7 Fun Ways To Celebrate When You’re Stuck At Home

Getting stuck at home might just be the new norm in town. For even after much-publicized waves of pandemics passed by, there can’t seem to be an end to new restrictions as different strains of dreaded viruses rage on. So, keep calm and find ways to make your indoor stay fun-filled.

And that’s especially critical when you have some kind of celebration, be it Valentine’s, birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas, campus graduation, and so on. You don’t have to downplay the big day just because you’re stuck at home. Consider these 10 ways to celebrate:

Solve Jigsaw Puzzles

Perhaps your last one to solve was way back when you were still in primary school. It’s time to relive a little nostalgia. But given you’re now an adult, try the 1000-piece puzzles instead of the 10-piece ones, which won’t give you any challenge.

If you love movies, there’s the option of reconstructing your favorite scenes. Shop well, and you won’t miss a jigsaw puzzle for your favorite movie. Otherwise, go for flowers, pets, personalized photos, natural scenery, cosmic lights, yoga poses, and more.

Play Pool

The pool is one indoor game that can keep you engaged the whole day without feeling bored. You can play it alone, but it gets more fun when competing with a friend or two. One of the most popular variants is the cutthroat pool. Assuming you’re three, each of you chooses a section of the numbers, either 1 to 5, 6 to 10, or 11 to 15. Then, you go to sink your opponent’s balls so that only yours is left on the table. You win if the last ball on the table is under your section.

Other popular game types include the 9-ball and 8-ball. Whichever one you prefer, do yourself justice by having the best pool table you can. If it’s of reliable quality and fits the gaming room properly, you’re bound to enjoy playing.

Have A Barbecue

What about lighting up a fire and grilling meat? Celebrations are never quite complete without roasted meat. The good thing is that you can do it right at home in your backyard. Furthermore, you have a wide variety of meats for BBQ, including pork ribs, turkey, beef brisket, Boston butt, carp, goat, deer, lamb, salmon, and chicken.

To make the cuts tastier, take time to marinate them for a few hours before grilling, ideally overnight. And even as the meat cooks, brush it every 10 or so minutes with marinade. The end product is bound to be tantalizing, and that’s perfect for a celebration.

Take A Bubble Bath

A bubble bath is enough to turn around your mood. First and foremost, prepare a bubble bath formula that you like. If the store-bought ones are your favorite, go for them. But if you like making your own, search online for a reliable guide to follow.

Further, personalize it with essential oils of your favorite scent. Consider chamomile and lavender, which are best known to soothe. You can also decorate your bathroom with scented candles and aromatic live flowers. Once set, turn on some peaceful background music and soak in the warm bath for as long as you wish to. You can as well enjoy a warm bubble bath with your significant other. The feeling is surely romantic, and you’ll live to remember the day.

Arrange A Karaoke Night

Get ready for a whole night of dancing to your favorite tunes. Selectively pick the songs you’ll play, ensuring they match the mood of your celebration. Make sure all present are comfortable. Do this before the night kicks in so you won’t dampen the spirits by worrying over the playlist.

And once night falls, start with a toned-down volume to seamlessly slip into the celebratory mood. Take time to tell jokes and laugh your way into the night. No harm if you sip your favorite drinks to spike your spirit even further. When the song refrain comes, raise the volume to a comfortable high and sing along the tracks. Compete with your friends if you wish to, and vote for the best singer of the night.

Chat With Friends Online

You may be stuck at home all alone. And so, the above fun activities may prove impossible. Don’t fret. Technology allows you to virtually bring all your friends to your living room, and have that good time you desire.

So, inform your friends beforehand that you’ll have a video call with them. Ensure all the invited ones socially blend well with one another. You don’t want them to feel out of place during the online chat.

With a laptop or smartphone, each one in the group can see the faces of all the others. Find exciting things to talk about to elevate the celebratory mood. For instance, if it’s a graduation party, you can share with your classmates some of the most memorable moments through high school or college.

Indoor Photoshoot

Finally, take out your old or new camera, and put your photography skills to the test. It’s your day, and so it’s logical to show to others out there that you had an exciting day. First, dress according to the day’s mood. If it’s Valentine’s, go for an outfit that’s romantic. And if it’s a birthday, there’s no harm in doing bright and flashy colors. Also, have some appetizing food and drinks to psyche up the atmosphere.

Once all is set, get to pose for the best shots of your life. With a friend or two, you surely won’t run out of ideas. Eventually, select the best shots and upload them to your favorite social media pages. You can spend the rest of the day reacting and responding to comments by your followers.

To Conclude

It isn’t entirely impossible to celebrate your special days when stuck at home. Use the seven tips above as a starting point, and feel free to explore even more options for upcoming events. Your creativity and positivity will determine the outcome of the day. And remember, there are no hard rules here. It’s your day, and you’re at home. Keep calm and do what makes you happy.

Julie Higgins
Julie is a Staff Writer at momooze.com. She has been working in publishing houses before joining the editorial team at momooze. Julie's love and passion are topics around beauty, lifestyle, hair and nails.