Barn Chest Coffee Table

Feel the countryside breeze and get inspired by some of the best farmhouse coffee tables to complete the look of your home. Let’s say it as it is – your living room wouldn’t be the same without a coffee table.

It is the final element of the living area that could be used even for an extra seating place.

You could place so many additional decorating elements on the top of it. Plus to stretch out your legs and relax after a long day at the office. Yes, the coffee table could be the center of your home and deserves to be as special as everything else in your home.

Choosing a coffee table in a farmhouse style will give your home a lovely and unique look. No matter if you prefer a static one or on the wheels, the farmhouse coffee table is more than a piece of furniture.

1Chest Farmhouse Coffee Table

Perfect storage solution, massive body to be used for seating on it. A coffee table and a chest in one piece.

Metal details and ornaments that give the countryside spirit.

2Barnwood Coffee Table

This type of coffee table is a great option when you are looking for a piece of furniture that offers space.

You can add some wire or bamboo baskets on the first level and have additional storage alternatives.

Or just to leave it empty to get the airy feeling of the room.

3Barn Chest Coffee Table

Looks more massive but it would be perfect to store some throw pillows and blankets inside.

4Wine Barrel Inspiration

When you want to escape from the lines and give a wider look at the room, choose a round-shaped piece.

Like this simple but gorgeous round coffee table inspired by a wine barrel cover.

5Floor Shelf Coffee Table

Round coffee table with additional storage space.

Use the shelf for some decoration elements and pieces, or extra throw pillows.

6Round Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you want to give a real farmhouse accent to your living room, a coffee table like this one will give a unique look at the resting area in your home.

7Wire Coffee Table

Wired coffee or side tables are quite popular these days.

They are airy, offer storage space, and could be easily combined with almost all types of interior. Choose a wooden top for your wire coffee table to get the farmhouse spirit.

8A Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table

Ultra-modern and quirky farmhouse coffee table with a glass.
The combination of glass, wood, and the metal itself is a stylish, clean design suitable even for a city flat.

9The Vintage Farmhouse Coffee Table

Why not? It has a small cabinet to store small items and remote controls, a shelf where you could add some of your favorite books, plus a vintage look for a more warm feeling of your sofa.

10Barn Chest On Wheels

Need more space around your sofa? No problem, you can easily move the coffee table thanks to its wheels. Plus it can be used as a dower-chest and store a lot of items.

11A Coffee Table With A Secret Drawer

No, this is not a simple coffee table. It has a secret and you would love it. Simple and aesthetic, plus a lot of benefits.

12The Beauty Of The Simplicity

An ideal farmhouse coffee table for people who love minimalism. No additional items to store. Just a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

13Reel Farmhouse Coffee Table

When you want to add an old piece into your interior, better look to the thrift shops.

You can get a brilliant idea for a DIY farmhouse coffee table using an old reel.

14Black Accent

Barn Chest Coffee Table

For more contrast in your living room give a chance to a black accent on your natural wood coffee table. You would be impressed by the final result.

15The Perfect Farmhouse Coffee Table

Well, you can easily fall in love with this farmhouse coffee table.

White basis with a wooden top is nothing but perfect. Metal elements similar to barn neck hinges give a wonderful contrast.

16A Box Full With Secrets

On many occasions, a piece like this one could give you an idea to rearrange the whole room.

It is inspirational and it carries the romance of the time of old steam locomotives.

17A Water Trough Coffee Table

The real farmhouse element in your living room could be turned into the most effective coffee table. Brave DIY project that brings the WOW effect.

18Trackside Farmhouse Coffee Table

Honestly, this farmhouse coffee table is my favorite so far.

It is compact, the glass on the top gives a modern vision, but on the other hand, the wood and train rails bring the old used feeling. 

19Medicine Chest Unit

One of the classic farmhouse ideas. Neutral light colors in a combination of warm wood.

This medicine chest unit could be your next favorite place where you will welcome your best friends on a cup of the most flavored espresso.

20Reel In A Combination With Chicken Wire Baskets

Solid coffee table with storage wire baskets. Big enough to place more decoration elements on the top.

21A Bench Farmhouse Coffee Table

Give an old bench a new life and be amazed by the comfort it brings in front of your sofa. Perfect to stretch out your legs after a long busy day having a glass of wine.

22Coffee Tables From Wooden Baskets

Wooden baskets and pallets are widely used in the interior recently. From beds to kitchen cabinets.
Why not use them for a coffee table?
To get a sophisticated vision place a piece of glass and your perfect coffee table is all set.