10 Free + Cheap Ways to Fill Boring Weekends

Boredom strikes at a time we least expect and hope for it. 

Especially when you have a bunch of out of school kids running around the house screaming their brains out looking for something to do to entertain themselves.

Then your mind starts to wonder where are you going to take your tykes without costing you a limb or without needing to slave yourself in hard work cleaning up after?

Every mom has been there and wondered the same things.

To help you, we’ve come up with a list of activities and places you can bring your kids, kill the boredom and keep your pockets intact while waiting for your grand summer escapade to happen.

Take a Trip to the Library


Netflix isn’t something kids would really enjoy and just imagine how much money you’ll be spending for a subscription. Take your kids for a leisurely stroll to the public library.

They would be equipped with child-friendly DVDs, books and other fun yet educational materials. you can easily take off a few hours of their boredom and fill it with learning. You may never know, they may actually develop a love for reading.

Visit the ZOO


While going to the zoo may cost you a little bit of money for entrance fees, you’re sure to keep your tykes happy with a whole day of sight-seeing, animal petting and the like.

By the time you strap them down in their car seats, they will be exhausted and sound asleep when you get home. Which means, more ‘me’ time for you and your husband.

Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt


If you have the room to spare around your house or in your backyard, a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt would be a great way to keep your kids physically and mentally occupied. Yes, it will take you some time to prepare for the hunt, but there are dozens of material online that you just to click and print.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just has to be interesting, mentally stimulating and doable for your kids’ age.

Make Your Own Play Dough


Making DIY play dough at home has been proven to be a very effective way to keep kids busy and entertained.

The process alone of making it seems to be a lot of fun for them and the part where they get to play with their creations is even better than you’d imagine. Say hello to at least a few hours of occupied kids and zero boredom…and a messy kitchen counter top. :)

Have a Bake Sesh


Yes. This is yet another potentially messy activity but it doesn’t have to be if you buy the cake mix instead of starting from scratch. Every kid loves sweets and getting to make their own will get them giddy. Do not leave them unsupervised, though. You might find your fire alarms blaring or your youngest covered in flour and peanut butter!

If you have the ingredients lying around your pantry, this activity is pretty much very pocket-friendly. If you don’t stock up on baking items, a box of cake mix and a tub of frosting are your wallet’s best friends. :)

Take Out Your Inflatable Pool


Summer, kids and water? What else is there to do? Kids love to play in the water whether it’s in a small blow-up pool, the ocean or a public pool.

Throw in some beach balls, floating, fun music and their favorite snacks and you’ll be set for an afternoon of fun and laughter. You might have to pry them out of the pool to make sure they don’t catch a cold.

Go on a Hike


Pack a bag with extra clothes, some snacks, and enough bottled water and take your kids for a hike through a familiar trail in the woods.

Take binoculars and a magnifying glass with you in case you spot a rare bird or a cool looking insect. Aside from these, make sure to bring a first-aid kit and make sure your phone is fully charged. Hikes are fun, takes time and gives your kids a sense of freedom being one with nature. Just don’t let them out of your sight. ;)

Send a Letter through the Post Office


Telling your kids how people communicated back in the days can be interesting. If you have a family friend or a relative who lives in another country or across the country, help your kids to write them a letter then tell them how the mailing process.

Take a tour at your local post office also. Some post offices offer a walk through tour and your kids will be amazed to see how a simple letter is a part of a huge chain of systems. It would be just like a school field trip for them.

Visit a Recycling Plant


For some reason, kids are fascinated with machines or anything that moves on their own. The recycling plant would be a good place for them to see these things in action.

Check your local recycling plant’s schedule and see if they offer tours. Yet another school field trip feel. It would be better if your kids’ friends can come along. Talk to their parents and organize together!

Start a Garden 


Don’t have a green thumb? That’s no problem. Starting a vegetable garden with your kids is a great way to bond with them. It’s something you can learn together especially if you’ve never tried before. It’s not cheap but it’s a good investment. Gardening is proven to be relaxing and the fruits of your labor will be even more satisfying. Your kids will surely feel the excitement once their seed sprouts. :)

It’s not a difficult task to keep kids out of boredom. You just have to be creative.

They find what adults do very fascinating and you can use that to your advantage. You can opt to teach them simple house chores. They will find it interesting, keep them entertained and teach them to be more responsible.

Switch it up every now and then from indoor activities to outdoor excursions. Rewarding them for good behaviour is also a good idea. Take them to an ice cream parlor or to a candy shop.

The sky’s the limit with your kids. You know what they like. Play your card right and you’ll kill the boredom right out of them.

Got any fun and cheap activities to share? Leave a comment below!

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