9 Brilliant Baby Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Don’t you get days where you wish that babies come with manuals so you can figure out what’s wrong, what to do and how to keep them silent?

The tiny creatures might be as difficult to understand as men trying to decipher what goes on in a woman’s mind.

We perfectly know how you feel.

Good news!

Millions of experienced mommies have taken their experience online with different baby hacks, tips, and tricks that would make your journey into motherhood easier.

Afterall, when you’re exhausted and covered with baby doo-doo all you’d want is to soak in a milk bath and maybe a light read.

Why not stock up some tricks up your sleeves while you’re at it?

Here are some of our top favorite hacks from different ‘veterans’ of mommyhood.

Hack 1 – Restaurant Kit

Image from blueistyleblog.com

Going out for dinner with your toddler or infant in tow isn’t an ideal ordeal. But what do you do when you can’t get a sitter?

Bring a restaurant kit.

Buy a makeup kit or a toiletries bag and fill it with items that would keep your baby busy and equipped for dinner.

Your kit can contain the necessities such as a coloring book, twistable non-toxic crayons, a small toy, wet wipes, kiddy cutlery/ baby spoon, bibs and a story book (pop-up story books would work great for a one or two-year-old).

You can keep this in your car just in case but make sure you remember to clean regularly your baby’s utensils.

You can also create a preschooler version by changing the contents up a bit.

Hack 2 – Teething Madness

Image from howdoesshe.com

You’d hear a lot of crying when your baby’s start breaking out and the first thing you’d want to do is to relieve their pain.

Smear baby food or mashed fruit in a small baby cloth and put it in the freezer.

Let your child suck on it to soothe the pain.

Hack 3 – DIY Baby Leg Warmers

Image from Pinterest.com

Do you want to keep your baby warm? This is a very cheap and easy yet effective hack.

Simply take a pair of knee high socks and cut off the foot part. Secure the warmers by sewing the ends.

Tada! Instant leg warmers!

Hack 4 – Sleep Magic Trick

Have a hard time put your baby to sleep? Check this out and try it for yourself!

You can also stroke the area in between the eyebrows with your finger, and it will make your baby sleeper.

Personally tried and tested, my friends!

Hack 5 –  Breast Milk Pops

Image from Pinterest.com

Another alternative to soothing your teething baby or a simple refreshing treat that your child would enjoy!

Hack 6 – Car Care Kit

Image from Pinterest.com

Hang a shoe organizer filled with baby necessities behind the passenger seat’s headrest for a convenient clean up.

Hack 7 – Inflatable Play Pen

Image from diyfunideas.com

Blow up an inflatable pool and fill it with balls, stuffed animals, and other toys your baby would like.

You can leave them in the makeshift playpen while you do your chores.

The padded sides that serve as cushioning in case your kid falls is an added plus!

Hack 8 – Changing Kit

Image from Pinterest.com

Leave a baby kit in main rooms of your house to save yourself numerous trips back and forth to your changing station.

A basket with baby wipes, diapers, cotton, baby powder, etc. is your savior for sudden diaper changes.

You can also put one in your car.

Hack 9 – Sleep Glove

Image from mommysmakingamess.com

Is your baby the kind that needs constant patting to feel comfort? Here’s a brilliant workaround for you, mommies.

Fill a glove with rice, beans or pearled barley.

Pat your baby on the back a few times with it. Leave it on your baby’s back and silently sneak away!

Your child would think your hand is still on his back.

So, mommies, taking care of a child needs a lot of patience and cleverness!

With the right amount of wittiness and thinking-out-of-the-box moments, you can make your motherhood easier well until your child can do things for himself.

Try these hacks and we’d love to know how they worked for you!

Make your life a bit easier and have more fun with your baby!


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