How Do I Organize My Car Console?

Do you have the feeling that you are living in your car?

Did you know that you spend approximately 4.3 years of your life in your car? That is a very long time!

Here is why you must take care of it, not only to change its oil, and tires, but to keep it tidy and clean.

This article is dedicated to how to organize a car console so you can find everything easily without losing your concentration while driving.

The centre console of your car is designed to be useful for the driver, and at the same time, it has places where you can store essential belongings. Such as cell phones- some of the latest car models even have a wireless phone re-charger integrated on the central console.

Cup holders are super useful to have your favorite beverage near when you are driving.

The middle console is perfect to keep some cash, keys, gums, and some candies and snacks- just in case. Here is why some of the high-class brands are offering air-conditioned consoles. Perfect especially for the summer.

No matter the model of your car, and how big is it, there is a huge possibility to store so many unnecessary items, and trash inside. So, ladies, it is decluttering season, and it is time to organize a car console as a boss.

How Do I Organize My Car Console?

How Do I Organize My Car Console 2

If you are like me and want to have some basics in your car, such as a hair clip, face mask, a pen, some cash, lip balm, and of course sunglasses, you definitely must read this.

I am happy that my car has a special sunglasses holder so I have some extra space on the console, that I recently fill up with car toys. The true story of being a boy toddler mom.

Anyway, here is how I organize my car console, so I don’t need to panic every time I need something when I am on my way to get the kid from kindergarten, or go shopping.

I always keep some coins and small changes in my car ash cup. Of course, I am not a smoker, and it has never been used for its original purpose. But I like it because it fits in the cupholder, and it has the design of the car.

I recently found a fabric console organizer that ideally fits in my car, and I have all small items organized. Napkins, sanitiser, keys, and car toys now have a special place without rolling around.

How Can I Organize My Car?

How Do I Organize My Car Console 3

Keep your car neat, decluttered, and tidy with some of these useful tips to ultimate usage of the storage options.

  • No Junk in the Trunk– it is simple. Don’t use the trunk of your car as a bin. Get rid of all empty food packages, water bottles, or items that you don’t need every day such as picnic blankets, or sports equipment. Once the trunk is clean, and tidy you can place some of the trunk organizer baskets that are ideal to keep your grocery bags.
  • Clean Up the Movable Feast– I am sure all of you have a snack not only during long trips, but even when you go shopping. Get used to trash all the packages, coffee cups, and soda tins right after you get out of the car. There are some great car bins, where you can add all the trash instead of using the door console.
  • Gather Emergency Supplies– first aid kit is a must. It is a good idea to have a small backpack with some useful tools, flashlight with extra baterries, phone recharge, and long-lasting food bars.
  • Keep the Back Seat Neat– it is hard when you have kids, but you can achieve it. You can find perfect covers for the backseats that you can place under the kids chair. These covers are great even if you have a pet. So you can keep the car cleaner, and you will be sure there are no food stains on it. For your little passengers you can find front seat organizers where they can keep their tablets, toys, and all favorite belongings.
  • Declutter the Glove Compartment– today most of you use the glove compatment for anything else but not for gloves. Well, don’t use it as a bin. Place a travel size cosmetic set, facial tissues, a small microfiber cloth for dusting the dashboard. Try to keep it tidy.
  • File It– important documents, and paper should be filed securely. Car insurance documents, driver license, records for repairs or basic maintenance, owner’s manual, and a pad of paper with pen could be stored under the front seat.

Where Can I Store Things in My Car?

How Do I Organize My Car Console 4

It is important to be said, that your car shouldn’t be a mini version of your home.

Firstly, think about what you usually need when you travel on a plane for example.

Pocket size cosmetics, sanitiser, wet towels, gums, hair clips, and lip gloss will help you to look fabulous anytime. All these can be stored in a fabric organizer

A first aid kit is a must and needs to be in a handy place. In case your car has a special front passenger seat drawer, it is ideal to store it.

  • Glove Box Registration and Insurance Holder– you can keep here all the documents like driver license, insurance, yearly viechle check, and etc.
  • Car Visor Organizer– I am sure that you use the venity miror there on purpose, but just in case your car doesn’t have it you can add an organizer where to store some documents, sunglasses, a pen, and even a lip gloss.
  • Removable Car Cup Holder– it is always a good idea to have one more spot to store you cup of coffee, especially on long trips.
  • Smart Phone Holder– you can’t without it. Even if you car has a smart bluethoot system, it is much easier when you your phone is placed securely on a handy place.
  • Seat Gap Organizer– droping things between the seats is so anoying, isn’t it? With a seat gap organizer your keys, face mask, sanitizer, and other small items.
  • Seat Side Organizer– It is ideal to keep essential items within arm’s reach.
  • Between-the-Seats Purse Holder– you don’t have to place your purse on the next seat when you can place it on much better place. It is also a kind of barrier with the back seat.
  • Front Seat Trash Can– perfect solution to get rid of all trash and packages especially when you are on a long trip. Super useful so you can stop using your car’s front organizer as a bin.
  • Front Seat Office Organizer– the dynamic world sitation tought us to be more organized, and mobile. Here is why the front seat office organizer is ideal to store your laptop, phone, notebooks, cables, and everyting you need when you work.
  • Cup Holder Organizer Caddy– it fits the cup holder of your car, but it gives you more option for storage. It is just like a small desk organizer, where you can add your phone, keys, lipstick, and still will have space for your cup of coffee or water bottle.
  • Back Seat Hangers– perfect solution when you go shopping and fill up the whole trunk. It is ideal to hang some more grocery bags, or you can use it even for your personal purse. During winter time, it is great coat alternative when besides the coats, and jackets you are wearing those warm, but huge scarvs.
  • Trunk Organizer– believe me once you get it your trunk will have much better look. Forget about the rolling bags, and kids toys.
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