25+ Brilliant DIY Projects for Nursery

We have a confession to make- we are in love with these DIY projects for a nursery!

We are addicted to Pinterest projects for nurseries. Totally hooked.

Hundreds of boards with DIY ideas and lovely things you can make at home. From beds, crafts, decors, and food, you name it, Pinterest has it. And one of our favorite areas of this massive website is the nursery decors you can DIY.

Why? Because nursery decors are expensive AF and instead of spending that much money, why not DIY and spend less?

Get inspiration for beautiful art decoration ideas, pom-poms initials, and letters. Crafted baby mobile ideas and many more.

Here are just some of our favorite picks for DIY projects for nursery -> Get your crafty hat on!

Do you have a DIY of your own you want to share? Leave a link to your blog below!

Brilliant DIY Projects for Nursery

1. Personalized Toy Storage

Bench and toy storage- 2in 1. Brilliant idea and a cool way to make your nursery look more personalized, and special. 

DIY Projects for Nursery


2. Dool House and Book Storage

It is not necessary to search for expensive dollhouses or bookshelves when you can create a beautiful DIY project with one of the coolest IKEA products.

diy projects for nursery

source: poppinette.com

3. Wall Decoration

Soft cotton stars, and clouds in a combination of golden paper star garland and vintage bicycle. 

diy projects for nursery


4. Night Lamp

It is a neutral, and super cool DIY project for the nursery. You need a plain white night lamp and colorful, bright buttons in all shapes and sizes. 

diy projects for nursery


5. DIY Letter Wall

“… now I know my A, B, C’s…”

diy projects for nursery


6. Yarn Daisy Wall

A lovely way to make your nursery bright and fresh.

diy projects for nursery


7. Pom Pom Mobile

diy projects for nursery

source: habitualhomebody.com

8. Woodland

Woodland elements are so cool, simply because you can use them both for girls and boys.

diy projects for nursery


9. Crystal Mobile

Bring some boho vibes with this DIY project to your nursery.

diy projects for nursery


10. Ice Cream Decor

One of my favorite DIY projects for nursery I wish I knew three years ago. 

diy projects for nursery


11. Safari Wall Decoration

Your baby would love to play with these cute little safari animals. 

diy projects for nursery


12. Rainy Cloud

Another wall DIY project that can bring more colors, and smiles to your nursery. 

diy projects for nursery


13. DIY Wall Art for Nursery | Coco29

Choose vibrant colors and simple animal print in black and white for this straightforward and impressive project. It’s the perfect pop of color in a neutral-colored room. This will also make it easier to math your furniture because you can stick to the monochrome colors and let this wall art be the center of color.



14. Animal Bums Coat Hooks | The Turquoise Piano

Why use boring coat hooks when you can inject even more personality into your nursery with this customized option! There are plenty of stencils you can buy online or download and print. Then, just simply paint it on your baseboard. Easy, right?


15. Zodiac Constellation Wall Art | Martha Stewart

Turn your nursery into a little oasis for a space geek! The constellations are barely used for decor so trust that if you do this, you’ll be one of the few! In other words, your nursery will be very unique!


16. Paper Disc Nursery Mobile | Better Than I Could Have Imagined

Forget about floating sheep, and this cool-colored baby mobile is going to be of a kind addition to your nursery. Even just by looking at this, you can already tell that it won’t need much effort to make. That’s what we want – simple and easy yet very eye-catching!


17. Jonathan Adler Inspired Lamp | Project Nursery

Expensive designer lamps will surely make your nursery look like a museum, but most of us just can’t afford them. If you are one of them, then follow the tutorial above for your cheaper version of the Jonathan Adler lamp.

DIY can be glamourous and chic as well. Style doesn’t always have to cost you a limb!


18. Animal Shadow Wall Art | Project  Nursery

One of my favorite ones – all kids love animals, and this project is an excellent way to turn his or her favorite animals into a piece of art. Also, this can serve as a form of learning. The older your child gets, the more he’ll grow curious about what’s hanging on his walls.


19. Butterfly Baby Mobile | Heartland Paper

It’s an adorable and very easy idea that will make your little girl’s room look like a kingdom fit for a princess. I already feel magical. Imagine if there’s nice background music playing?


20. Baby clothing unit | Buzzfeed

Little fashionista living in your nursery? Make sure the fashion statements are proudly on the display using this shelf. It’s easier to access which is helpful when you got your hands full of everything else. Better yet, this would prove to be much better when you have a crying baby with a dirty diaper!


21. Cute Shelves |  Buzzfeed

Shelves don’t need to be boring – incorporate them into your nursery design! You can use different shapes and sizes. That’s what I love about DIY projects. They can serve multiple purposes which are super cool.


22. Up in the Clouds | Pop Sugar

Let your baby drift off to sleep under these dreamy clouds. Remember to dust them off regularly. Some materials are great at gathering dust which can be harmful to your children. Choose a material that’s easy to clean and maintain.


23. Dreamy Canopy Tent | How She Does

Create her tent and play kingdom using a simple canopy tent. If you want to make your little girl feel like a princess, a canopy would certainly do the trick! You might even find your older kids hanging out here.


24. Dotted Nursery Wall | Tailor Made Creates

Boring white walls? Add a bit of sparkle and personality using golden dots. It’s simple and adds tons of character to your white walls. The plus? It’s not gendered inclined.


25. Bright Animal Canvas | Mod Podge Rocks

Another great project using animals from your kids’ collection – use a mix of colors or stick to the color tone used in your nursery. These would look great also in black and white or gold on white!


26. Feather Baby Mobile | DIY on the Cheap

Another great alternative to boring baby mobiles! I am in love with this piece. I wouldn’t mind having this in my room and wouldn’t care if it’s meant for a nursery.


27. Painted Wall | U Create Crafts

If you’re brave and crafty, paint the nursery walls to create some dynamic in the room. Some of these can also be bought as stickers to use on the wall if you don’t want to paint. You can get any more artsy than this. The entire wall is your canvas whether you DIY it or have an artist paint a pretty picture on it.


28. Rainbow Wall Art

projects for nursery 13

Add the colors of the rainbow to your baby’s room. A cool DIY project for a nursery that will help your baby develop her sight.

29. Pom Poms Letters

projects for nursery 14

Super easy and creative DIY project to decorate the walls of your nursery. Add fluffy initials of your little angel or write “Mom” with these lovely colorful mini balls.

projects for nursery
projects for nursery

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