10 Cool Nursery Decors That Will Grow with Your Kids

You’re decorating your first nursery and you’re wondering what you’re going to do with all the nursery decor you’re about to buy when you baby reaches toddler age. Are you going to sell them? Throw them away? Give them away? Store them for use for your next baby?

Let’s face it. It will cost money either way.

The solution: install nursery decors that would grow with your kids.

Well, until you reach the point that their nursery decors really are no longer age appropriate. Say, when they reach elementary and ponies and animals need to be replaced. But, if you are able to incorporate your nursery decors to different age levels, you save a lot of money and effort in redecorating.

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Neutral Colored Toys

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You children can outgrow stuffed toys especially if they are too gender and age defined. For example, you won’t find a unicorn or a lamb in a pubescent child’s room. But, teddy bears, cats, pandas and bunnies are usually still found in a teenagers room. They fit well with any age because of their neutral colors and ability to fit in different room styles.

If you choose these kinds of decors and know that your child will keep them until they’re teenagers, you do the math. :)

Height Chart

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The InspiredHive

Height charts are great decors that literally grow with you kids. They not only make great decors, they also hold a lot of memories. Ever notch on the chart has a special memory for us.

Even the process of making this DIY chart is a special memory. Plus, you can re-use this for your next child as long as you store it properly.

Chic Furniture

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Chic and modern looking furniture work well in a nursery. A modern looking rocker or a furry chair can be kept in your kids bedroom for quite a few years. If they’re no longer appropriate in their rooms, you can use the furniture in your office, living room or your bedroom.

Big Rugs

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Big rugs make so much difference to a room. It makes a small room look bigger and more spacious. Choose a rug that can be used by different age groups and unisex. A pink floral printed rug might not entirely work for an elementary-aged girl who’s starting to find her own identity.

Dark, neutral or patterned rugs always work.

Stickhat Hanging Baskets

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These hanging baskets are perfect for organization purposes and as decors for a monochrome colored room. The pop of color they give is a much-needed contrast to make a nursery more age appropriate.

Call it a touch of rainbow. :)


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Making your own quilts is actually fun and it represents hard work, there’s a lot of good sewing machines for quilting that you can choose from. You can also pass it down as a family heirloom. But, just in case you’re not good with a needle and thread, there are lots of quilts you can buy online and in-store.

Quilts are one of the few pieces, if selected properly, that can be reused over and over again regardless of gender and age. :)


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For a warmer and more relaxing feel to your nursery, add lamps. Either table lamps or hanging lamps, they both can bring a warmer feel. And, lampshades are useful until it breaks down.

If you want a cheaper option, you can make your own hanging lamps. Surf Pinterest until you find the right DIY lamp design for you.

Shabby Chic Wall Art

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Framed shabby chic wall arts are super reusable. If you look at Pinterest inspired teenager rooms, you’d see the same wall art styles you’d find in a nursery.

And why wouldn’t it be a room’s main feature? It’s too chic to exclude.

Chalkboard Wall

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Imagine a decor that you can change as your mood goes? Isn’t that just too cool? A chalkboard wall isn’t just meant for decors but the safest method to keep your child’s walls crayon free. It’s like giving him a big-ass paper to draw and scribble on.

Your elementary-aged kids would get a knack out of this as well.


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The GlitterGuide

Shelves are mainstay decors. You simply just change the contents to make them age appropriate – from stuffed toys to books.

One of the nursery decor you can’t go wrong with.

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to make your nursery decors grow with your child.

Selection is the key. Choose the right decors and you’d be set for a good decade. Imagine the money you’d save from redecorations?

When I say I love Pinterest, it’s an understatement. Scour the heck out of it because it’s a wellspring of great DIY ideas! Turn yourself from amateur decorator to professional designer!

How about you? Do you have any suggestions for nursery decors? Hit us up in a comment below!

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