Christmas time is near. You know what that means, right? Lots of food, the smell of wrapping paper and a lot of money to be spent. But, do you really need to spend so much to give presents your recipients would love?

And, let’s not get started with the number of kids your kids would want to give a gift to. Just trying to calculate that in my mind already gives me a dreadful feeling. I’d have to time my purchases on every sale just to accommodate the hefty list.

The good news? You can make DIY gifts!

Although you may not want to give DIY gifts to everyone on your list but at least you can cross out your kids’ friends off.

If you’re not the DIY type, you have two choices: you either spend money you don’t have or spend what money you have on materials and spend the time you have making these easy DIY gifts.

1DIY Gifts: Lego Glycerin Soap

DIY gifts

It may look difficult to make but as long as you are able to get your hands on some meltable soap, everything else is a matter of ease. Add some food coloring to the mixture to make them fun. You can even mold these into different shapes!

Read the full instructions here.

2DIY Gifts: Snowman Mugs

DIY Gifts

Super easy and cheap to make. All you need are a bunch of permanent marker and a bunch of white mugs! Find the right design for you and have fun drawing them.

Check out the full inspiration here.

3DIY Gifts: Sock Monkey

DIY gifts

If you have some time in your hands and are actually good with your hands, try making on of these sock monkeys for your kids. Your older kids might not get as excited, but your younger kids will cuddle the heck out this fluffy monkey!

Step by step tutorial here.

4DIY Gifts: Sumo Wrestler Bowling Pins

DIY Gifts

Why buy plain looking white bowling pins when you can make your own ones which are a lot cooler? If you have a few used pet bottles, some paint and a Sharpie, you can definitely make 6-10 of these cute sumo pins!

Grab the full set of instructions here.

5DIY Gifts: Candy Box

DIY Gifts

Kids love candy. Instead of the traditional Christmas stockings filled with gift and candies, you can make your own DIY candy box and fill it with your kids’ favorites.

6DIY Gifts: Goldfish in a Bag

DIY Gifts

As you can see, it’s not a real goldfish. It’s actually a melt and pour soap with a vinyl goldfish in the center. It’s fairly simple to follow and your kids will love using it in the bath to get the vinyl fish inside! You can also use other vinyl toys aside from the goldfish.

Follow the steps here.

7DIY Gifts: Avengers Pillowcase

DIY Gifts

With an ample amount of wax paper, an iron and some fabric paint, you can create your own pillowcase design. This particular project is not limited to Avengers designs but you can customize based on what your child likes.

You can find different stencil printables online and all you have to do is find the design your child will love the most.

Read the full instructions here.

8DIY Gifts: Christmas Candy Sleigh

DIY Gifts

This perfect for people who have lots of nieces, nephews and god children. You can buy those economy packs of chocolates and candies and make several of these every day in time for Christmas!

Watch this how-to video.

9DIY Gifts: Superhero Mason Jar Banks

DIY Gifts

Wouldn’t this be a cool way to teach your kids how to save? Inspire them with their favorite superheroes or, in the case of daughters, princesses. A mason jar is very cheap – you can get one from a dollar store. Buy some spray paint and glue cut out superhero logos on after painting.

Get the full details here.

10DIY Gifts: Lego Crayons

DIY gifts

Isn’t it awesome that you can now buy Lego molds in stores? Yes, it’s very awesome especially since these Lego robot crayons are must-give gifts for kids!

Follow the full instructions

11DIY Gifts: Gingerbread Playdough

DIY Gifts

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a gingerbread does! These things are good gifts for kids because they’re safe for children. You won’t have to worry about kids putting this in their mouths since they’re made from edible ingredients.

Grab the full recipe here.

First and foremost, there are a few things you need to prepare before tackling you DIY gifts list. 

You need to determine if you have the time and patience to do these projects. Because, if you don’t, it will only be a waste of resources. So, before you try to emulate your inner Martha Stewart, identify these 2 things first.

Christmas is a season of giving. Under certain circumstances, your kids will not mind receiving a couple DIY gifts among their other store bought gifts. You do save a few bucks here and there but the ultimate goal is that you’ve poured precious time and effort into making them. And, that’s very much appreciated!

Got any DIY Gifts you’d like to recommend? Leave a comment below.