How To Bring More Light Into Your Home

A happy family home is full of light in every sense of the word. According to some research, one of the top 3 features classified by homeowners as a “must-have” for a better family living is the natural light within their rooms. Other features include an open kitchen area and easy access to a garden.

It is proven the natural light is linked to our wellbeing and mood. It is not a secret a good light exposure can make any room look wider and give the feeling of more space. So, to help you make the most of the light in your space, here are some great tips you could use to welcome more light in your home.

Windows And Glass

When you want to have more light in your home, you need to be careful of the window treatments you choose. Heavy and dark curtains are the last thing to add to your home. The same refers to outdoor blinds and wooden shelters. 

It is really important that you keep your windows clean and shiny to attract light into your home. One of the best things you can do to have a home full of natural light is to invest in high-quality skylight installation. Installing windows and doors on the whole wall of your house will increase the light and make your home brighter and lighter.

Choose Light Colors

Experts advise avoiding dark colors for your walls, especially if access to natural light is limited. This is because dark colors can actually absorb the light, leading to a darker, often gloomier space.

This is why choosing light colors with different shades is a great way to play with the light and make the space brighter. Choose a few shades of lighter paint for the ceiling to make a space look higher. Another great tip is to get paints with a satin finish for more light reflection. Avoid brilliant white paint because you will get the “frozen” effect. 

Get The Right Flooring

When it comes to choosing your flooring, you should consider it as one of the most important home-care projects you can take on, up there with roofing.

Make sure you are getting a natural floor to avoid renovation. Choose natural wood, stone, or marble floor to use the light reflection. If you add carpets, the best choice for getting more light in the room is the light and natural colors too.

Light Furniture

If your home is small and the natural light is limited probably you should avoid big, massive furniture. Better link to the Scandinavian style, where clean and airy furniture makes the room cozy enough and space seems to be wider.    

Artificial Light

Pay attention to darker places in your home and think to install artificial lights. There are so many clever decisions that make your home brighter and lighter. Built-in lights in the kitchen cabinets and drawers, built-in lights in the wardrobes. But the best you can get to boost the light in your home is the dimmer switch, so you can control how bright or dimmed space could be just with a click. 

Shiny and Glossy Surfaces

Having glossy and shiny pieces will be a playful way to reflect the light in your home. The bright and pale colors of your kitchen cabinets will help the light to reflect off, making it look wider and more spacious.

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