30+ Bath Tea Recipes That Turn Your Bathroom Into Spa

If you are lucky and have a bath you can turn your bathroom into a SPA with these bath tea recipes. Imagine a warm, relaxing bath with scented bath salt after a long, exhausting day! Thick foam, rose petals, and candles. Full relaxation for your body and mind.

With these bath tea recipes you can enjoy the scent of different essential oils, and minerals. Not only, you will fight stress and cellulite, deeply cleanses, improves blood circulation, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Turn your own bathroom into a luxury SPA with some creativity, and our favorite DIY projects. Make your own bath tea based on your favorite scents, type of skin, or even mood. Yes, herbs, and essential oils have this magical power to take control over your mind. They can help you to get rid of the daily stress, to boost your immunne system, to relax, and even to concentrate better.

Citrus, mint, and rosemary scentes, foor instance, are great when you want to refresh and detox your mind, and body. Lavander is perfect for relaxing, helps for a better sleep, and extracts toxins and regulates electrolyte balance. Jasmine energizes and tones the skin, and improves mood. For a velvet skin, use vanilla, coconut, and oats.

You do not have to be the alchemist to create these heavenly bath tea recipes at home. Moreover, this is a wonderful DIY gift to make someone feel special.

1Refreshing Citrus Bath Tea Recipes

Refreshing, soothing, and of course relaxing. Citrus bath tea is perfect for your body.

2Rose and Chamomile Tea Bath

30+ Bath Tea Recipes That Turn Your Bathroom Into Spa

If you have irritated and sensitive skin, rose chamomile bath tea is just for you. Chamomile is famous for the inflammatory, and antibacterial effect, plus reduces redness.

3Lavender Bath Tea Recipes

Lavender is great to reduce stress, and bring full relaxation of your body and mind.

4Vanilla And Orange Blossom

5Mint Bath Tea Recipes

6Jasmine Energy

7Sweet Himalayan Rose Salt

8Rose Water Herbal Tea

9Milk And Honey

10Rose Milk Bath

11Green Tea

12Flower Bath Tea

13Pink Lemonade

14Lotus Flower

15Vanilla Rose

16Rose Petal And Pink Salt

17Rosehip Seed Bath Salts

18Peony Bath Salts

19Rose Clarity

20Coconut Bath Tea Recipes

21Rosemary And Mint

22Wildflower Bath Tea

30+ Bath Tea Recipes That Turn Your Bathroom Into Spa

23Rose Lavender

24Spiced Chai Latte

25Pumpkin Spice Bath

26Coconut Oat Milk

27Rose Chamomile Sandalwood

28Ginger Cardamon

29Matcha Mint & Lavender Citrus Bath

30Hawaiian Black Lava Bath Salts

31Mint Mojito Bath Salts Recipe

32Lavender Mint

30+ Bath Tea Recipes That Turn Your Bathroom Into Spa