5 Simple Ways to Get Your Kids Entertained During Holidays

While kids simply adore the holiday season, parents don’t usually share the same joy. Well, entertaining your kids during the holidays really isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if the kids are known for getting bored pretty fast.

Then again, different kids enjoy different things and there are surely some activities that you can interest them in. If you need a little help with those activities, keep on reading.

Holiday Journal


A great way to entertain your child and foster creativity and gratitude at the same time is by giving them the idea of making their own holiday journal. These DIY journals are pretty much the same as art journals, but you can add a little twist. Ask your child to add various pictures and quotes that remind them of holidays and to write one sentence each day that would state what they’re grateful for.

Depending on your child’s age, you can simplify or make this task more complex. There are also many tutorials online that can help you assist your child in making one.

Board Games Are Back


Board games can be a lot of fun when played with the right company. If you have only one child, encourage them to call their friends over so that they can all play together. This will also require them to tidy up their room. If the friends are busy or if your home is already lively, try getting board games that are fun for all ages.

That way, you could all play and have equal amount of fun while also spending some quality family time.

Get Outside


If you’re lucky to have a lot of snow, your kids will definitely find enough fun on their own. The important thing is to make sure that they’re dressed well when they rush off to build a snowman or have a snow fight. In case there’s no snow where you live, you can still organize fun outings.

For example, you can take the trip to nearby kids’ entertaining centers such as amusement parks or trampoline and skating centers. What’s more, if there’s nothing interesting enough for your child, encourage them to spend time outdoors exploring, hanging out with their friends, riding a hovering segway board, roller skating, cycling, etc.


Essential outdoors activity kit for winter with no snow: bicycle, scooter & hoverboard segway.

Crafty Hands


All kids love to get crafty and make various things. This fact will help you when all other ideas seem to fail. Just make sure that you have enough material such as cardboard, color paper and markers, glue, glitter, beads, old clothes, and basically anything else that kids can use when getting creative. You can specifically ask them to make jewelry or photo frames, or you can encourage them to let their own imagination take its course with their crafts. Remember to be really happy about whatever they come up with so that they feel interested in trying this fun pastime again.


Essential indoors activity kit: color paper, markers & glitter glue.

Movie Night


This might seem too obvious, but it still is a great way to entertain kids, especially before bed. You can pick movies for every evening during the holidays so that you all watch them together as a family. Remember to make popcorns and hot cocoa so that your kids are ready to get cozy and calm before the movie starts. By the time the movie’s finished, kids will be getting really sleepy and comfy, which would make a movie night a great end to a perfect day.

Don’t forget to ask your kids what they’d like to do as well. They will definitely have a lot of their own unique ideas and you’ll probably be able to use some of them for entertainment purposes during the holidays. Of course, prepare to be patient so that you can minimize stress as much as possible and concentrate on the fun yourself.

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