10 Ways to get Kids off their Smartphones

There is no doubt that smartphones have changed the way we live. Unfortunately, more people spend hours gazing at their phones instead of communicating with people directly and being more active. The problem is especially serious for small children.

Nowadays, even babies can be seen playing with smartphones and other mobile devices. The problem with the obsession with these devices, video games and the web is that children are leading increasingly sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles.

It is important to create a habit of exercising and staying active in your children from an early age, because this will have a strong influence on their future lives as well.

You can change that and get your children on the move by following these 10 fun-filled ways to keep your children physically active and fit:

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1Establish a routine for taking daily family walks

Make your kids get into the habit of joining you for a post or pre-dinner walk around the neighborhood, in a nearby park, or on any route of your choice.

You can change the routes for your walks periodically to keep them interesting for the kids. This daily walk can start when the children are still in their strollers. Be persistent though – and stick to the habit yourself!

2Turn on the music and dance it out

Exercising doesn’t necessarily hitting the gym.

You can get your children to perform physical activity and have fun at the same time by encouraging them to join you for a fun family dance. Turn on their favorite songs and dance it out!

3Make the chores at home feel like games

Make up fun games to promote a more enthusiastic participation of your children in the household chores.

Think of different adventures which will make them get up from the couch and help you clean up, fold the laundry or take out the trash.

4Add some “hidden workouts” to their daily activities

Park further away from the school or the store and make your children walk the rest of the way to get inside, or take the steps with them instead of using the elevator or escalators whenever you can.

Remember, as little as 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week have significant positive impact on your health and at the same time, it doesn’t take too much time. Read how long it takes to walk a mile in this article.

5Use the commercial breaks to do some fitness

Make your kids get up and do some sit ups or squats while the commercials are on TV. Make this a competitive and fun filled habit at your house.

6Establish a tradition for a sports night

Pick one day of the week to engage the entire family into any kind of indoor or outdoor sports. You can use exercise playing cards which each family member has to pick and perform the required exercise, for example.

You can go out and play some soccer, basketball or any other sport which the entire family can enjoy together. Just remember, getting the right footwear for the specific sport is crucial for preventing foot injuries.

Read more about how to choose the proper basketball shoes here.

7Take part in a charity run or walk

The children will love the fact that they are doing something for a good cause. Not only will this help them stay active but will have a good influence on their character.

8Get your children to help you with the outdoor work

Keep them active by making them gather the fallen leaves in the autumn, or build a snowman or a snow castle in the winter. Nothing is better that spending time in the fresh air doing some fun activities.

9Encourage the kids learn and enjoy gardening

They will truly enjoy planting new flower bulbs in the spring and then watch them grow and take care of them.

Children enjoy playing with the soil, watering the plants and spending time learning more about the different kinds of plants you are growing. Let them choose where to plant their favorite ones.

This will definitely keep them interested and out of the house, away from the TV and phone screens.

10Adopt a puppy

Children love dogs. Teach them to take responsibility and walk the dog with or without you. They will grow up to be fitter and more responsible and loving people. Growing up with a dog will create unforgettable memories for your kids and you as a family.

By having to take the dog for walks several times a day, you will encourage the children to stay away from their mobile devices and the TV.

Walking for 30 minutes a day can reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes type II and other health issues related to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

featured image: momsxyz.com