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Do you want to beef up your recipe list in time for the camping season? Read on and find out more camping recipes in this post.

Since it is summertime, I thought of sharing some easy camping recipes for our readers. I know that a lot of families will take the opportunity to bond together by camping out. Of course, part of the experience is making your own meals while away from home.

Don’t worry as these camping recipes are so easy to prepare that you don’t need to be an expert chef to pull ‘em off.

1Chicken and vegetable foil packets

This is an easy to prepare, delicious and healthy dinner you can make for your family. Moreover, it is very cheap because you only need very few ingredients. Prep time is five minutes while cooking time is about 50 minutes. See the recipe here.

2Foil-pack chicken fajita

Imagine this: chicken breasts cooked on a bed of baby red potatoes then seasoned with a mix of lemon, Dijon mustard, and herbs. Isn’t that yummy? It would take about 40 minutes to finish this foil pack dinner.

3Italian chicken and vegetables in foil

This is another quick and easy dinner that you can prepare while you are outdoors. Moist chicken breasts are baked in a foil and seasoned with onion, peppers, fresh herbs, garlic, and Italian dressing. It would take about 50 minutes for you to finish this recipe.

4Philly cheesesteak

Beef is a great food to have while camping as it is tasty and can give you the protein you need to last through the day. And yes, it is very filling. This recipe features beef with green peppers, mushrooms, onion, and provolone wrapped in a tin foil packet.

5Hobo dinner

This is beef with potatoes, carrots, and onion seasoned with salt, garlic powder, pepper, and butter. It is then baked for 20 minutes. You can easily feed four individuals with this meal. Just make sure that the potatoes are fresh!

Sweet potato tacos

Sweet potatoes combined with flavorful taco fillings should be enough to satisfy your hunger after a grueling day in the outdoors. You can learn how to do this simple recipe here.

camping recipes

6 Garlic shrimp with zucchini and tomato

Shrimp will always be a hit whether you serve it indoors and outdoors. This recipe combines the popular seafood with two nutritious foods– zucchini and tomatoes. Find out how to do this meal in this link.

7Lemon Garlic Chicken Skewers

This is a dish you can easily whip up late in the afternoon when it is too early to serve dinner. It can be an appetizer, too. Don’t worry as you won’t need more than an hour to come up with this dish.

8Grilled pesto chicken

Chicken breast mixed with zucchini and plum tomatoes and a cup of basil potato and then grilled to perfection. This recipe makes four servings.

9Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

Camping isn’t complete without chicken barbecues! I love this recipe because of its sweet and tangy barbecue sauce complementing the chicken and summer vegetables very well.

10Teriyaki chicken foil dinner

This chicken teriyaki recipe features sweet pineapple, veggies such as broccoli and zucchini and rice. Yes, this is a complete, standalone dish that can serve as your lunch and dinner. You’ll need around half an hour to finish this recipe.

11Grilled shrimp

An easy summer dinner that you can serve while camping, this recipe features shrimp with corn, sausage, butter, and lemon. Shrimp will always be a favorite food to cook while camping because it is easy to cook.

12Apple Pie French Toast Rolls

This is a dessert that should make camping even more fun. This is also very versatile as you can serve it for breakfast and even for snacks. See the recipe on this page.

13Grilled herb and crusted potatoes with pork tenderloin

This recipe calls for marinated fresh pork tenderloin, little red potatoes and herbs like rosemary and sage. Within 30 minutes, you should be able to finish this nutritious and flavorful dish.

14Greek lemon roasted potatoes

This is yet another quick and easy recipe that you can finish in less than 30 minutes. The potatoes are tossed in a mixture of lemon, oil, salt, oregano, garlic, and pepper. The ingredients are wrapped in a foil then roasted for 20 to 30 minutes.

15Foil-pack cinnamon apples

Prepare a yummy snack for your kids with this foil pack cinnamon apples recipe. It’s like an apple pie sans the complications of baking. Learn how to come up with this snack here.

16Mac and cheese

Be sure to bring the pot and pan for this recipe that would take less than 10 minutes to complete. Find the recipe here.

17Campfire style burritos

The kids will get excited with this breakfast meal that takes about 45 minutes to prepare.

18Campfire pizza

Yes, you can still enjoy a slice or two of pizza while in the woods. Just don’t forget to bring an iron skillet that you need for this recipe.

19Grilled corn

Covered in spicy aioli, this corn recipe makes 6 servings and can be completed in 25 minutes.

20Skillet corn bread with onion and tomatoes

Again, don’t forget to bring skillet for this recipe.  This is a cornbread recipe that should take around 40 minutes to finish.

If you want to know what goes well with cornbread, here are some suggestions that you will want to apply it immediately.


Now that you have learned 20-plus easy and delicious camping recipes, I guess you’re raring to pack and go camping with your loved ones. Am I right? But before you go camping, please share this article on your social media accounts, so other people like you will have more ideas on what to cook while camping.


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