

10Neapolitan Cake

re-pins: 15.8k

Sophisticated classic cake to enjoy with your afternoon tea. Or coffee.

11Lemon Blueberry Cake

re-pins: 18.9k

Refreshing summer cake with fresh fruits and edible flowers.

12Funfetti Cake

re-pins: 36.4k

Something your kids will surely love. Funfetti loaded cake not just for birthday parties.

13Strawberry Crunch Cake

re-pins: 50.1k

Strawberry cake as you haven’t seen it before.

14Vanilla Bean Pistachio Cake

re-pins: 28k

Rich and creamy cake with a hint of pistachio flavor.

15Dulce de Leche Chocolate Cake

re-pins: 5.3k

Probably one of my favorite ones from this collection. Simple but packed with flavor.

16Raspberry Almond Cake

re-pins: 31.8k

Another strawberry favorite. This would also make a pretty baby shower cake.

17Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

re-pins: 123.7k

Salted caramel anyone?

18Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake

re-pins: 19.7k

Old fashioned classic turned with a modern twist, raspberry and lemon layers of goodness.

19Unicorn Cake

re-pins: 18.7k

No Pinterest roundup is complete with a mention of unicorn!

20The Most Delicious Caramel Cake

re-pins: 15.6k

Another flavor for your to try – caramel.

21The Southern Woman’s Classic Italian Cream Cake

re-pins: 41.9k

Oh my, doesn’t this look rich and creamy?

22Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

re-pins: 36.3k

Turn your kids favorite chocolate chip cookies into this piece of art.

23Simply Perfect Chocolate Cake

re-pins: 81.4k

Another version of the classic chocolate cake.

24Donut Cake

re-pins: 77.8k

Giant donut cake has already been a big hit on Pinterest.

25Chocolate Truffle Cake

re-pins: 10.1k

Chocolate all around – chocolate truffle cake with an extra generous dose of chocolate sprinkles.

26Italian Lemon Olive Oil Cake

re-pins: 69.4k

Beautiful and refreshing cake, best to be enjoyed in a summer garden.

27Hazelnut Cream Cake

re-pins: 12.8k

Now here is a flavor you wouldn’t probably think of right away – try hazelnut cake!

28Strawberry Cake

re-pins: 38.1k

This strawberry art was too pretty not to share!

29Nutella Dream Cake

re-pins: 17.1k

Who needs Christmas when you can have Nutella Cake?

30Lemon Blueberry Cake


re-pins: 18.3k

Blueberries in yet another cake.

31Raspberry Cake

re-pins: 66.2k

Recipe by Martha Stewart.

32Fresh Vanilla Layers Cake

re-pins: 21.3k

As fresh as they get!

33Blueberry Banana Cake

re-pins: 18.2k

More blueberries please!

34Xmas Birch Cake

re-pins: 42.3k

Upstage your Christmas tree with this stunning birch tree cake.

35French Strawberry Cake

re-pins: 117.3k

Simple French classic, one of the most popular cakes on Pinterest to date.

36Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Cake

re-pins: 57.8k

It may look like something that came out of kids dreams, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it too!

37Mocha Chocolate Cake

re-pins: 19.6k

For the lovers of coffee.

38Galaxy Cake

re-pins: 51.1k

Any space geeks out here?

39Mint Chocolate Layer Cake

re-pins: 18.5k

Why just mint chocolate when you can have a whole cake?

40Classic Strawberries and Cream Cake

re-pins: 16.6k

I promise this is the last one with strawberries! Pinterest seems to have a thing for them!

41To die for Carrot Cake

re-pins: 21.6k

Something from a healthier corner – sort of!

42Harry Potter Butterbeer Cake

re-pins: 29.3k

Straight out of a fairy tale.

43Cherry Cake

re-pins: 29.6k

A pretty summer cake loaded with flavor, not just fruit.

Did we make you hungry yet?

PIN your favorite ones for later and get baking!


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