What To Do In A Week To Be Able To Relax & Enjoy The Weekend

What to do in a week for a weekend full of relaxation and joyful time?

There are some secret hints for a better and more productive week. Imagine a week full of positive mornings, a healthy breakfast, a coffee aroma that fills the entire home.

Choosing what to wear without spending all of your time in front of the closet. The daily stress from too much to-do’s in your calendar. After a week on the time-lapse mode, you will need a recovery weekend. Usually, it disappears without you even noticed.

Wondering how to manage with everything again on the next week and runway from the vicious circle of the exhausting week, scroll down.

What To Do In A Week To Be Able To Relax & Enjoy The Weekend

Set Week Goals

Improving by 1% every day is something you could complete whitout any efforts. There is nothing more motivational than your inner voice whispering “you can do it”! So, show yourself how descipline you could be. Try to leap your own expectation like to exersice 3 times per week, or eat healthy breakfast or lunch.

Following a weekly routine will help you to schedule your time in general. Plus completing tasks will make you feel more productive.

Treat Yourself

Give yourself a special treat. It could be once per week but find a treat only for you. It should be something that makes you feel relaxed, special, and recharged. A beauty procedure, meditation, walk in the park. Or even an afternoon with your own.

Clean Your Inbox

Cleaning your inbox is like partly declutering your mind. Check your subscriptions and memberships. I am sure you will find out at least 3 of them as not that intersting and useless. The same refers to your social accounts. This could help you to keep a better concentartion and will clear your focus.

What To Do In A Week- Make Your Bed

Step by step to the top of the mountain. Yes, making up your bed each morning is a very little step from your daily goals, that can make you feel accomplished.

Set your day when to change sheets and pillowcases, get a new scent for your bedroom. Give a special touch to your personal room- it is the place where you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Set Weekly Outfits

Let’s say the truth- you are spending more than 15 minutes each morning wondering what to wear.

This is around 4 days per year! Decluttering your wardrobe is something that will help you to cut the time of choosing your work outfit. Set up a capsule wardrobe where almost all of the components could be mixed and matched.

Make your outfit sets in advance according to your weekly planner at work, and fascinate everyone!

Besides, you could spend 5 minutes more having a nice cup of coffee instead of standing in the closet.

Prepare Your Healthy Meal

Having healthy lunch and dinner is not that difficult as it seems. Try to have prepared veggies in your fridges, such as minced onion, clean lettuce, and salad mix.

Your salad will be almost done after you get back home this way. Set a weekly menu and learn how to keep the food in the fridge. It saves time and money too. Having a homemade healthy meal is the wonderful end of a busy day.

Schedule A Work Out

Keep the excitement of a new training routine for longer as you schedule it in your calendar.

No matter if you are training alone, just put it on your calendar. It helps you to organize your time properly so you will have time to exercise and arrange other appointments around it.

Clean Your Make Up And Beauty Tools

If one of your goals is to have a radiant, healthy and clean skin, read carefuly!

Do not apply any cosmetics on your skin after its expiry date. No, I am not talking about the date marked on the package. Many of the cosmetic products are good for up 3 to 12 months after you open the product.

There is a special mark, usually, it looks like a jar with a number inside. Well, this sign gives you the right information if you can use the product after you have opened it. So go to your cosmetic vanity and check up your products.

Now, let’s see the makeup tools. How often do you change your toothbrush? On every 3 to 6 months? And how often do you change or clean your makeup brushes?

If you do not take special care of your makeup brushes, you could harm your skin. Do not forget brushes’ hair could be the perfect field for bacterias. They go directly over your skin if you don’t clean them regularly.

Do not make any compromises with your health, and appearance of course. Show your glamour each day and rock on during the whole week!

Pick A Date For Something Exciting

Find the balance- make your calendar colorful and interesting. Add there not only tasks and appointments.

Put there some exciting events- a girly night out, or a BFF Sunday brunch. A family movie night or ice-cream Sunday, you name it. This kind of happy appointment will make you feel enthusiastic about the upcoming date.

Switch To Off Mode

Unplug from all devices for at least an hour. I know today is really hard to stay away from technologies and smart devices, especially when you are restricted from normal face-to-face communication. You should not forget technologies affect your physical and mental health.

Do your best to keep your phone away from your bed and you will notice the change in your sleep routine and habits.