How To Make Your House Feel Homely This Winter

With winter coming, the days are getting colder and the evenings are getting darker sooner.

It’s the time of year we like to get cosy and spend the majority of our free time in our homes, therefore we want it to feel homely when we arrive back from work.

We have gathered some top ways you can prepare your home and make it homely this winter. Check out our tips below.

Change Up Your Interior

Changing up your interior is a great way to bring some life back into your home and make it look homely. There are many ways you can change your interior to be more homely. These include;

Winter colours

Think about your colour palette. For winter colours, choose blues, greys, greens and reds. Swap out your cushions, curtains and rugs for ones with wintery tones. For winter curtains, choose heavier fabrics with a warm wintery tone. If you are thinking of getting a rug, think about getting a ‘sheepskin’ rug. Not only does this feel soft on your feet, but it makes the room look instantly cosy.

Throws and Cushions

Add a nice cable knit or fleece throw to the sofa and your bed for those cold evenings in. For cushions, add one or two textured or fluffy cushions to your couch to make it inviting and cosy.


Although the winter months are darker, we recommend choosing a warmer tone for your lights rather than a harsh blue tone. So if you have bright lights, consider changing the bulbs to a warmer tone or adding dimmer switches. Having a warmer light will make you feel cosy.


In winter, we don’t want to leave our warm comfy beds. Invest in some good quality bed sheets that are soft and warm. Consider having a summer duvet and a winter duvet, this way you can choose your toggs.

Freshening Up

As you know, in the winter months get darker quicker and our homes can start to feel gloomy. Think about freshening up your walls, whether it’s painting them the same colour to make them look less tired or changing up your colour scheme all together.


Make Your Home Smell Like Winter

We love the smell of winter, the crisp cold air and the aromas of pine, citrus and cinnamon feel the air. 

Candles and Incense 

An excellent way to make your home feel wintery is by adding scent through candles, incense and sprays. Good scents include ginger, pine, cinnamon or a citrus will have your home smell wintery and warm.

Cook Some Hearty Meals

Homemade meals always remind us of our childhood home. Get in the kitchen and bake some gingerbread men or cookies, not only will they smell delicious but they will have your guest feeling envious of your wintery smells. Not into baking, that fine table in dome home-cooked meals like a roast or a simple and delicious minestrone soup.                 

Get Festive 

Christmas is just around the corner, so what better way to get cosy then decorating your home for Christmas. Put up the tree and hang the stockings above the fireplace, however you choose to decorate, we are sure you will be feeling homely in no time.  

Be Creative

Get creative and make your own wreath to hang on your front door. If you are feeling very creative, then why not make your own decorations and centerpieces. Gather some pinecones, shrubbery and berries to create a base and insert a candle for a seasonal centerpiece. 

Get The Family Together

Gather the family and have a movie night in. Get the popcorn and snacks and choose a family film you will all enjoy. Cosy up on the sofa under blankets and spend some good quality time with the family.

Spring Clean In Winter

So we’ve all heard of a good spring clean, but we recommend a good winter clean. Hideaway all your clutter, clean the windows and dust the shelves. Having a fresh clean home will help you appreciate it more.

Don’t Forget Outside

Arriving home from work you want your home to be welcoming and be able to leave all your stresses at work. Tidy up unkept bushes and rake the leaves. If you haven’t already, consider installing some lights along the driveway and walk path.

If you have a porch/deck area at the front of your property, add some plants and ornaments to make your entrance way look homely and inviting.

We hope we have given you a few ideas to help make your house feel homely this winter. For more tips, check out Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Home You Will Love.

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