How To Find The Right Scented Candle To Create A Relaxing Atmosphere At Home?

Out of all the products on the internet, scented candles are among the ones that receive less attention. That’s why finding good scented candles are often a chore, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of scented candle.  

So, if you intend to buy scented candles with a “holiday” fragrance, you’ll probably have to spend hours. You’ll be lucky to find two or three products.  

What’s worse is that the products you’ll end up with are decent at most. Some may not even have a holiday scent, making your search pointless, which leads us to the question, “What are the most effective ways to find the right holiday scented candles?”  

This guide will walk you through seven simple ways to look for scented candles. But first, how will you know that the scented candle is the “right” one for your home?  

What To Consider When Looking For Scented Candles? 

There are three different factors that you must consider when looking for scented candles. Since you’re looking for a scented candle with a scent that brings back memories of your holidays, the fragrance is the most important aspect.  

Examples of fragrances are relaxing, romantic, fresh, and for holidays, you should go for candles with a “festive” fragrance. Festive candles are perfect for fireplaces and table settings and usually have scents from ginger and cinnamon.  

Other factors that must be considered aside from the fragrance include:  

  • Burn Time: This factor answers how long the scented candle will emit its specific fragrance. Burn time of tea lights usually ranges from 6 to 9 hours, while pillar scented candles can last up to 100 hours.  
  • Scent Throw: Scented candles also have a specific range on how far the fragrance will reach. There is no exact measurement for this aspect, and you can only determine the scent throw or range by trying out the scented candle firsthand.  

Now that you have a general idea of determining whether a scented candle can bring the holiday spirit, it’s time to find out the best sources to look for this item.  

Look For Candle Creators 

Companies that manufacture scented candles are called candle creators. Considering how they are the main source, it’s only natural to look for this kind of company if you plan to buy scented candles, so how can you find a good candle creator.  For starters, you can search for popular candle creators. It doesn’t matter if they’re known for their holiday scented candles. With dozens of options to choose from, there’s bound to be at least one scented candle product manufactured for the holidays

There’s also a chance that you’ll discover a page dedicated to their collection of scented candles. A great example is Chase and Wonder, with their collections page showcasing their products. They also included the image, ratings, and the price for each product, as well as a menu so viewers can sort products by name, popularity, etc.  

But, if you already have a brand in mind, perhaps the brand of the scented candles you used to buy, then you can visit their website if they have one. Who knows, they may also have a collections page to make your search more convenient.  

Use Online Platforms 

One surefire way to find the right scented candles is to use search engines through keywords related to scented candles. 

This method usually provides countless results, and most of them are articles in different formats. Since your goal is to find a specific product, what you need are listicles or reviews on scented candles. 

It’s also worth noting that aside from search engines, you can also go directly to the website that publishes the articles related to scented candles. There’s a huge chance they have other articles with similar content. 

A great example of this kind of website is It’s a general information website but they often release relevant articles on holidays. 

Lastly, another place on the internet that utilizes keywords is YouTube. Although it’s often overlooked by users, YouTube is actually a search engine as well, and the second largest at that. 

Upon entering the appropriate keywords, you will see videos of companies promoting their scented candle range like the video below and videos of YouTubers reviewing scented candles.

YouTube video

Compared to other search engines, watching videos on YouTube is a more fun and interactive way of gathering information, but make sure you stay on track. 

The only downside to this method is that it’s difficult to find scented candles for holidays since only a few YouTube channels are interested in scented candles.  

Browse Holiday-Themed eCommerce Websites

Many online stores take advantage of popular holidays like New Year and Christmas by setting up a shop full of products filled with the holiday spirit. Doing this brings in more profit to their stores to keep their business running.  

Examples of products sold on these types of websites are handkerchiefs and kitchen utensils, mostly giftable items. There’s also a huge chance of finding scented candles.  

Unfortunately, most of these websites close down their holiday shops once the holidays are over, although they keep their regular products for the whole year. Hence, the chances are you won’t find any holiday-related products if you visit too late or too early.  

Explore Digital Marketplaces  

Another option is to browse digital marketplaces. While they may have thousands of products up for sale, you can always use the handy search bar to look for specific products like scented candles. A shopper will look at four online marketplaces before proceeding to the next option:  

  • Amazon: As the largest online marketplace, Amazon provides top-notch services to shoppers. Most products found on this platform are offered at their lowest price and often include free shipping. That’s why scented candles are much cheaper when bought through this platform. There are also subscription services that further improve convenience, such as the Amazon Prime membership.  
  • eBay: Compared to Amazon, eBay is less strict on sellers. You can sell your items as long as you have an account. Hence, it’s easier to find products like scented candles. The only problem is that these products tend to be second-hand.  
  • Walmart: In the past, Walmart is a brand for department stores and hypermarkets. You can also find scented candles on one aisle. Now, they have their online platform, and it’s a great alternative for Amazon. One particular advantage of buyers is that they can enjoy cashback for their purchases.  
  • Etsy: Another great marketplace platform is Etsy, especially with its great reputation regarding the quality of its service and products. They are also well known for their satisfactory customer service, so you can easily get a refund or replacement if your scented candle does not have the fragrance that was promised.  

The best part when exploring digital marketplaces is that the products found within the platform come from different sellers. Even popular brands create an account to sell through these platforms so that you can stumble upon your favorite candle creator on this kind of platform.  

Another good news is that there are currently more than 100 online marketplaces. Therefore, finding one that fits your bill will be a piece of cake. The only problem would be finding the right scented candle within hundreds of similar products.  

Check Out Ads  

After searching for scented candles for a long time, you’ll eventually find ads for scented candles, mainly because search engines offer advertisements based on your past entries. So, the chances of ads offering the same product you’re looking for is high.  

Alas, ads often offer low-quality products, so you may not be satisfied with the scented candles. On the bright side, the ads often provide the best deals out there, so you’re likely to get the products for the lowest price possible.  

Moreover, clicking on ads will usually take you to online marketplaces like the ones mentioned above. Most ads come from Alibaba and Amazon. You can think of it as the seller doing your job by providing you with the scented candles you want.  

Ask Online Forums 

Once you go through the previous sources, you’ll end up with a long list of scented candle products. Now the challenge is to determine which is the best and which isn’t up to your standards. One way to finish this task quickly is by asking online communities.  

There are generally two forums where you can post your question about scented candles:  

  • Reddit: Many users refer to Reddit as the front page of the internet, which is not surprising. A lot of content that goes to Facebook and other social media platforms originate from Reddit. And for that very reason, posting your question in this forum will lead to many answers, making things a lot easier for you.  
  • Quora: Another popular online forum is Quora. The main difference between the two platforms is that while Reddit has more of a fun vibe, Quora users answer the questions and provide opinions more professionally.  

Regardless of where you post your question, you will receive insightful answers which will get you closer to your goal of finding the right scented candles.  

Unfortunately, other forums are niche-specific. Some only cater to students and teachers, while others are more on programming topics, so there are not that many options.  

Visit Your Local Stores

The best alternative to digital marketplaces would naturally be hypermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores. Products like scented candles are often found on the beauty aisle along with colognes and perfumes, mainly because of their fragrance.  

You can get scented candles from the following local stores:  

  • Walmart: Just like their online platform, Walmart hypermarkets and stores are also quite popular. They have thousands of stores worldwide, so there’s a huge chance there’s a Walmart chain near you.  
  • Kroger: As the largest retail corporation, Kroger has an extremely wide variety of available products, from beauty products to lifestyle items such as scented candles.  
  • Target: Most stores of Target have a specific store format tailored to its local customers. Hence, the more popular the product is in your community, the easier it is to get them. If you feel that scented candles are a norm in your place, Target is a great place to get them.  
  • Tesco: Originally, Tesco only offers clothes and household goods, but their products diversified as they became more popular. Nevertheless, you will find many great products on their household goods aisle, including scented candles.  

Take note that most of the candles sold in these stores come from popular brands. So, if your favorite brand isn’t very well-known, you probably won’t find scented candles from them in your local stores.  

Guide to Using Scented Candles 

By now, you probably already found the right scented candles to bring the holiday spirit. The only thing that’s left now is to buy it and use it to relive your holiday memories while hanging out in your home. However, make sure you follow the tips below when using scented candles:  

  • Avoid placing candles near flammable objects like cloth and paper.  
  • Make sure the entire surface of the candle is burnt before taking the fire out.  
  • Place a heat-resistant tray or plate under the candle.  
  • Regularly cut the wicks of the scented candles to remove the burnt parts.  
  • Scented candles are not supposed to produce smoke. When it does, blow into the candle and cut the wicks. Only then will it be safe to light the candle again  
  • Every after four hours, blow out the fire and relight the candle.  

Wrapping Up 

With the right source, you can easily find the right scented candles. Sure, it may take a while, and with all these sources, you might have trouble picking the best one. Take your time in comparing your options so you can make sure that you’re getting the best choice for whatever purpose you need it for. If you choose wisely, you’ll find yourself sitting on your couch in a room filled with scents of festivity and holiday spirit.

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