Cheap & Chic: How to Create a Fab and Pocket Friendly Nursery

Okay, so maybe this is your first baby.

You don’t know much about designing your first nursery, and do not have a professional interior designer in your budget.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

Many first-time parents have skipped the luxury of contractors and design consultants, and just faced the decorating process themselves.

You don’t have to break the bank just to give your baby an eye candy nursery.

After all, they wouldn’t care until they have a mind of their own.

But of course, I’m not saying just to settle for a ‘meh’ kind of room.

Yes… what’s important is the comfort of your baby rather than the aesthetics of the room, but there is an inexpensive way to achieve comfort and class at the same time!

How to Create a Fab and Pocket-Friendly Nursery

1.Set a Focal Point

How to Create a Fab and Pocket Friendly Nursery 1

Setting a focal point is critical because your focal point tells you where you invest more and where you become a bit stingier.

Say your focal point is the area where you’ll set the crib.

You can invest on a classier crib, better material for the sheets, more color coordinated mobiles.

Then, you can accessorize the rest of the room based on your focal point.

A cheaper way to make your focal point stand out is laying an eye-catching rug right where your focal point is.

2.Refurbish Image:

Yard sales and clearance sales are good sources of furniture you can refurbish.

An old dresser can be painted and turned into a changing station.

An old rocking chair can be refurbished to become your nursing chair.

Sometimes you might even score a rustic looking crib which may be all you need to do to improve it is to repaint it and buy new beddings.

There are numerous instructional website you can visit if you need ideas or steps on how to refurbish and repurpose furniture.

Take for example this kitchen cabinet turned into a changing station. It’s the perfect rustic shabby chic combo for a nursery.


How to Create a Fab and Pocket Friendly Nursery 3

The walls are the biggest focal point you have in your nursery.

It sums up the entire look you’re gunning for, and it could easily be the most expensive piece as well from paint to murals to accessories.

A lot of nurseries that are centered on a theme has a mural or are hand-painted by a professional. This takes a lot of time and money.

Time and money that you can save.

Stenciling patterns onto the wall is pretty simple. First, select a base color.

Then choose a color that would complement your base color or make the pattern stand out. For your designs, you can quickly browse through the internet and find one that suits you the most.

There are, again, plenty of online sources you can visit and download patterns from.

After that, you just print the pattern according to the size you want, cut it out, tape it to the wall and paint over it.

Remember to use masking tape to stick your patterns to prevent your paint from being torn.



Customized shelves can be a bit unfriendly to your pocket, and so are storage bins for organizing your baby’s stuff inside.

To avoid expensive shelves, consider alternative items that you can use for shelves.

One idea would be to use cut out and sanded pallets.

Secure them on the walls and you can either varnish or paint it to make it look newer. Another cool idea is using metal buckets from a dollar store.

They come in different colors, or you can get the aluminum ones and paint them whatever color that would match your walls. There are different ways to stack/hang them.

You can secure the bottom by screwing them straight to the wall for a cubby, lay them on their side stacked however you want for a standing shelf or hang the handles on hooks on the wall.

You can fill them with diapers, baby wipes, toys or towels.

5.Storage as Decorations

Plastic storage bins are meant to stay hidden in the closet.

They’re very useful but its function versus style. Look for storage items that will add to the look of the room as decorations or have another purpose aside from just storing items.


Opt for sit and store boxes if you need the extra storage space but would not want to curb your room space as well.

They come in different materials and designs and can be an aesthetic contributor to your nursery. One tip for sit and store boxes though is to pick a neutral color.

Don’t get one with Elmo’s face on it so your child doesn’t outgrow it.

Another option for you is to use cute baskets. You can either paint old ones or again, get one from a dollar store.

6.Accessorize Wisely

Your room accessories do not have to be all store bought.

Rummage through your attic; you might find a beautiful antique trunk or and old dresser you can refurbish or vintage items from your grandma that you can frame.


Instead of decorating the walls with expensive art, hang family photos or baby photos once your angel is out.

Decorative knobs and lights can be an inexpensive way to add character to your space.

Putting stuff toys on the shelves is also another form of accessorizing without having to buy anything extra.

Wrap Up

Designing your very first nursery will still cost money but once you’ve achieved your goal, you can reuse your nursery items for your next baby or swap them out with friends so you can get a new look.

Selling your items on Craigslist and Ebay will also give you a bit of allowance to shop or refurbish new pieces.

Overall, these tips are not foolproof alternatives not to have to spend money at all.

These tips will, however, give you ideas on how you can achieve chic and fab under a tight budget.

So, get your thinking caps on, start browsing the internet and Pin the heck out of your Pinterest nursery board!

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