17+ Creative Paint and Sip Ideas for the Perfect Party

If you’re looking for creative and fun paint and sip ideas for the perfect group get-together, look no further!

Finding the best paint and sip ideas is a great way to get together with family, friends, or colleagues and enjoy some light-hearted fun.

This is a perfect way to create a party environment for introverts and those who prefer more private social events. The best part?

You don’t even have to be good at painting! Paint-and-sip parties are a great way to have fun and enjoy a tipple or two with your pals.

Here are some essential need-to-know tips for hosting the ultimate party, including a list of the best paint and sip party ideas.

What Do You Need for Paint and Sip Party?

Paint-and-sip parties are not a one-size fits all event.

The choice is yours when deciding what type of party this will be. This depends on who’s on the guestlist!

The organization is key.

Make a shopping list of all the essential items you’ll need for an unrivalled paint-and-sip party.

Here’s what you’ll need –

  • Downloadable instructions for the piece you want your guest to paint
  • Canvases for the total number of guests
  • A selection of paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Jars for paint water
  • Aprons
  • Sheets to protect furniture
  • A selection of drinks and refreshments

You can purchase a paint-and-sip kit that includes everything you need for a fuss-free paint-and-sip party.

Let’s learn more about how you can host the perfect paint-and-sip party.

Paint and Sip Ideas for Decorations, Food & Set up

Here are just a few ideas on how you can set up your tables, and canvases, what sort of signs to display and how to present the food and the painting supplies.

Don’t forget to check below the images for our tips on how to plan the party for beginner painters vs more experienced ones.

1. Canvases and Champagne

Paint and Sip ideas for party

2. Use a Lot of Natural Light

Paint and Sip ideas for party

3. Create a Pretty Sign

Paint and Sip ideas for party

4. Abstract Painting Party Theme

Paint and Sip ideas for party

5. Paint and Wine Party Invitation

Paint and Sip ideas for party

6. Custom Party Kit

Paint and Sip ideas for party

7. Snack and Wine Bar

Paint and Sip ideas for party

8. Outdoor Set Up

Paint and Sip ideas for party

9. Wine and Paint Set Up

Paint and Sip ideas for party

10. Template Painting

Paint and Sip ideas for party

11. Cute Panting Supply Bags

Paint and Sip ideas for party

12. Pretty Name Tags

Paint and Sip ideas for party

13. Mini Canvases for Bridal Party

Paint and Sip ideas for party

14. Color Swatches

Paint and Sip ideas for party

15. Painting Kit

Paint and Sip ideas for party

16. Ready Made Painting Set

Paint and Sip ideas for party

17. Paris Themed Painting Party

Paint and Sip ideas for party

18. At Home Paint and Sip Party

Paint and Sip ideas for party

19. Sign with Balloons

Paint and Sip ideas for party

How to Host the Perfect Paint and Sip Party

Ensuring you have all the resources to support your paint and sip ideas is the best place to start.

Establishing your guest’s preferences, such as –

  • Their skill level
  • Artwork preferences
  • Choice of beverage

Inform your guests about what they can expect at your paint-and-sip party.

A great way to ensure your guests are prepared is by sending out invites with all the essential information.

  • Time
  • Location
  • Attire (clothes they don’t mind getting dirty)

Prepare the space properly before your guests arrive to save time and avoid setting up while guests are in the room.

Ensure equipment such as easels and paints are in place with appropriate seating and sufficient lighting.

Dividing space, so drinks and refreshments are separate from the mess of the paint, and your guests don’t accidentally drink their paint water!

Finally, for an additional touch – set the ambience with some background music to get everyone in the spirit and get those creative juices flowing.

Video Tutorials for Paint and Sip Party

One of the easiest ways to start your paint-and-sip party is to find a suitable video tutorial specific to your paint-and-sip party idea.

Depending on the skill level of your guests, you will want to find a tutorial that your guests will enjoy creating.

Acrylic painting tutorials are an excellent step for learning basic techniques. There are so many tutorials like this one.

YouTube video

This tutorial teaches you how to create a sunrise using acrylic paint by following simple step-by-step instructions.

You will learn – 

  • Blending techniques
  • How to choose the proper color palette 
  • Brush techniques.

Best Paint and Sip Ideas for Beginners

You don’t have to be Picasso to get involved in a paint-and-sip party!

There are plenty of paint and sip ideas for beginners to get fully stuck into.


Find downloadable PDF instructions for paint and sip party ideas. This will ensure your guests are on the same page (literally) and have the support they need to create their own painted masterpieces.

Paint by Numbers

You’ve likely heard of paint by numbers before – this art technique is perfect for beginners who need guidance with their painting skills.

Although initially created for children, adult paint-by-numbers can still add a hint of a challenge if there are more intricate sections.

Paint-by-number kits come with the correct paints labelled by number. So your guests can easily find suitable colors to correspond with areas on the page.

Pre-Drawn Canvas Kits

This is one of the most straightforward paint-and-sip ideas for beginners, especially those who want to practice painting without drawing the image.

Since these kits provide all the required resources, this takes a load off your hosting tasks meaning you can focus on your guests having an excellent time instead!


Abstract painting is a fabulous paint-and-sip idea for beginners.

Leave your guests to flex their creative muscles without getting tied down to following instructions.

If you choose this paint-and-sip idea for your guests, they are guaranteed to have fun with their creative freedom.

The result of abstract art is always exciting and you can interpret it any way you like.

Best Paint and Sip Ideas for Advanced

If you have a few Picassos on your guestlist, then don’t worry – there are many great paint-and-sip ideas for advanced painters.

Blank Canvas

One of the most straightforward ways to put your painters to the test is by providing a blank canvas. 

By leaving the painting process entirely in their hands, you give your guests the freedom to paint what their heart desires, using whichever technique they see fit.

To give your guests a chance to create something personal, why not ask them to bring along an image of their choice to copy from? 

This way, they can take home some artwork they’re proud of!

Group Collage

To create a fun and interactive paint-and-sip party, why not divide a whole picture by the total number of canvasses?

Assign each painter with a different fraction of the same image using the same color pallet. 

When everyone is finished, all canvases will fit together like a puzzle.

This will result in one collective artwork with various techniques and skill levels to complete an abstract piece!


Whichever paint and sip idea you choose for your party, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!

The purpose of a paint-and-sip party is to get creative, have a laugh, and enjoy the company of your friends, colleagues, or loved ones.

Remember to speak to your guests and find their preferences to ensure they understand what is involved.

Be organized before your event for the best chances of hosting the perfect paint-and-sip party!

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