A Family Movie Night- The Best Family Movies To Watch This Weekend

Finally, the busy week is over!

The whole weekend is here and I suggest you spend it like a real boss. You deserve it. Forget about the laundry, cooking, and all the housework.

Hello, sofa, it’s been a while. Cuddle into the throw pillows and lets the movie night begins!

Having a family movie night is a wonderful way to enjoy the time together, plus to share emotions watching some of the coolest movies.

Of course, picking a movie for all the gang could be a difficult task.

Especially if there is a bigger age difference between the kids. Before you get in the referee shoes, it would be better to have a list of movie titles that are suitable for everyone.

Pick some classics, golden animation movies,or some of the recent blockbusters. Try to be a cool mom and always stay tuned for the latest titles.

Get the popcorn ready and order pizza for the whole family.

It is time for a movie night and here are some of the best family movies to watch this weekend.

1The Nightmare Before Christmas



4The Lion King

5Toy Story

6Lego Movie

7Inside Out

8The Beauty And The Beast


10Harry Potter


12A Christmas Story

13A-League of Their Own

14Forrest Gump

15March of the Penguins

16It’s a Wonderful Life



19The Incredibles

20The Wizard of Oz


22To Kill a Mockingbird

23E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

24Mama Mia

25The Lord of the Rings

26Star Wars


28Pirates of the Caribbean

29The Secret Life of Pets

30Big Hero 6

31Marley & Me


33Lala Land

34Little Women

35Finding Nemo

36Catch Me If You Can