10 Trending New and Old Hobbies for 2017

Hobbies are a dime a dozen. There’s so many out there for you to try that sometimes you haven’t even mastered one and you want to try something else. Hobbies also take a lot of time, resources and finances which is why you need to be sure before you start one.

I’ve always loved cooking. It’s a passion and a hobby at the same time for me. Yes, it takes a lot of time, energy and resources but I’ve kept at it.

There are different kinds of hobbies. There are ones that require a lot physical effort. Then, there are the ones that only need your creativity and artistic threads. Either way, you just need to find what’s the perfect fit for you.

Check out these trending hobbies for this year.



I would say this is by far one of the most expensive hobbies out there. You have to have the finances to be able to buy your own equipment, upgrade as you go and pay for lessons in case you need them.

But, there’s no denying how captivated you get as you learn. Once you get behind the lens and shoot your first few professional looking shots, you’d be hooked for life.

Pros: Photography can be a good source of income on the side when you practically have a hand on this craft. It also leads to other skillsets like editing and lighting which can be useful in many other areas.

Cons: Any photographer will tell you starting out is hard especially when you have no equipment, to begin with. The process of learning the technicality is like going through a four-year-course in college. Above all, upgrading your equipment takes a lot of money.

But, if you’re one to have money to spend and the desire to shoot, then go for it!



If you look through Pinterest, you’d see brush pen calligraphy all over it’s trending feed. DIY wedding invites have been trending with calligraphy as well. Though this one of the hobbies that can be very routine, calligraphy is found to be soothing. Still, much like other hobbies, this requires practice, time and needs of replacement.

Pros: many people claim calligraphy is like yoga for the hand. It teaches flexibility and light touch reflexes to those who practice it. Many have also said it is very relaxing because of the quiet environment calligraphy classes have. Of course, it also teaches you patience.

Cons: you might have to attend a few classes as a beginner. These classes cost quite an amount of money. This is also a bit harder for older people because of the need of steady hands.

If you’re able to swing the class fees, have steady hands, clear eyesight and are good with your hands artistically, you’ll definitely enjoy this hobby.



Las year, the use of camera drones have increased significantly. Professional filmmakers and videographers have invested a lot of money on drones to capture aerial footage that’s usually shot from a helicopter. Consequently, many hobbyists have acquired drones for themselves, too. Some of them have hobbies shooting Youtube videos, creating stock images or videos to sell or just plain adventure documentation.

Pros: it’s easy to use. With a tablet, you can control the machine with ease. It’s also very cool and takes great shots which are pluses no one would refuse.

Cons: a drone costs about $499-$2999 depending on the specs. That’s a lot of money and only those who can really afford their hobbies are open to buying one for the sake of fun.



You’re probably thinking, “Whuuuttt?”. Before you become skeptical, hear me out. Origami is one of the coolest hobbies ever! Sure, it doesn’t really have a use unless you’re a mom or a teacher trying to entertain kids. But, it is artistic and it does pass time which is the sole purpose of hobbies.

Pros: paper is cheap. There are videos and downloadable instructions all over the internet.

Cons: there’s really not much use for it.

But, if you want a past time that’s not expensive, then this would be totally up your alley!



This hobby is one that I can personally attest to. It’s fun and very relaxing inspite of what other people may think. It’s one of the few hobbies that not only makes the doer happy but also to the receiver.

Pros: good food releases happy hormones called endorphins. So, cooking is perfect for people who have depression. I battled depression as part of my illness and cooking certainly soothes me. Another advantage? The better you get, the more praises you get which boosts your self-esteem.

Cons: costs quite an amount of money depending on what you’re making. The more complex and high class it is, the more you spend. The cleaning part after is also a pain but that’s why you CLAYGO!



This pretty much like calligraphy only on cloth instead of paper. It’s super artistic and fun to make! It makes you remember the scene where Arya and Sansa Stark first their onscreen rivalry. Any GOT fans out here? If you are, you’d know what I mean.

Pros: super affordable AF. It’s also fairly easy to learn. You can even trace the pattern out before you start sewing! And, it makes really good customized gifts!

Cons: it’s not for everybody. Much like cross stitching, if it’s not your thing, then you won’t enjoy this.

Sign Language


Though it may not seem like it, a lot of people have learned sign language as a hobby at first which turned out to be something they used to volunteer with organizations who care for deaf and mute children.

Pros: you can learn this on your own. There are plenty of videos and printables online that you can learn from. Some experts say sign language helps the emotionally troubled because the communication is in complete silence. Silence soothes the mind and helps lower anxiety.

Cons: it takes tons of practice before you’re fluent or able to fully converse. Almost every hobby needs to be practiced to master. So, it’s not really much of a difference.



Scared that you’re not fit for dancing? To heck with that. It doesn’t matter if you’re born with two left feet. There are plenty of dancing styles that will fit you. If you’re not nimble enough for hip-hop, try swing or ballroom.

Pros: Dancing can serve as exercise. So, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. Sweating also releases endorphins which mean you’re sure to be in a good mood after.

Cons: aside from the physical effort you need to put in, you’d need dancing gear, shoes, clothes and what not. It costs more money but the weight loss added to the fun is worth spending for, right?



Oooh. It looks so artsy! Yes. Indeed, it does. For those of you who are innately artistic, this would be fairly easy for you. For some of us, who do not have a single artistic bone in our body, the challenge will be fun. Then again, hobbies won’t be as fun if they’re not challenging us, right?

Pros: affordable, items can be easily bought anywhere and it makes a great personalized greeting card. You can also make DIY watercolor pillow cases! Get to a point where you’re good enough with any style and you can even make extra cash by selling your art!

Cons: might be harder for people who have no talent for art.

But, if you persevere, even people like us can get there. It will be a slow process but once you make a decent finished product, you’ll just want to do more!

Extreme Trampoline


If you’ve ever been to one of these parks, you’d know how much you can have for hours in here. As long as you’re nimble and able to fully use your joints, you’d have a lot of fun and you can pass time really fast.

Pros: fairly affordable. Tickets cost between $15-$30 depending on how many hours you’d want to stay for. It’s also a great way to exercise and it’s an activity you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Cons: It can get crowded depending on the time you go. You also can’t do it as often as stay-at-home hobbies or the kinds that you can bring with you. You either have to set a regular day out of the week to go or go whenever you can.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start a hobby this year! Enjoy your hobbies!

Are any of these your current hobbies? How did you start out? Let us know in a comment below!

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