How To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

A new season brings new opportunities! Spring has certainly sprung here and we simply can’t get enough of it. While winter is clinging on just a bit longer than we’d like, the days of shoveling snow, wearing 15 layers, and shivering next to your heating are seemingly over.

Now we can focus on spring and imagine summer just around the corner.

But, first things first, how should you welcome spring into your home to make the most out of this beautiful, flourishing season that is full of exciting prospects?

We’ll provide some amazing pieces of advice for bringing in spring and breaking off the shackles of winter.

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1. Try Your Own DIY Decorative Creations

Somehow, spring is the feeling of new beginnings and bringing out your creative side.

Winter is too cold, summer is full of beaches and BBQs, and fall is loaded with roasted chestnuts and walks in the park to watch the leaves changing colors.

But spring is the perfect time to get imaginative and let loose your artistry.

Regardless of whether it’s homemade wreaths or centerpieces for the table, there are so many fantastic DIY spring decoration ideas that you and your family will love to try.

Plus, it’s a fantastic chance to get your kids off their phones and do something creative!

How To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

2. Fill Your House With Spring Flowers

Nearly every supermarket or specialty flower store is absolutely brimming with gorgeous springtime flowers. Anything from crocuses to daffodils to tulips look and smell heavenly in your home, and what better way to spruce up your living room or kitchen than with these flowers?

You can arrange these as a mix or keep them separate, however you like, but nothing says “spring” like the season’s best flowers in your own home.

If you have a garden, planting these flowers so that they bloom at the right time is even better, but picking up some at a store is the next best thing.

3. Set up a Bird Feeder

If you have the space in your garden or a balcony in your apartment, then setting up a bird feeder is the perfect spring feeling.

You not only have the chance to get to know your neighborhood birds and enjoy their melodious chirping, but you can also enjoy the fact you’re helping local fauna to flourish.

Here’s a quick guide on what to feed birds and what to avoid.

4. Give a Room a New Coat of Paint

There may even be a way to make springtime a permanent feeling in your home, and that’s with the colors associated with the season.

Sunny yellow and minty green are just the colors (think of a daffodil) you need to evoke positive moods.

So, if your bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen needs a bit of an update anyway, try for something bright and bold that always gives you a good feeling when you walk in.

Test out a few shades of yellow or green to find the perfect color, and remember, you could also paint the cabinets or doors if the thought of an entire wall is too much to handle!

5. Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables

Always try to purchase fruit and veg when it’s seasonal, as the prices are better, the taste is fresher, and you’ll have so many great varieties to choose from at your local stores.

In terms of fruits that taste best in spring, go for apricots, cherries (with some ice cream too), grapefruit (can be bitter but a sprinkle of sugar is nice), lemons (perfect for making lemonade), and of course, fresh strawberries.

For veggies that even the fussiest kid will like, try rocket (or sometimes called arugula), asparagus, carrots (especially oven-roasted with a dash of honey), fava beans, kale, leeks, peas, and crispy radishes.

As you can see, there is a wide assortment of amazing ideas that you and your family can try to help bring in that spring feeling to your home.

Chat with your neighbors and share ideas so that everyone around you can receive the goodness that comes with the season.

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