Vintage Living Room: How to Achieve the Look for Less

The long months spent in your homes probably have made you rethink the furniture and reorder a few things around, so you feel cozier at home and add a sense of novelty without splashing on new furniture pieces.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on how to make the most out of your space, the great news is that vintage is the way to go.

Vintage items are making their comeback, and home decor was certainly not left behind. This inspired us to find some cool tips on how to achieve a vintage living room look for less. 

Sofas and armchairs with retro shapes or pieces with contemporary design, but with vintage textiles such as velvet, plush, and boucle will be one of the main characters in the modern living room. 

Combined with marble coffee tables or wooden tables with an antique accent, the retro furniture gives a stylish, abstract, but at the same time cozy and comfortable look to the room.

Comfortable sofas, chairs, and pouffes in vintage patterns but with contemporary design are one of the main stars in a modern- vintage living room. 

Bet on marble or wooden coffee tables to give a more antique and authentic touch. Do not forget about accessories such as candles, flower vases, and pots. 

Here are some tips for pulling off the vintage living room look at any budget.

Vintage Living Room 1

1. Mix of Furniture Pieces and Styles

One thing is sure- when you want a cozy living room, comfortable sofas, and seatings are a must. 

In case you can’t afford new furniture pieces, the cheapest way to renew your living room is to reupholster your old ones with rich tones and a variety of textures in the living room. 

Feel free to combine different styles of furniture with bold accents in marble, natural wood, metal, nickel, and aluminum.

2. Texture and Patterns

Carpets and rugs are ideal to make an accent and focal point of the living room.

This is how you can bring an additional level of comfort, add more texture and color. Plus is the perfect way to separate the dining and relaxation areas if you have an open dining space.

Neutral and elegant gray is one of the preferable colors of modern living rooms, simply because you can easily combine it with brighter hues.

Combined with blush pink, dark blue, mustard color, chartreuse or chocolate brown.

In case you prefer wooden furniture pieces you can easily combine them with dark blue or anthracite colors, and replace the standard black color.

Add some mustard-colored throw pillows or even vintage flower patterns, and your vintage living room will bloom just before the spring season. 

3. Accessories for Vintage Living Room 

You can express your creativity freely with any kind of vintage element and accessories. 

You can replace the hardware of your living room door with vintage ones, spray your sofa legs in golden hues, or replace the coffee table with an old vintage chest. 

Choose a statement chandelier, combine photo frames or hang an impressive round mirror frame to bring more light into your living room.

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