What Do Teenagers Want For Christmas

At this time of year, parents of teens start scrambling to try and figure out what is hot this year and what teens are wanting for Christmas.

No doubt, teens have their own unique personalities so it can be hard to find something that will really surprise and amaze them, but there are some trends you might be able to piggyback to find your teen the perfect Christmas present.

In this article, we describe a range of potential Christmas gifts for teens. Some are in line with current trends and others are evergreen gifts that have been popular with teens for decades.

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Drones have been a very popular Christmas gift for teens over the past couple of years. They have simultaneously become both more affordable, and much more feature-rich making them very exciting gifts for tech-savvy teens. 

Not only this but they are so easy to control they can be used to film various recreational activities or just explore geographical areas.

The drones can be synced with smartphones so people can see their vision in real-time, and even record it.

If you have a sporty teen or a teen who is very tech-savvy, a drone is an item you must consider.


For many young people, having ownership of a certain set of trainers or sneakers can be very important. In many cases, a pair of shoes is not just about comfort, or even about style, but about group membership

If certain people all have a certain pair of shoes and your teen is without those shoes but wants to be part of that group then getting a pair of those shoes even if they are worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars could be an amazing Christmas gift for them.


AirPods are small listing devices that you sync to your Apple iPhone and insert in your ear that enable your young person to both listen to music and media and voice from their phone whilst also being able to talk on phone calls without needing to have any microphone or headset. The 

AirPods are a more modern type of earbud/headphones and are very popular with teens.

Gaming Console

Not all teens are into gaming but the ones that are, really are. It might be a new console that has been released in the past 12 months that your teen doesn’t have, that they really want, or it may be that they play their existing console so much that they have worn it out and need a new one. Either way, getting a new console is a classic Christmas gift for both kids and teens.

Even if they have a console that they want, you could consider other accessories or games that they don’t currently have that they would like.

Vlogging Tripod

Though it is a foreign concept to the older generations, vlogging, or video blogging is a very common activity that many teens participate in where they make videos of themselves talking and then uploading those videos to our website or to our social media platform.

Many of these videos are filmed with the teen just holding the phone with their hand, but there are all sorts of different accessories you can get to make vlogging a lot easier.

One of those accessories is a vlogging tripod, which holds the phone so the person recording their vlog doesn’t need to hold it with their arm. This allows for much more creativity with the video and some of these tripods also include lighting.

New Phone

Similar to shoes and sneakers, mobile phones have become not just electronic devices to achieve a practical purpose, but are also status symbols.

Having the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy can not only improve your teen’s technical capabilities but also help them feel more included socially.

If you need ideas for more Christmas gifts for teenagers, check out this list.


eBikes have taken the market by storm in the last five years. Part mountain bike, part motorbike – these electronic bikes can make transport a breeze and really increase your teen’s independence.

They come in all shapes and styles so you can find a style that suits your teen’s preference whether they like off-road type mount bikes or on-road stylish roadster-type bikes.


Electronic scooters are also very popular amongst young people. Though they can be hired in many CBD locations, having your own eScooter takes this convenience and fun to the next level.

They are surprisingly affordable, making eScooters a great Christmas gift for your teen.

Lego Technics

Even though your teen may say they are no longer interested in Lego, if they were to unwrap a box of advanced Lego technics, you are most likely to see a wide smile develop on their face.

Lego is the master at creating products that suit all age ranges so if your teen once had a passion for Lego there is a good chance that you could reignite that passion with one of the more complicated and technological robotic sets.


The gift ideas included in this article are a small sample of the thousands of potential items you could buy your teen for Christmas this year.

If all else fails, you can just ask him directly what they would like for Christmas. Many teens are quite happy to just tell you what they would like as opposed to being surprised with something they do not want.

But if you do that, make sure you also buy them a surprise gift from this list so there is some sense of anticipation and excitement for the day itself.

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