Gift Wrapping Ideas

We all know how much kids love receiving gifts, so why not take the joy even further and pack those gifts into something creative and pretty?

You don’t need to have a master’s degree in DIY to pull these off, all of them are for beginners with little hands-on experience and will surely make a big impression when those little hands start to unwrap them.

1Mouse Wrap

All you need is a pen and some colored papers, so simple but absolutely cute! Tutorial by Handmade Charlotte.

2Birthday Cake Box

Probably one of the most original gift boxes I’ve seen online, requires a bit more crafting but the results are well worth it! Tutorial by Studio DIY.

3Melon Sticker Gift Box

Get some basic office suppliers and create this simple and cute gift box. Tutorial by Sarah Hearts.

4Road Trip Gift Wrap

All the boys will go crazy after this one, two gifts in one – first they can get the cars from the cool packaging and then find out what’s inside. Tutorial by Line Across.

5DIY Panda Gift Wrap

Don’t stick with black and white, even though it’s a panda! Tutorial by Awwsam.

6Specs Wrap

If you happen to have some of these laying around the house from a party, why not use them as part of your gift wrap? Tutorial by Growing Spaces.

7Sparkling Flags Gift Topper

Reuse the leftover gift paper and make these cute flags! Full details at Anastasia Marie.

8Birthday Candles

Sooo simple and soooo cute! Tie birthday candles on a simple brown packaging paper, and a name and voila – beautiful gift is reading for handing over. Photo from Instagram.

9Paper Tissue Gift Topper

If you have a bit more time to play with tissue paper, these gift boxes will be a joy to look at – they will also make great party favors if you have time to make them all. Tutorial from The House that Lars Built.

10Color me Gift Wrap

Another two in one gift, a brilliant idea by the Line Across.

11Cherry Wrapping Paper

Add a summery feel to your gift with cute cherries. Tutorial by Today Home.

12Cactus Pom Pom Gift Wrap

Simple crafting project before the next birthday party, from The Proper Blog.

13Glitter Tape Gift Wrap

I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this myself, especially for girls they will adore this glittery gift. Tutorial by The Kitchy Kitchen.

14Flamingo Gift Wrap


Flamingos are all over Instagram right now, so make sure they make an appearance also at the birthday party. Tutorial by Kittenhood.

15Teddy Gift Wrap

Two in one gifts? Love these!


A photo posted by amigurumi artist (@hannapopana) on

16Honeycomb Gift Toppers

A bit of crafting is all you need to create this unique gift box. Tutorial by Minted.

17Printable Bunny Gift Wrap

Get a free printable and DIY your next gift wrap with The Pretty Blog.

18Heart Gift Wrap

Simple and pretty – can’t wait to try this one out. By Studio DIY.

19Fruit Gift Wrap

Wow, this is a whole new level of gift wrapping. Tutorial by The House that Lars Built.

20Monster Hide Out

Little boys will love this gift! Tutorial by Growing Spaces.

21Birds Gift Wrap

Neutral gift wrapping seems to be the trend right now, very simple and works for any occasion, get inspired by this one from Manon21.

22Eggcelent Wrapping Paper

Vibrant and happy gift wrap tutorial by Studio DIY.

23Star Wars Printable Gift Boxes

Cool boys need cool gift boxes, get these at Printable Crush.

24Pom Pom Garland Wrap

Garlands all around, all shapes, colors even the ones from washi tapes – love them all! Tutorial by A Subtle Revelry.

25Sleepy Lion Gift Wrap

This is probably the cutest thing I’ve see on Pinterest. Tutorial by Lets Unwrap Stuff.

26Black & White Wrap

Simple cool wrapping paper for any occasion, get it from minieco.

27Gold Tipped Paper Feathers

Gold and dark blue, beautiful combination not just for birthday! Check the tutorial by Lia Griffith.

28Monster Gift Wrap

Boys are in love with monsters, that’s a fact. Make their birthday gift a piece of art with this tutorial by Housing a Forest.

29Gold Dots Gift Wrap

Pretty, simple and using only a few materials, tutorial by The Kitchy Kitchen.

30Tree Gift Wrap

Another variation of the two in one gift, I would personally add little rails drawn on the package, tutorial by Gimme Some Oven.

31Rainbow Ribbon Gift Wrap

Ponies and rainbows, if that’s doesn’t say birthday, I don’t know what does! Tutorial by Tikkido.

32Vegetable Print Wrap

For the eco-conscious parents, tutorial by A Subtle Revelry.

33With Papercut Tags

Need a gift tag? Here is a cool one from Giochi di Carta.

34Feather Wrapping Paper


Inspiration from Decor8.

35Rainbow Garland

Buy one online or DIY a simple one at home, inspiration from

36Hand Stamped Gift Paper

Another wrapping paper you can make with your kids – tutorial from Cotton & Flax.

37Fruit-fetti Gift Wrap

Mix confetti and fruit cutouts for one cool gift wrap. Full details at MiniEco.

38Face Front Gift Wrap

Friendly faces? There’s never enough of these at a birthday party! Tutorial by A Subtle Revelry.

39Black & White Gift Wrapping Paper

Get your kids involved in making this simple gift wrap – tutorial by Design & Form.

40Flamingo Gift Wrap

Flamingo strikes again, feminine, soft and can be used for almost any occasion – free printable from Make and Tell.

41DIY Panda Gift Wrap

This one is for the lazy wrappers, you can pull lit off even with your eyes closed. Panda and many other animals at Mr Printables.

42Safari Animals Gift Tags

Aww, a whole ZOO of cute gift tags, get them at Sweet Paul.

43Finding Dory Gift Boxes – Printables

Get them at Printable Crush.

44Fairy Lights Wrap

It may be too early for xmas wraps, but I’m pinning this one for later –  Splash of Something.

45Garland Gift Wrap

I have a thing for black & white and this gift wrapping idea from Homey oh my goes to the top of my list right now!

46Fun Confetti Gift Wrap


Few small details for a pretty gift wrap not just for birthdays – full tutorial at Sweet Style.

47Pineapple & Neon Gift Warp

Simple print combined with some neon colors, great ideas from Journelles.

48Little Helpers

Spare animals laying around? Turn them into little gift helpers!

A few helpers here on packing Friday 💗

A photo posted by Becky Kemp (@sketchinc) on

49Seaside Inspired Gift Wrap

Plan a birthday party at the beach and pack gifts to fit the occasion, tutorial at Growing Spaces.

50Gift Delivery


Pack your bags for the birthday trips, in this case these mini gifts! Inspiration from Stylestek.

51DIY Suitcase Wrap

For really tiny gifts, this is just adorable! Full details at DIY Joy.

52Paper Flower Gift Topper

Pretty gift box for little girls, full details at Frog Prince Paperie.

53Emoji Gift Wrap

Brilliant cheerful idea from Studio DIY.

54Gift with a Tassel Detail

A little upgrade for a boring gift wrap paper – see how its made at The Casual Craftlete.

55Confetti Gift Wrap

Confetti and gift wrap in one? Great idea from Julep.

I don’t know about you, but I am saving some of these ideas for Christmas season! Take the surprise of handing over a gift to a next level and pack the birthday gift into something really special.

If you’re attending a birthday party, your gift will stand out from the crowd and certainly impress not just the birthday boy or girl, but all the friends too.

Did you pick your favorite? Feel free to pin them for later! 



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