playdough ideas for kids

We LOVE play dough! As evidences by these ideas and these play dough recipes post we’ve been already sharing with you.

If you’re looking for more craft inspiration for your kids or new activities that will help to develop their motor skills and creativity, Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration.

Below is the round up of our favorite activities along with a few play dough recipes.

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1Cupcake Playdough Kit

2Free Printable Play Dough Mats

3Home Made Play Dough Recipe

4Duck Pond Play Dough

source: Pinterest

5Ice Cream Play Dough

6Frozen Play Dough Kit

source: Pinterest

7Play Dough Bugs

8Play Dough Dinosaur Kit

source: PInterest

9Play Dough Bug Fossils

10Summer Play Dough Kit

source: Pinterest

11Dirt Play Dough

12Play Dough Flower Planting

13Monster Play Dough

14Birthday Play Dough Kit

15Rainbow Play Dough Kit

16Pirate Play Dough Kit

17Love Bug Play Dough Kit

18Sea Creature Play Dough Kit

19Sand Play Dough Kit

20Play Dough Ants

21Outer Space Play Dough

22Galaxy Play Dough

23Fairy Garden Play Dough

source: Pinterest

24Play Dough Butterflies

source: Pinterest

25Sunflower Play Dough Activity

26Flower Pot Play Dough

27Unicorn Play Dough

28Edible Play Dough Recipe

29Mini Play Dough Aquariums

30Jungle Play Dough

31Arctic Themed Play Dough Activity

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