How To Decorate Your Home With Babys Breath Flower

Anyone who sees a baby’s breath flower in person probably wants to take home the plant and care for it themselves. Why not?  You can really make your home look nicer with this delicate type of plant, especially when it starts to bloom.

Here are some ideas on how you can improve your home’s aesthetics by adding babys breath flower:

Choose a Nice Vase To Hold The Baby’s Breath Flowers

Because these flowers are quite delicate and dainty, the simplest and possibly the best way to incorporate them to your home is by putting them in a clear glass vase that will help you display the flowers in  a way that further highlights their beauty.

Make sure the stalks are green and fresh, so when you add water to the vase it will still look clear as crystal, without any decaying leaves or flowers.

The vase with the flowers can then be placed on wooden counters or tables.

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Make a Wreath And Vines For Your Entrance

Baby’s breath flowers are easy to make into a wreath, which you can hang above or on your front door. You may also take their long stems and have these appear like long vines that you can arrange around your front door.

If you have enough, this sort of arrangement can make your front entrance more inviting and attractive, much to the delight of both your family and visitors.

Make Your Kitchen Beautiful With Baby’s Breath

Just like how they can upgrade your front door and make it even more welcoming, a kitchen window with an array of baby’s breath flowers in small ceramic pots can make the area more appealing to be in.

You may opt to put some of these ceramic pots on top of your refrigerator or on the kitchen counter.

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Make Use Of Dried Baby’s Breath Flowers

You might think that only fresh baby’s breath blooms can be used for decoration. Well, you’re quite mistaken. The dried flowers can also be a great addition to homemade greeting cards. Your kids may even love to participate in this kind of decorating project! 

Just trim off the dried baby’s breath flowers until you feel you have enough, then use glue to attach those to the surface of greeting cards. Make sure you prop these up on your living room table as these works of art are definitely great conversation starters, especially when visitors are around.

You can also take advantage of the dried flowers to jazz up photo albums. There are many pages per album, so you literally have so many ways to make use of these ones.

You may experiment with different art materials, but make sure these don’t overshadow the main focal point of it all, which are the dried baby’s breath flowers. You may then have these creative photo albums on display in your living room or in the dining room.

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Look For Other Plants And Flowers To Complement The Baby’s Breath

You may as well mix and match the baby’s breath flowers with other plants and flowers. A Boston fern is a good match to baby’s breath because the green and white colors blend so well with each other.

Not surprisingly, this duo is usually used to beautify wedding venues, such as wedding receptions. A Fittonia, with its soft pink leaves, also does well in the company of baby’s breath. Some might even put the two together to brighten up parts of a baby’s nursery. Peonys also look amazing with baby’s breath flowers.

Final Thoughts

There is literally no end to the ways you can use baby’s breath flowers to make your home nicer to live in. If you like having clear glass vases on tables, these are perfect containers to highlight the dainty allure of these flowers.

When decorated with baby’s breath wreaths and vines, your front door and kitchen windows may even become more inviting and homely than they already are.

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Dried baby’s breath flowers are also not to be ignored. You may incorporate these to greeting cards and photo albums.

Just make sure they are in plain sight in your living or dining room as they can be great conversation starters, especially when there are visitors around.

Also, you can pick plants and flowers to match with baby’s breath. Don’t be afraid of possible mistakes as you will eventually get things right. You just need to squeeze out those creative juices so you can effectively and gorgeously pair off baby’s breath with other enchanting plants and flowers.

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