25+ Romantic Ideas For Dates So You Never Get Bored Again

What is your ideal date? Dinner on candles or a walk somewhere in nature?

There are so many romantic ideas for dates, that will heat up your relationship and keep the passion alive.

Love is like a flower, some people say, and you need to take care of it.

Do not leave your relation just on the flow. You need to provoke yourself and the person you have chosen every day in order to keep the flame.

Remember to be romantic every time you have the chance, not only on St. Valentine’s day.

romantic ideas for dates

#1 – Have A Breakfast Date

Who said the dates must be in the evening. Break the rules and have the perfect morning date on a cup of coffee and sweet french toasts.

#2 – Go On A Hike

Use the atmosphere of nature just to be your real you. No fancy outfits, high heels, or makeup. Just naturally you.

#3 – Visit The Nearest Town

A quick trip to the nearest town or village is a wonderful date idea. Explore and get lost in some new territories together. Sounds romantic!

#4 – Have A Picnic

Surprise your date with a picnic date. Great excuse to buy one of those fancy picnic baskets with wine glasses and BBG tools.

#5 – Go To Sports Game Together

Going to a sports game is a fun date idea. Especially if there is a kiss cam.

#6 – Sign Up For A Cooking Class

The ideal date for a fresh couple. Perfect test on how organized is your date. Plus to find out preferable tastes on food.

Of course, a cooking class is a great date even for married couples. I am sure you can be a witness to flying frying pans.

#7 – Go On A Club Or A Bar

In my opinion, this date is a sword with a double edge. There is always a risk to be disturbed by an insolent attitude. But in general, having a cocktail and a chance to dance is a great date night.

#8 – Visit A Botanical Garden

Enjoy a walk through exotic plants and trees. Learn some interesting facts about the exotic species together and enjoy the beauty of nature.

#9 – Go On A Exhibition

Provoke curiosity and pick an exhibition for a date. It is an unusual but extraordinary idea.

romantic date ideas for married couples

#10 – Visit Some Relatives Or Friends

Sometimes having more people around you could make the date just perfect.

#11 – Plant A Tree

Something you will always remember. A romantic and beautiful way to win some bonus points.

#12 – Spend A SPA Day

Full relaxation: sauna and massage. What an idealistic date idea.

#13 – Take Dance Classes

Show your moves in a dance class and let the rhythm gets you.

#14 – Visit A Festival

Music festivals, food festivals, you name it. Mix with the people and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

#15 – Organize Themed Nights

Board games, beer pong, movie nights, or pizza night. All these will bond your relationship and build a stronger connection.

#16 – Go Outside For Ice Cream

Be spontaneous and go for ice cream after dinner. Act like school sweethearts and keep the flame of love with the favorite ice cream flavor.

#17 – Swap Houses With Friends

Have you seen “The Holiday”? Sometimes you need just a change of the environment. The easiest and cheapest option is to swap houses with some of your friends.

#18 – Train Together

Many couples share the same training habits. There is nothing better to train with your soulmate.

#19 – Cook Together

Spice up your dinner with a pinch of passion, a few kisses, and lots of love. You will get the sweetest meal ever!

#20 – Sign Up For An Online Course

Improve your skills head to head to your soulmate. Start learning a new language together, or just sign up for some creative skills.

#21 – Choose A Weekend Escape

A quick city escape or a long weekend will give a special nuance to your relationship. A different view from the window will give you a new look at your date.

#22 – Rent A Boat Or A Canoe

You do not need to go somewhere far away to enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the middle of a pond. Rent a small boat or a canoe and imagine you are in Venice. Such a perfect date idea.

#23 – Go On A Comedy Show

Shared love and lough is the perfect combination.

#24 – Declutter Together

Clean and free more space in your home for the happiness of your relationship and enjoy the air filled with love!

#25 – Visit An Open House

An open house visit could be really fun. You can get in roles and just enjoy being together.

#26 – Visit A Flea Market Or A Thrift Shop

Dive into some old pieces and antiques. Imagine funny stories and just enjoy the time together.

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