Throwing The Best Backyard Party In 3 Steps

The sun is out if you didn’t notice! It feels like heat waves are becoming an annual thing these days and although this can be dangerous at times, it usually can be managed well.

On hot days try to stay indoors but when it’s warm and sunny, that’s when you should take the chance to throw a party in your backyard.

If you love entertaining, having guests over, and providing a great leisure experience that many won’t forget, then a sunshine party is the best way to test your skills. But, let’s not be generic.

Let’s not do what Mary is doing down the street, or whatever Chris is doing next door. Let’s throw a party that is truly unique.

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Pick a Theme

A good party has great food and entertainment.

A superb party has that and more. It begins with knowing what your party theme is going to be.

Here are some themes and what makes them unique.

Beach party: you know what this one looks like. Beach balls, umbrellas, ice cold lemonade, everyone’s in a bikini, or shorts, there’s volleyball being played and people swimming, etc. 

Twilight: fairy lights scour the perimeter, lots of little LED lamps on tables, and hanging overhead, and people enjoy light food, such as cheese, lean chicken, charred vegetables and slow exotic music.

Spanish: If you love rustic parties, the Spanish and the Italian styles are great. They will have tapas, cold meat, olives, cheese and other foods served on large flat boards.

Fiesta music is being played, ripe fruit such as oranges, peaches, apricots are being served and roasted vegetables too. 

You can see that the theme will cover the aesthetics such as the decorations, the leisure such as the activities for guests and the food; as well as the music.

Make It Entertaining

Not to mention, you have to have entertainment at the party.

Here is where to rent games for a party, such as sports games, virtual experiences, arcade games, LED games, outdoor and inflatable rentals, etc.

If you will be inviting guests who have kids over, perhaps an arcade game or two could be in order.

The kids can compete against each other trying to beat each other’s scores. Just make sure to keep them away from the swimming pool if you have one.

The virtual sports games might be great for some of the dads who play golf.

The virtual golf games test the swing of the player, so the dads can see who can drive the ball the furthest in between chatting over the barbecue. 

The Food!

Let’s not kid ourselves here, the food is the star of the show.

Even if you put on your best weekend dress and look sharp, you are not going to make the guests say ‘wow’ as much as the food will.

So the question is, should you hire a caterer or just make it all yourself?

The cheaper option is the latter but you shouldn’t overlook the former option too.

If you want really luxurious food to go with your homemade food, then hiring a caterer for some dishes is a great idea.

If you are going to make the majority of the food yourself, make these categories and go from there.

  • Fresh food. What needs to be made on the day? Obviously, meat is something you want served fresh, but a bowl of salad can be cut up the night before and put into a bowl covered in clingfilm. 
  • Dessert. If you’re serving ice cream then sure you can make this a few days before, freeze it and allow it to thaw a little before serving. If you’re serving something like cheesecake or perhaps a moose, you may want to make it the night before. 
  • Allergens. Make sure you know what allergies your guests might have! You don’t want someone to have an allergic reaction to nuts at your party and have everyone panic.
  • Food and drink options. These days guests should not be scarce for choice. Have a vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free option for all of your food options. This way, no one feels left out.

These steps are not difficult to achieve but they all require planning.

Picking the theme is the very first big hurdle you need to jump over. But, it will give you the aesthetic for your theme, so decorations are narrowed down, your music selection, and also your cuisine.

Then all you need is entertainment to fit the theme, and food that will leave your guests impressed and satisfied. 

Julie Higgins
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