Desserts with wine

A good dessert is the culmination of any dinner or lunch and deserves special attention. Usually, it goes with special wine for a spectacular final for your guests. Now imagine the reactions when you serve some of these desserts with wine?

Serving the right wine for your dessert is not an easy mission. It is good to remember that it is better to choose sweeter, rich in flavors, and natural scented wine for the culmination of your dinner. Sorts like sherry, port, Madeira, or marsala are a wonderful addition to your dessert. These wines go with desserts like chocolate desserts, and mouse-based desserts.

The other option is to serve Tokaj, Vin Santo, and similar dessert wines, which are perfect for cheesecakes, fruits based desserts like pies.

You do not have to wonder anymore which wine goes with your dessert. Easy as I piece of cake, isn’t it?

That’s right, there are mouth-watering cakes, cookies, and even ice cream ideas with your favorite drink. And believe me, you definitely will ruin your diet when you taste any of the flavorsome desserts with wine below.

1Toasted Nut Cake With Wine Syllabub

Crunchy nuts on the top, soft cake and sweet sour wine syllabub. The wine syllabub is traditional English dessert made from sweet cream and sider, or wine. Add a glass of midium- dry or dry white wine with this dessert.

2Red Wine Chocolate Cake

Rich and creamy chocolate cake is the perfect dessert. It is getting extra points when there is wine incorporated in the topping.

3Red Wine Brownies

One of the easiest, but extremely delicious desserts with wine. Simple brownie, but long lasting chocolate- wine flavour.

4Red Wine Hot Chocolate

There are still quite chilly, and cold days that deserve a cup of special hot choclate… If you wonder what kind of wine to include in this recipe, try with Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.

5Citrus-Scened Wine Cake With Berries

This recipe is inspired by the harvest cakes of Provance and Italy. You can use sweet white wine for richer flavour, but if you have an opened bottle of wine in your fridge there is no reason not use it too.

6Red Wine Popsicles

Fir thise hot days when red wine sounds absourd, you can transform it into frozen wine popsicles.

7Chocolate And Wine Cookies

Chocolate and red wine go hand by hands in many occassions, even in these chocolate cookies.

8White Chocolate Strawberry Rose Truffles

This recipe brings me back in Nice, South France where you can see people drink rose instead of water everywhere. From the lovely cafes, to the beach, and yachts.

9Raspberry Rose Truffles

10Peach Cupcake With Champagne Italian Meringue

So perfect, and creamy. I can see them placed on the wedding dessert table. These cupcakes are so festive, and velvety. Rich peach flavour thanks to the champagne topping.

11Red Wine Chocolate Truffles

Increadibly delicious homemade wine- chocolate bonbons that you can prepare at home for your special one.

12Red Wine Chocolate Cherry Cake

Desserts with wine

An absolute classic- dark choclate cake, and drunken cherries… Yummy!

13Red Wine Chocolate Cake With Raspberry Buttercream

14Cheesecake Bars With Wine Gelée

15Red Wine Marshmallows And Dark Chocolate Ganache


16Red Wine Crème Brulee

Each time I run into a crem brulee my first assocition is “My Best Friend’s Wedding” where Julia Robert’s character compares creme brule to jelo. Well, in this situation creme brulee is wining again, this time with some wine as an ingerdeint.

17Red Wine Ice Cream

Your all best friends will litary scream for wine ice cream!

18Red Wine Poached Pears & Vanilla Bean Mascarpone Filling

Making desserts is fantastic! But when you make desserts with wine the world is becoming a better place to live in.

19Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes With Red Wine Frosting

Don’t wait for the next St. Valentine’s day to make your special one happy with these chocolate red wine cupcakes.

20Wine Slushie

21Red Wine Truffels

22Plum and Red Wine Swirled Ice Pops

source: Royal Coconut

23White Sangria Jello Shots

Perfect for a pool party!

24Frozen Drunken Grapes

Drunken grapes is the special addition to any summer cocktail. It is not so wine dessert idea, but it is a cool way to experiment with additional tastes.

25Red Wine Granita with Vanilla Ice Cream

A secret pleasure! One of the desserts with wine ideal for the hot summer days.

26Poached Pears in Red Wine

Honestly, I am not a fan of too fruity desserts, simply because I am a true chocoholic, but this poached in red wine pear grabs my attention.

27Red Wine Poached Pear & Chocolate Frangipane Tarts

Heavenly taste of rich chocolate frangipane in a crisp chocolate pastry crust, topped with ice cream and drizzle of spiced red wine syrup.

Desserts with wine