7 Ways You Can Get Creative at Home This Winter

Do you have a painting hobby, and you use custom paint by number to create different artwork for your collection? Then you must have a lot of painted canvases at your home or workplace.

Understandably, every artwork you have painted is unique, but some are just so important to you, which you like to keep in your life forever. Right? Painting on a custom paint by number kit is not as easy as it seems. It demands a lot of effort and hours of creativity; only then do you get a unique painting for your collection.

However, protecting your canvas to preserve it for a lifetime needs some tips and tricks, and not everybody knows these life hacks to save their painted canvases. Thus, in this article, we will discuss several tips and tricks that will help you protect your unique and creative paintings with love. These tips will allow you to keep your paintings preserved.

So, let’s start.

7 Ways You Can Get Creative at Home This Winter

How to Preserve Your Framed Artwork?

Before we start to learn more about the tips and tricks, you need to know that paintings are usually framed, and then there is some artwork that painters don’t frame for some time. Therefore, we will discuss how to preserve your framed paintings first, and then we will come to the unframed ones.

So, keep reading to know more.

  • Make sure your painting doesn’t get the direct sunlight
    We all know how daily doses of sunlight can fade the paint away from anything. Whether it’s the clothes or a painted canvas, the sunlight is harmful for any stuff containing the colours.

    And, to preserve the colours of your painting to save it for an extended period, you need to ensure that it doesn’t get the daily doses of sunlight. Try to hang the canvas somewhere where the sunlight couldn’t reach it.

    It’s one of the most common mistakes the painters would make in their lives, which costs them their hard work hours of hard work go to waste.
  • Monitor the humidity
    We all know that the air contains water which we call humidity. And, you would be surprised to know that the moisture in the air could damage your custom paint by number paintings.

    The moisture in the air affects the overall health of the painted canvas. And, to avoid the humidity ruining your paintings, all you need to do is monitor the humidity levels in your house.

    Ideally, the humidity levels should be around 55%. This is one of the essential factors that helps preserve your painted canvases.
  • Don’t touch your paintings with bare hands
    Our hands contain body oils that are harmful to the canvas. Thus, it would be best to not touch any of your artwork without wearing cotton gloves. However, if you touch it with your bare hands, you risk all of your artwork as your fingerprints and body oils could easily damage it.
  • Don’t clean your paintings
    Now you might be thinking if you don’t clean them, the dust and other particles will ruin their look. Right? Well, we are not saying you should not clean any of your artwork.

    You should avoid cleaning them with any microfiber cloth or wet towel. Try to remove the dust using a soft feather duster or a sable brush. This will prevent damage to your personalized paint by number canvas.
  • Use acrylic plexiglass to coat your painted canvases
    However, if you want to hang a perfect piece of artwork in your sunroom, you might be confused about preventing it from direct sunlight. Right? Well, you can use acrylic plexiglass to coat your painted canvas.

    The acrylic plexiglass is a lot lighter than the usual ones. Moreover, it helps protect the canvas from UV rays of the sunlight and prevent the canvas from fading.

These are the best ways to keep your framed paintings saved from any damage. Follow all these tips and tricks to protect all of your framed artwork.

How to Preserve Your Unframed Artwork?

Now, let’s talk about the unframed piece of creativity that you painted with love. We will discuss some of the vital factors that will assuredly help you protect your unique artwork from getting damaged.

  • Always make sure to keep your paintings flat
    People usually make a common mistake of putting their paintings in a cardboard tube, where the canvas is all folded up. This makes the paint used to create the artwork crack or stained.

    Therefore, it is necessary to leave the canvas flat instead of rolling it up and putting it in a tube.
  • Make sure to place your artwork in a cool, dry and dark place
    As we mentioned above, the sunlight, humidity and the constant change in the temperature can easily damage the painted paint by numbers canvas. Therefore, the best way to protect it from any damage is to store it in a place where there is no sunlight, and the temperature is constantly cool.
  • Keep every artwork of yours separate
    If you are a painting lover, you must have a lot of unframed artwork. And, to keep all of them protected, you need to store them with care. All you need to do is put a 2 – 4 ply rag between each personalized paint by number canvas while laying flat, which will help prevent acidic damage to any of your painted artwork.

    Moreover, keep them altogether could lead to potential creasing and other damage which you assuredly don’t want.

Follow each tip and trick to protect your unframed artwork from any potential damage. Ensure you follow all the factors mentioned above, as they will assuredly help you save your unique paintings.

Final words

The following article has all of the information you need to preserve your framed and unframed artwork. Give this article a read and learn the best painting preserving life hacks.

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