15 Reasons to Fall in Love with Floor Beds for Toddlers

floor beds

Every parent knows or will know the feeling of having to transition their kids from the baby crib to the “big boy/girl” bed and floor beds might be exactly what you need to make the transition.

Usually, you’d see the signs that your toddler is ready to move out from the crib and onto a bed of his own.

Several things that would give you a warning flag would be how often they try to climb out of their cribs, how restless they become in it, and the parental gut instinct telling you they’re craving more independence.

Now, the most common choice would be buying a bed. What you most parents don’t know is that you have an option. Have you heard about floor beds?

A floor bed is basically a mattress laid on the floor or on a bed frame very close to the floor.

If you look online, many parents are actually going with the trend, noticing some great benefits. If you’ve never thought about opting for a floor bed, now is the time to consider it!

Floor Beds VS. Beds

Before we start inspiring you, we’d like to establish the different benefits of opting for a floor bed.

You may not be entirely convinced just yet, but we’re hoping you’d see you have options.

  • Safety – when you transition from a crib to a “big kid” bed, you’re probably getting eaten with worry at night. “What if he falls?!”, is the question keeping you awake. And yes, there is a big possibility that your kid will fall off a few times until they’re used to it and aware. Floor beds eliminate this worry. There’s no room to fall off the bed because they’re already on the floor!
  • Pocket-Friendly – buying a “big kid” bed costs money. You have to buy the right bed frame, right mattress, and sheets. With a floor bed, you just need the mattress and sheets. If you want a floor bed frame, they’re easier to build and comes cheaper because they require less material. Imagine how much money you save if all you have to change is the mattress after a few years, right?
  • Encourages Independence – well, “big kid” beds have the same effect but floor beds test their self-control. When they’re closer to the floor, they get a stronger urge to get up because it’s as easy as standing up. With a bed, they have to pull their legs over the edge and hop off. Floor beds will teach them better self-control once they understand the concept of bedtime and staying in bed.
  • Multi-Purpose – floor beds can function as a reading area or play area. Normal beds are not ideal for playing around because of the risk of falling off.

Now, with that established, check out these awesome inspirations!

Best Floor Beds for Girls

1Paint the House Pink

floor beds

Floor beds don’t necessarily have to be bare on the floor. You can add different elements to flare it up. For example, this inspiration has a house looking frame.

Adding frames like this would make bedtime feel like playing house every night!

2Dream House 

floor beds

A dream house. I love the color scheme and the entire concept! Now, to find somebody to build it.

3Color Me Lady

floor beds

Gray is a very safe color since it can be unisex. But, only grown-ups can appreciate the dullness of a monochrome shade. So, splash some color by installing replaceable elements like this headboard and these sheets.

Play around with your child’s favorite colors and incorporate them in your floor beds design, so you don’t have to change much in your solid-colored room.

4Pastel Pink Floor Bed

floor beds

How sophisticated is this setup, right? Little girls would go crazy over all the plush pink! Also, rugs add character to plain floor beds making them extra stylish.

5The All Arounder

floor beds

One of the benefits of a floor bed is it’s multi-purpose. Sleep, play, read – just some of the things you can do on floor beds. Check out this inspiration, though. I love how there’s a drawing wall right beside the bed. Great idea to make your kid want to stay in bed to help her get used to it!

6Little Girl’s Jungle Floor Bed

floor beds

A simple bed frame can add a homey touch to floor beds. A well-cascaded canopy makes an even homier feel. Plus, it creates a feminine feel. Include some stuffed animals and your little girl’s jungle paradise is achieved!

7Light ‘Em Up

floor beds

Loft beds are uber useful especially if you have more than one kid. One can occupy the top and the other can enjoy one of these lighted floor beds. If this were my bed when I was a kid, I would always look forward to bedtime and tell stories.

8Her Happy Place

floor beds

I fell in love with this inspiration the moment I saw it. It’s gorgeous. There’s no other word for it. Many parents say that floor beds make children want to get up from bed instead of making them want to stay.

Consequently, that is true. But, it all depends if you make their floor beds a place they would want to stay in. Take this, for example, a bed in a tipi? I’m sure your daughter would always want to play house in this thing!

9Pink and Mix

floor beds

This is perfect for toddlers transitioning from a padded crib to a floor bed. The body pillows on the borders will create a familiar feeling of a crib, so your baby doesn’t get shocked from the sudden change.

Best Floor Beds for Boys

10One with the Floor

floor beds

Now, this is legit. A floor bed carved into the floor. This will really be 100% fall proof. I mean, how else can your child fall off the bed when he’s literally sleeping on the same level as the floor?

Anyway, this is something even a teenager would love!

11My Little Kingdom

floor beds

Every little boy’s dream room. And, we all know how hyperactive boys can be. Get away from the fear of your whirlwind falling off the bed and opt for awesome floor beds like this!

12Crib-Like Floor Beds

floor beds

So, if you’re not entirely sure about transitioning from cribs to floor beds, you can design your floor beds to look like cribs – complete with bars. Again, this will have a familiar feeling to help your child with the transition.

13Double Decker Floor Bed

floor beds

If you have two boys sharing a room, your older son would enjoy feeling like a grown up sleeping on the upper deck. Then, your little tyke can roll around without you fretting the chances of him falling off his big boy bed.

14Full House

floor beds

While this isn’t really a floor bed, the concept of it being enclosed in a full house platform frame pretty much has the same effect. This is actually an ingenious way of opting out of the rails by putting up walls around the bed. Plus, your child will enjoy bedtime because it will be as if he’s only playing house!

Gender Neutral Floor Beds

15The Whitehouse

floor beds

One of the simple yet super helpful benefits of floor beds is the elimination of fear – fear of your child falling off the bed. I was told that falling off a bed during sleep causes trauma for the child. You can avoid that with a floor bed!

They roll off their mattress, and it wouldn’t hurt at all.

16Framed Up

floor beds

If you’re not entirely up for a mattress on the floor, you can totally DIY a bed frame that sits on the floor. You can even include a rail just like the one on this inspiration. Floor beds don’t always have to be on the floor. The idea is to get them to sleep as close to the floor as possible.

17His and Hers Double Deck

floor beds

As I have said, the monochrome colors is perfect for both genders. Your son and daughter can share the room without it being too gender driven until they become of age where they would need their own spaces. And, again, black and white is just super chic.

18His and Hers Double Deck Ver 2.0

floor beds

What I love about this version is the privacy it gives the upper deck. Whether who gets the upper deck, both kids have enough privacy to enjoy themselves freely. If I had this bed, I would turn the upper deck into a reading space or a mini theater for myself. ;)

Things to Look Out For in Floor Beds

Floor beds are ultimately convenient. But, there are things you need to look out for on a regular basis.

  • Dust – since floor beds are on the floor, it is more susceptible to gathering dust. Make sure you vacuum around and under the bed regularly to keep your kids away from allergies. A handheld vacuum can be useful for quick dust busting around floor beds, as they are lightweight and convenient..
  • Underlining – if you’re floors aren’t carpeted, make sure you put an underlining sheet or carpet thick enough to protect the bottom of the bed from moisture that comes out of the ground. This will help make the cushion and springs last longer.
  • Regular Wash – this is most important for the underlining. It is not enough to vacuum around and underneath. Have the underlining dry cleaned or, if you have a heavy duty washer, washed at least once a month.
  • Change – also, replace the lining and bedsheets after a period of time. If you notice, the color of your sheets change the longer you use it. Those are actually stains. For places with a humid climate, molds can develop that cannot be removed by washing.
  • Rail – if you have a kid who sleeps like a moving clock hand, opt for rails. You can install the detachable ones so you can remove them when you think he’s ready.

Are you convinced and inspired to opt for floor beds?

Honestly, I had a floor bed before, and I loved it. But, because I live in a tropical region where dust is one of the few things you get for free, I had to get a higher bed frame. If I didn’t have asthma, I would still be on a floor bed.

Just remember the benefits of floor beds: no falling off the bed thus, avoiding trauma and injuries, cheaper because you don’t have to buy a bed frame and change every few years, and it encourages independence.

Try a floor bed first. If your child doesn’t like it, then that’s the time you buy a bed frame. Have any experience with floor beds? Share your thought with a comment below


  1. When my daughter was born in 1989, we opted for a floor bed for her, as a new mom I was concerned that she would fall down, get her legs or arms stuck in the frames of the crib, so first we put her in her baby basket and then when she was around five months she turned over. When she did this she did not fall off or hurt herself. Later on she would roll of the bed and play with her toys and then crawl back up her bed and fall asleep again. We had a baby monitor en her room and she learned not to be scared of the dark, as she went up and down


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