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Kids absolutely love anything space related, especially little boys. Why not take advantage of their natural curiosity and teach them a thing or two about science at the same time?

In here we proudly present a collection of space-tacular DIYs and little projects that kids of all ages will simply love. Pick your favorite and leave us a comment if you tried one of these at home! Alternative, if you find more cool stuff to add here, leave us a comment with a link!

1Milky Way Bath Bombs

Fun for kids to make and even more fun for mom to enjoy in a hot bath.

2DIY Moon Rocks

Coolest rocks on the whole face of Earth. Just prepare for the mess when making them.

3Space Bingo

Something grown ups and older kids will enjoy equally!

4Moon Dust Paint

Not exactly a fairy dust, but equally cool.

5Space Sensory Bin

A lot of fun for little hands. Tutorial here.

6Galaxy Jars

Take them to a trip to another galaxy with this vibrant galaxy jars.

7Straw Rockets

STEM activity for your little scientists. Tutorial here.

8Make your Own Constellation

Teach them about the night sky and let them make their very own constellation. Tutorial here.

9Death Star Bath Bomb

Any Star Wars fans here? Tutorial here.

10Death Star Globe

This has to be one of our favorites. Old globe turned into this spectacular Death Star. Find out how to do one here.

11Solar Stones

Stones are super popular for DIYs for kids and thanks to their shape it’s super easy to turn them into your own solar system. Find our how in here.

12Constellation GEO Boards

Connect the dots to create a constellation. Very nice activity for older kids. Get the tutorial here.

13Antigravity Galaxy in a Bottle

Bubbles full of fun. Tutorial here.

14Solar System Necklace

Made by kids, worn by moms. Full details here.

15Layers of The Earth

No book can explain the layers of the Earth better than this 3D model. Get the tutorial here.

16Galaxy Soap

Fun to make and even more fun to use! Full recipe here.

17Space Rocket

All you need is an old cardboard box and a bit of paint!

18Space Themed Sensory Play

Take your kids to a new galaxy with this cute sensory play. More details here.

19Pop Rockets

Perfect for little and big scientists. Find out how to make them here.

20Space Learning Boards

Great activity for pre-schoolers or those who home school their kids. Tutorial here.

21Star Gazing Bottle

Glittery fun activity for small kids. Tutorial here.

22Moon Phase Craft

Fully edible!

23Fizzing Jupiter

Tutorial here.

24DIY Paper Moon

Make your own moon to keep in your room. How to do it? Find out here.

25Element Jars

Get those tiny fingers busy with these element jars. More details here.

26DIY Astronaut Outfit

No need to wait all the way until Halloween. Find out how to make one

27Space Themed Wreaths

Pretty decorations for your little one’s room. More details here.

28DIY Constellation Flashlight

Let them explore the night sky in your own way. Tutorial here.

29Sensory Space Bottle

Another great sensory activity that won’t make much mess. Full details here.

30Earth’s Atmosphere in a Cup

To teach your kids about Earth’s atmosphere follow the tutorial here.

31Space Slime with Glow In Dark Stars

Video tutorial available here.

32DIY Soda Rockets

Make your very own rocket launchers, details here.


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