2023 Fashion Trends: Here’s What You Should Watch

It is official—2023 is just a sleep which—in the fashion realm—means it is time to look to what is to come for the hottest fashion trends. However, what will y’all be wearing in 2023?

We already have some predictions. Keep reading to learn our top picks!

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1. Neon Accents

2022 was the year of color. Valentino’s Spring Summer 2022/23 Pink PP collection is the ideal example of what we’re trying to say. Color everywhere.

Nonetheless, in 2023, you will see that in accent form, with sunglasses and accessories like the ones from the latest original Theo spectacles being the main pieces of color.

That’s a fun way to bring a pop of color to monochromatic or muted looks that is still on-trend and upscale.

2. Utilitarian

Fashion and functionality combined; this trend is all about practicality. You see, utilitarian-style touches include utility belts, carabiners on pants, and many more.

This 2023, merging comfort and functional pieces will be everywhere with statement pieces and tactile accents.

3. Shearling Coats and Jackets

Everyone saw the trend on Kendall Jenner, meaning it is about to be a staple this winter. Faux shearling and shearling jackets and coats were extremely popular in the nineties, and they are making a return!

This warm alternate to a puffer jacket is certain to boost your look while keeping you warm this winter. With longer or cropped options, the choices are unlimited. Irrespective, this piece must be a staple in your closet this 2023.

4. Cuffed Jeans

Seriously? Cuffed jeans? Yes! This 2010’s favorite is having a comeback in style with a new twist! In 2022, everyone noticed the increase of low-profile shoes and loafers in the trend cycle, together with oversized baggy jeans.

This new year, those trends are merging. Cuffing jeans and combining them with loafers or ballet flats elevates your entire look for a Parisian, clean style.

5. Mohair Knits

Winter is about staying toasty and warm. Why don’t you keep that energy outside of your house? Mohair is super stylish and soft, even though it can be uber expensive.

You can go for mohair blends that are just as soft but less pricy. On top of that, adding mohair to your wardrobe means you are adding texture to possible outfits which are trendy and fashionable at the same time.

6. Metallic Everything

Elevated basics were all the rage in 2022, but we’re going to be witnessing stand-out statement pieces this 2023. That’s our favorite metallic pants!

You can pair them with the clean, elevated basics of last year for that upgraded, unique look that will be certain to make you stand out.

7. Oversized Leather Jacket

Leather moto jackets have been in style. The ideal timeless piece to pair with just any outfit.

Building on the rise of the oversized you saw last year, this year is taking that fashion trend and making it oversized with faux leather or oversized leather jackets.

It can be casually styled or dressed up, making it the ideal versatile piece for you to invest in.

Julie Higgins
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