5 Inspirational Ideas for Your Living Room in Japandi Style

Japandi style is a design movement that began in Japan during the early part of the 21st century. It has been defined as being minimalist, with clean lines and voluminous open spaces. The overall feel should be one of privacy and serenity, yet with plenty to stimulate creativity when required for living space or work area purposes. This article will provide you with some inspiration on how to achieve this goal in your living room setting using Japandi inspired designs available today!

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5 Inspirational Ideas for Your Living Room in Japandi Style

1. Get Rid of Any Clutter

Clutter is a huge problem for many people. Not only does it make you feel overwhelmed, but also cluttered spaces are actually proven to be bad for your mental health. Luckily, getting rid of clutter in the living room is easy with Japandi style. All that’s needed are some simple steps to get started on decluttering and then maintaining this habit over time. This is done by having a minimalist approach with clean lines and empty spaces, as well as a more natural look in terms of furniture that doesn’t have many details or textures.

2. Paint the Walls in Neutral Colors

The use of neutral colors will help to create a clean space that is perfect for the Japandi style. The keyword here is “neutral” which means you should avoid bright colors like red or orange. Instead, paint the walls in hues of gray or pastel shades like beige or white. You can also use soft browns or champagne color if it does not make your eyes tired after looking at them for a long time.  A nice cream or grey color would work well in most rooms, but you can also try using light blue, muted green, and soft yellow or pink-toned paint.

3. Choose a New Rug

Depending on your taste, you may want to choose a new rug for the living room. If so, think about how it will fit into the overall style of Japandi for this space. For example, if your contemporary furniture is white with silver metal legs and accents, consider placing a black or gray area rug in front of the sofa that has ties back to these colors. The same goes for any other color scheme that works well in your home already. Choose an accent piece that reflects light through its shiny texture like mirror rugs are good at doing because they reflect bits of ambient light around them when placed near windows to brighten up any dark corner areas.

4. Use Natural Materials

Japandi style is all about natural materials. Wood, concrete, and metals are popular choices when it comes to flooring, wall coverings, and furniture pieces in the modern house design inspired by this Japanese tradition. However, don’t forget soft upholstery options which will continue a warm atmosphere of wooden interiors with a hint of contemporary coolness. 

The living room of the Japandi style is often decorated with natural materials and light, pastel shades. The wooden floor can be complemented by linen or cotton fabric sofas and armchairs in classic styles and shapes. In this way, you create an environment of great comfort where it will feel like relaxing and watching your favorite series on Netflix.

5. Replace all of your light bulbs with LED lights

Japandi is all about sustainability and saving energy, so replacing your old light bulbs will not only save you money on your electricity bill, but it is also good for the planet. LED lights are much more energy-efficient and last longer than traditional bulbs. They’re available in a variety of colors to suit different moods or needs as well. Take advantage of the lower running costs by making your living room brighter with LED lights. This will create a cozy atmosphere during the winter months when it’s dark outside for most hours of the day. During warmer summer days you can dim them down so that they don’t heat up your home or cause any discomfort to guests coming over.

With those several suggestions for your living room in Japandi style, you can turn your living room into your own sanctuary. You will be able to choose the best option suited to your needs and preferences, always inspired by a unique design that combines simplicity with elegance. Whether you want a modern or more classic look of your home, there is something here for everyone!

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