Fun Christmas Family Activities

Oh, how I love Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year!

Believe me or not- I just have prepared myself a cup of hot cocoa to taste the festive flavor! Open your secret Christmas boxes and pull out the Christmas sweaters.

Let’s have the merriest time of the year and celebrate it with people you love the most. Forget about boundaries, flights, and trains- the Christmas spirit is all around!

All you need to do is to open your heart and soul and let in. Give your inner child the magical freedom of the holidays- do snow angels, organize a snowballs fight, or simply sing a Christmas carol.

There are so many Christmas activities to do! Because Christmas is family fun and love of course.

Fun Christmas Family Activities

Cooking Christmas Family Activities

Christmas must be felt with all senses and what is better to treat your family with the most delicious and remarkable Christmas flavors.

From peppermint candies and sticks to the most mouth-watering recipes and meals.

Of course, all spiced with a pinch of joy and a dozen of family love.

  • Bake a cake: Celebrate the holidays with a festive homemade cake. Let your kids assist you with the decoration. They would be happy to sprinkle sugar stars and hearts all around the kitchen.
  • Ginger cookies and treats for your neighbors: Surprise your neighbors with a box of homemade ginger cookies or caramel apple Popsicle sticks.
  • Gingerbread Christmas house: Your home air will gain not only a Christmas spirit but a flavor too. Ginger, cinnamon, and toffee are the main festive scents. Plus the real Christmas fun of creating your own gingerbread house.
  • Make a Christmas cocoa hot drink: Imagine a snowy holiday morning, you are watching the fairy dance of the snowflakes while drinking a cup of hot cocoa…
  • Eggnog cocktail: continue the picture from above to a late afternoon or evening. Watching the fire in the fireplace on a glass of eggnog cocktail with brandy, bourbon or you choose it…
  • Christmas S’mores party: When there is a fire, there are an S’ mores. Enjoy the sweet and salty combination.

Decor The Entire House

Fun Christmas Family Activities

Christmas decoration is pure magic. It gives a homely, warm feeling and everything changes its look into a festive and glamorous vision.

Christmas lights blink from each house. The holiday spirit welcomes each guest starting from the front door.

Gorgeous Christmas trees and garlands make your home sparkling and attractive, all wrapped with the love of your family.

  • Paper snowflakes on the windows: Dreaming about white Christmas? Create paper snowflakes and decorate your windows, you will have the perfect white Christmas during the holidays. Experiment with DIY projects for kids and leave to stick them on the windows. To make the activity even more creative give them some templates for other holiday-themed shapes- deers, Christmas trees, gingerbread man. Let them create the perfect Christmas scene on the windows!
  • Christmas garland: Make your own Christmas garland from the tree branches, wine- corks, or Christmas balls. Show your creativity and surprise everyone!
  • Hang a mistletoe: Christmas is love! Celebrate it under the mistletoe.
  • Create your own Christmas tree trimmings: Give your Christmas tree a personality with family crafts and designs.
  • Decorate a tabletop Christmas tree or other Christmas center at your home: If your home is not that big for an enormous Christmas tree, or you just want to raise the spirit to its maximum, decorate a tabletop Christmas tree. Place it in the hallway, near the windows, or side table. Do not forget to leave tasty treats wrapped as little gifts underneath for your kids.
  • Give a personal touch to your door: Welcome everyone with the merry, joyful holiday spirit and dress your door with a gorgeous Christmas wreath. Show your personal touch with a unique and unexpected decoration element.

Real Christmas Family Activites

Create those special moments and memories that will give you a warm feeling of unconditional love.

Here are some wonderful ideas on how to spend some real family time.

  • Make your own advent calendar: Create a family tradition and make your family advent calendar. Experiment with designs and ideas.
  • Read a Christmas story or sing a carol: Get the kids around the Christmas tree and read them a Christmas story. Another idea is to teach them a new Christmas carol to surprise your neighbors on Christmas morning.
  • Organize an under the Christmas tree slumber party: Your kids would love to see how Santa is stealing through the chimney and leaving their presents under the Christmas tree. Make them happy and organize a slumber party. Place a lot of throw pillows and blankets on the floor and let the Christmas magic in.
  • Hang Christmas socks on the fireplace or wall: A lovely family tradition you all could enjoy.
  • Play Secret Santa: Be surprised and enjoy the gifts exchange.
  • Craft your own Christmas cards and write a letter to Santa: Kids love crafting and designing. They would be happy to craft their own Christmas card and write a letter to Santa.

Share The Holiday Spirit With Someone New

Make this holiday season more special and share the good vibes with other people.

There are plenty of social activities you could take part in. Give a hand to someone who needs a touch of kindness and family warmth.

  • Be a volunteer: Be active in some of the volunteer programs in your town. Do not forget that sometimes a nice word is the best gift you can give.
  • Participate in a donation activity: Choose a cause to support and make a donation. Unused toys, books, and clothes from your kids could make a child happy.
  • Make a DIY gift for your kids’ teacher: Make a small DIY homemade gift to your kids’ teacher for example. A homemade jam or cookies, some kind of decoration, or even a planned flower could be a nice idea.
  • Cheer the birds in your garden: Surprise the little birds in your garden with seeds cookies.
  • Send a Christmas card for someone you don’t know: Do you remember the last time when you received a letter or card different than bills or subscription reminders? The era of the internet and smart technologies replaced the true happiness of receiving a long-awaited letter sent by post. Make someone special by sending them a Christmas card and make their holidays special. Soldier, doctors, and sailors often spend their holidays away from their families and homes. Show your appreciation with a little act of kindness.
  • Celebrate the festive season with the people from your town: Share your emotions with the people from your home. Visit the Christmas tree lighting up party, participate in the Christmas carol chor.

Fun Outdoor Christmas Family Activities

I am happy to live in a place where we have the chance to enjoy 4 seasons. Here is why I have used to have snowy Christmas and enjoy the perfection of nature when it covers everything in a white, sparkling dress.

For me having a snowball fight and sledding is part of the Christmas plans.

Of course, there are other family outdoor activities you can enjoy even with no snow around.

  • Pick a Christmas tree with the whole family: Get all the kids in the backseat of your car and go pick a Christmas tree together.
  • Go on ice-skating: Hopefully, this option is available even year-round. Take the skates and show your grace on the glace!
  • Go on a ride across the neighborhood to see the Christmas decoration in your area: In many towns, there is a competition for the most effective Christmas decoration. Thousands of lights and decorations, music, and artificial snow. Something that should be seen.
  • Visit a Christmas market: Visit some of the Christmas markets around your city. You could taste delicious treats and drinks, or just to dive into the holiday spirit.
  • Go sledding: If you like to raise your adrenaline, sledding in the mountain would be unforgettable. Always remember “safety first” in all kinds of activities.
  • Build a snowman: building a snowman is a very funny family activity. The kids would be happy to tumble big snowballs and decorate their snowman. Do not forget to take pictures.

Great Christmas activities that could turn into great Christmas family traditions.

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