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Bath time is bath time for kids. In retrospect, you would probably agree when I say that there are times kids seem to have a fear of baths the way dogs do. They run around the house screaming and enjoying the fact they can get you to chase them around.

Undressing would seem very suspicious for them already. Then, there’s you trying to figure out new ways to sneakily get them to take a bath without the resistance and the awful wet mess to deal with after.

There’s simple and very obvious answer to resolve this. Make bath time more fun.

How? You start introducing bath time activities. Activities which surpasses the creativity of a rubber duckie or simply chucking toys in the tub.

Stumped? No worries. Here are a few bath time activities to get your gears turning.

1Pool Party Bath

I’ve always wondered why kids love to swim but hate bath time. Aren’t they pretty much the same? Apparently, in their eyes, they’re two very different things. So why not make them the same in their eyes? Turn bath time into a pool party bath!

Put some aqua colored gel coloring in the bath water, add some beach toys, dress your child in his swim suit and have an all out pool party right in your bathroom!

2Colored Ice Cubes

This would be a great way to add sensory play to your bath time activities. The color will be attractive to them and the temperature change would also be a nice addition.

Also, this is fairly simple to make. You just make ice the usual way and add a drop of food coloring for a rainbow effect.

3Dinosaur Bath Bombs

Even adults find fizzy bath bombs cool. How much more kids? They’ll probably think you can do magic. Imagine the excitement you’d see on their faces especially when they see the surprise inside.

You can opt for other toys for your little girls. Or, if your boy already has dinosaur toys, you can change the toy suprise into something else.

4Glow Stick Party

This is one of the most brilliant bath time activites I’ve ever seen. And it’s simplicity makes me ask myself why have I never thought of this? Glow sticks are so cheap and can be bought at any shopping center!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!

5Spray Paint Bubble Bath

Doesn’t this look like so much fun? Not to mention how pretty it looks! It’s like bathing in the different hues of the galaxy. And what did it take to create this? A child and a few spray bottles filled with colored water.

Warning: you might actually have a hard time prying your child out of the tub if you try this!

6Glowing Bath Paint

Here’s an even more fun version of the glow stick bath party. All you need is shaving cream, non-toxic washable neon paint and some black lights to achieve this ultimate glow in the dark foam party.

You might be surprised. You’d be wondering who was more excited – you or your kids?

7Balloon Bath Party

Wouldn’t this be a nice surprise on your child’s birthday? Fill up your tub with bubbly water and then add some balloons! It’d be like playing in a ball pit; only wet!

8Frog Pond Bath

Sensory plays are awesome and super educational for kids. Mix play and learning by turning the plain old bath time to a classic frog pond bath. Prepare the elaborate-looking setup with just a few drops of blue food coloring, flat glass pebbles, vinyl frogs and some lilypads cut out from crft foam.

Bath time couldn’t get any more fun than this!

9Sponge Sail Boats

Yes, the rubber duckies can get pretty tiring to play with. Make your own sponge sail boats to have a little bit of variety with your bath time toys. You can even do a pirate role play with your child to make things even better!

Learn how to make these here.

10Pop Up Sponges

Learning is fun and it can be done anytime even during bath time! Create learning bath time activities with simple items like ABCs made out of sponges. Get the full how-to here.

11Fluffy & Puffy Bath Paint

The last thing you’d think of microwaving is a bar of soap. I mean, who does that, right? But, you can make a top of the line bath time activities by doing so. For example, this puffy bath paint is made from microwaved Ivory soap colored with gel food coloring.

Try it and get ready for an awesome bath time!

As what people say, there’s always a silver lining. I remember how my younger sister hated bath time and my aunt would have to chase her around the house with threats of a spanking if she doesn’t take one.

In retrospect, I see why she hated it. It wasn’t fun and it always equaled to a spanking. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You don’t need to trick or threaten your kids for them to love bath time. All it takes are some well thought bath time activities until they end up looking forward to it.

I’ve said this in almost all of my posts, just have fun and be creative. Kids are not that difficult to please. As long as it’s something new, they’d take the bait.

With that, I bid you a happy bath time with your youngins! Any bath time activities you’d liek to suggest? Let us know with a comment below!


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