milestone party ideas

A big birthday coming up? Milestones are especially important because we want to celebrate them with a bang!

When it comes to decor inspiration, there has never been a better place to look than Pinterest. Milestone parties are the hottest Pinterest trend for this year and we have rounded up almost 60 of the best and most unique ways to celebrate milestone birthdays.

Be it first, fifties or even 80th birthday, you will find plenty of inspiration to throw a party of the year.

1For Little Ones

Vibrant multi colored balloons are always a fool-proof choice for kids’ birthdays.

2Birthday Balloons

Make the birth year the centerpiece of the party.

3DIY Stir it up

Serving cocktails? Spice them up with your custom photos!

4Black & Silver

For those who don’t want to go all girly!

5You are Golden

Golden and black theme seems to be prevailing on Pinterest, especially for 30th birthdays.

6One Year Old Party

Beautiful way to display your baby’s progress over the year, perfect for first birthday party.

7Photo Collage

There are dozens of variations of photo collages in Pinterest. Make them stand out and arrange them in the shape of the milestone.

8For Little Ones

Balloons again – this time paired with a bit of exotic theme.

9Favor Kisses

Gold, glitter & black theme for 75th birthday party.

10Party Favors

Gold & black extends even to party favors.

11Big Four-O Glasses

Customized glasses are a bit hit for a milestone party.

12No Limits

Custom baked cookies, make them very personal and reflect the personality of the one you are celebrating.

13Time Capsule

Prepare your very own time capsule with the favorite things from the birth year.

14Birthday Bubbly

Milestone bubbly bottles with customized labels.

15Vintage Inspired

How retro is this!

16May the Fortieth be with you

For Star Wars fans.

17Glitter & Silver Party

Vibrant and fresh look for a milestone party.

18Hello 40 Birthday Cake

Beautiful simple cake for 40th birthday party.

19Candle Cake

A little different take on a traditional cake.

20Photo Set Up

While photo boots are still very popular, you can also stage your own photo shoot outdoors.

21Confetti all the way

Champagne & confetti is never a bad idea.

22For Kids Party

Beautiful vibrant cake for kids that screams “fun”.

23No Nonsense Cake

Say it as it is.

24Parisian Inspiration

For classic ladies.

25Hot Pink Birthday

Have fun with the colors!

26Tropical Birthday Bash

More sophisticated take on a tropical theme.

27Balloon Bonanza

Stunning way to use balloons for maximum impact.

28Balloon Flight

Fit for a little queen.

29Chic 30th Birthday Party

Glitter, glitter & more glitter.

30Balloon & Flower Garland

Hugely popular at weddings, but who says you can’t have one at your birthday?

31Gold & Glitter

Another simple theme that fits almost any birthday party.

32Colorful Party

Who says colors are just for kids?

33Tuxedo Party

A party for a gentleman.

34Cheers to the Years

Another take on customized bottle labels.

35Have Fun with it

Simple and fun cake for 30th birthday party, easy to make at home too.

36Generations Cake

Show some love and appreciate for all those years.

37Aged to Perfection

Customized beer bottles.

38Birthday BBQ

Customized napkins for birthday bbq.

39Floral Disco Party

Very vibrant theme for a birthday party, it doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 50.

40Birthday Lantern

Beautiful stylish customized lanterns for your table setting.

41Vibrant Tropical Party

For the love of color.

42Parisian Inspired

Very Pinterest-worthy theme. Elegant, classy and oh so pretty!

43Shades of Pink

This is so simple yet stunning!

44Photo Booth

Yep, still popular in 2018!!

45Balloon Centerpiece

Want to save money? Use balloons as a centerpiece instead of flowers.

46Tiffany Inspired

Don’t go overboard with the colors.

47Vase Decor

Simple way to accessorize your vases and make them fit your theme.

48Glitter Cups

Pink & glitter, never gets old.

49Chanel Inspired

Classy party style.

50Birthday Buffet

Outdoor party inspiration.

51Photo Table Runner

Another take on a photo collage. Just make sure you keep the red wine away.

52Gold & Black

Add some golden swirls to your balloons to fill the room and make it more three dimensional.

53Champagne Balloons

Another creative way to display birthday balloons. Champagne bottle can be bought online too.

54Balloon Overload


Splashes of colors in balloons for kids party.

55Floating Photo Collage

Hanging photo collage idea.

56Rock Star Party

Treat her or him like a rock star for the day.

5750 & Hot

Great party favor.

58Moet, Macaroons & Glamour Party

If you can afford it, champagne all around!


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