Fashion Trends to Watch in 2021

When you think about the future in fashion, what comes to mind?

Anything? Nothing?

Spacesuits and fish bowl-looking helmets?

Are we back in time and wearing wide-leg pants? Gauchos?

Do you see anyone wearing men’s hip-hop jewelry?

It really gets you thinking about it, right? But, how do the trends each year get chosen? Who chooses them? Does music fall under the trends, too?

If so, what do you imagine people listening to in the future? Beastie Boys? Older music like Elvis or Four Tops?

Or are there all new bands and groups coming out with music we’ve never heard before? Are people listening to jay-z in my lifetime lp? These are some good questions, right? So what are some ways to stay in touch with fashion and stay in trend?

There’s plenty of them!

Read, Read, Read, Read, Read!

The first step to staying caught up on the trends is to read!

Reading is of the utmost importance in a variety of aspects, one of which is this situation.

To stay caught up in the trends of the year, people read fashion magazines, blogs, and social media.

This helps them to see what trends are out there at the moment and what seems to be making its way back into the spotlight of the year. You can’t stay on trend without reading up on what’s on-trend. 

Simply pick up your smartphone in a Casetify phone case and start reading.

Pay Attention

Paying attention to your surroundings can help keep you aware of what is going on around you.

This way, you know what’s going on, you see what’s going on, and you can keep up with what’s going on.

It’s hard to miss the latest trends if you’re paying attention to what’s going on around you.

We pay attention to our surroundings in dangerous areas to stay safe, so why not pay attention to fashion to keep up with the trends and what’s going in and out of trend these days? 

Immerse Yourself

Immersing yourself in fashion life can (and will) increase your ability to keep up with the things that are changing and things that stay the same.

You always know what’s going on if you’re around it often, right? Immerse yourself and you can enjoy the greatness of the fashion world.

Or, if you’re a parent to a teenager – ask them. Most middle school kids and high school kids follow and are immersed in the fashion world and can see what trends are in and what’s out most of the time. 

Network With People

Believe it or not, networking with people in the industry already will help you keep up as well.

You can socialize with that person and as they talk about the various trends occurring, it will give you the chance to make mental notes or write things down in order to keep up.

We network when we’re working or trying to get into a new job. Networking in the fashion industry is no different than networking in a job sense.

Write it Down

Anything you ask a fashion guru, they will be happy to share.

All you have to do is three little words: write it down. It’s that easy! Write it down, and like it’s said in #1, read it! Read it, re-read it, and then re-read it again. It’s like memorizing it so you’ll remember what’s going on and/or what was said.

If you have a fabulous memory, you may not feel the need to write it down. Write it down anyways. It’ll make it easier for you to keep track if you’re making a list and going down that list.

Watch Fashion Shows

Fashion shows happen all over the place and at any time of year.

Many, if not all, usually will be broadcast on television. If not on television, then typically on social media in this day and age. Social media is the popular way to keep up with everything nowadays.

That includes keeping up or keeping in touch with family, out-of-state friends, or online friends. And that’s the beauty of it, social media gives people chances to meet and make online friends. 


Reading magazines can help you stay on-trend, too. In fact, reading magazines has been a popular way to keep up with fashion trends for quite a long time.

Even now, people still buy fashion magazines to keep up with the times in the fashion industry. 

Pay Attention to Social Media

Paying attention and following fashion industry individuals or groups on social media will keep you in tune to fashion trends this year and every year. Here you can find video clips, pictures, and even sound clips sometimes.

All of these media will give you the most information you wish to know about the latest trends and will help you keep up.

The best part? You can click the “follow” button on the social media pages and they’ll pop up in your news feed as you scroll to check as often as you log in.

One good one to start is to find a great Instagram fashion brand for the latest fashion trends.

Keep Up With Blogs

Reading, as mentioned above, is of the utmost importance.

Reading blogs, magazines, and a variety of other outlets will improve your knowledge of the fashion industry ten-fold.

While it’s not been around as long, you have the advantage this way over those who only purchase the magazines because you have more access to more companies in the industry. You have access to people higher up on the totem pole than what would be featured in the magazines.

Plus, you have quicker access to the top 10 lists as they change rather than having to wait to see them when the magazine comes in the mail. After all, snail mail does take longer than regular mail.

Always has, and always will. But, the postal workers try their best.

Listen to Podcasts

Listening to the fashion podcasts might not give you a view of the fashion, but it does help you to hear what’s going on in the fashion industry so you can use your mobile device, desktop, or laptop to access whatever it is that is being discussed in the podcast.

This way, you can still see what’s going on without watching a video of it. Especially since that’s what podcasts are for — the sound rather than the visual.

That’s the beauty in podcasts, they’re perfect for listening to when you’re doing something.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a task around the house when you’re driving, anything that would normally not involve a specific sound (specific sound like the television being on, the radio, etc.), you can still listen to it no matter what you do.

Fashion Radio

Fashion radio is a great deal like podcasts and has the same beauty to it — the sound instead of the visual. However, if you search for it, you might just be able to find a video of the radio show somewhere.

It all just depends on where you look.

Ready to tackle jumping into the fashion industry to keep up with the latest trends?

Can you think of any other great ideas for how to keep up with the latest trends? Is there anything missing from this list?

Make a list! Write them down, and keep them so you’ll remember them.

Julie Higgins
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