What To Do This Weekend? Here Are 20 Creative Ideas

Friday noon- probably many of you start counting the minutes till the end of the busy week.

Imagine yourself waking up later on Saturday morning, having the perfect breakfast with a cup of coffee.

The picture could be even more delightful – here are some creative ideas on what to do this weekend.

Spend More Time With Kids And Family

Weekends are great to enjoy some family time. Spend some playful hours with your kids.

Playing in the yard or the park, cooking favorite recipes, or simply watching movies will recharge your batteries.

Plus you’ll share precious moments with your loved ones. Here are some great ideas:

  • Hide and seek in your home or in the garden- this classic game is a toddler’s favorite. They can enjoy it for hours.
  • Make bubbles- kids love soapy bubbles. To make them happier and try to do the giant bubbles with sticks and a rope.
  • Build a fort- turn the house upside down and build a fort.
  • Write stories- express your imagination by writing stories. You will be impressed by how creative kids could be.

Learn Something New

No matter how busy you might be, always try to find some time for you.

Find a new hobby, or just relax for an hour. You deserve to have your special minutes to refresh your mind and body.

There are some easy but pleasant things to do this weekend:

  • Read a magazine or book- just pick a topic. Travel, Science and Tech, or Beauty. You name it.
  • Take an online course- educate yourself with some of the free online courses.
  • Watch a tutorial- Youtube is a great source for learning new things. Makeup and hairstyles tutorials, or ideas on how to match outfits. A wonderful way to impress your colleagues with a new style.
  • Start learning a new language- speaking a foreign language is a treasure. Today is easy to do that thanks to the wide source of mobile apps and free online courses. You should take advantage of this opportunity and add another bullet to your CV.

Just Enjoy The Time Staying At Home

The busy daily routine is exhausting.

Sometimes all you want to do is to stay home and relax. Staying home could be fun, here are some ideas:

  • Explore some new food recipes- homemade pizza or pasta will bring the kids in the kitchen to assist you. Try some new flavor popcorn gourmet recipes for the movie night, or experiment with new cocktail tastes.
  • Make homemade bathtub bombs or exfoliants. Make your skin radiant with a face mask and treat yourself as a goddess.
  • Bring a festive spirit in your home and watch themed movies on Netflix.
  • Organize a budget food contest- tasty food doesn’t mean to be from a Michelin awarded restaurant. Make a contest with a low budget food and surprise your guests with creative, delicious, and healthy food under $20.


  • Go for a run in the park or the neighborhood. It is refreshing, good for the heart, and of course, for the skinny jeans, you dream to wear.
  • Stretching is important for the muscles and improves your flexibility. Try some stretching exercises at home or in a group with friends. Yoga is also a good variation to exercise without exhausting your body.
  • Tennis is a wonderful way to practice sport with your hubby or boyfriend.
  • Swimming is a relaxing and pleasant way to burn some calories.

Find Your Secret Talent

Wake the sleeping artist in you. You need to find your art field where you can express your huge talent and potential.

Try with some of these ideas and we will be happy if you share your masterpieces with us.

  • DIY projects- you need just to pick a project. From soap and candles to thrift shop masterpieces, and interior makeovers.
  • Succulents planting- a simple idea to start planting and gardening. Succulents are easy to grow and they add a special green touch to your home.
  • Origami is not only an art project, but it also helps you to learn about patience and attention to detail.
  • Painting on a glass of wine is a great Saturday night with your girls.

Cheers for the weekends!

Antoaneta's passion is healthy living, lifestyle, and sports. Her short stay in South France and USA is her wider source of inspiration. Interested in modern models of education, travel, and home interior.

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