Trending now: Black & White Nursery

Long gone are the days when the nursery is defined as either pink or blue room! High contrast, black and white nurseries are trending right now!

For girls, try white walls with a simple black pattern. For boys, you can go wild and even feature black walls (or just use one feature chalkboard wall).

The key here is “less is more” – chose few stand out elements and compliment them with other toned down pieces.

Here is an inspiration we collected from around the web (links below image):
black and white nursery inspiration

  1. Adorable dotted wall and stripped carpet, inspiration from Nordic leaves

A contrast in patterns is a good transition from wall to floor. Contrasting colored patterns are proven to be more difficult than contrasting patterns of monochrome colors. Personally, I’m biased towards rugs so I won’t really care if it transitions smoothly as long as I have a rug.

2.Cute toys from Ensuus

Matryoshka dolls are so chic many famous interior designers make them common part of their designs. Some are so colorful they add a pop of bright character to a monochrome room. Or, they can keep up with your two toned color. Monochrome colored toys for a nursery are one of the easiest multi-purpose accessories you can include when decorating your black and white nursery.

3. Free Black & White printable for kids room from Little Gold Pixel 

Wall arts for you black and white nursery is a must. Well, you have the option not to put anything up but why limit your creativity, right? Printable wall arts are the easiest to work with. All you need is a printer and ready made frames, some nails and you’re set to go.

4.Add stripes and patterns, bedding set from New Arrivals Inc

Nursery beddings are a vital part of your room’s overall look. A black and white nursery will let you play around grey and charcoal tones for your sheets. Patterns like polka dots, stripes and stars are appropriate for a baby feel and any gender. They can even be used even after the baby stage.

5. On Cloud 9, novelty changing table by Scandinavian Lifestyle

I just love the black and white nursery theme so much that this changing table is doing wonders to tickle my tummy. Aside from it being very chic, there’s another added bonus to it. A black changing table can mask nasty stains if you know what I mean. Unlike white sheets where stains are obvious the moment you get them, you can make do with wiping stains off for a while before having to wash it right away.

Of course, if your baby pees all over it, then you know you have no choice but to put it in the washer.

6.Cute pillows and black & white bedding, found at Decordots

If you go to big furniture stores like Home Depot, you are sure to find a wide selection of printed pillows with different graphics that would match your black and white nursery well. Choose animal or cartoon printed ones to keep up with the age appropriateness. :)

7.Add stars for your little star! Inspiration from Sebastian’s starscape room

Wall paper is another form of easy galmming up a room. There are plenty of styles to choose from and they’re very easy to install. Stars are awesome by default so there’s no need to struggle in choosing! Hearts? Too gender inclined. Whereas stars are unisex in kind. :)

8.Go Tribal, add a tent for your little one, by Aggy’s Lifestyle

This would be a perfect play area for a toddler. It might not be useful for a baby just yet but wait till your kid’s able to crawl around. He’d love the little teepee you have goin on in the nursery. Add more toys in it and you won’t be able to pull your little toddler away from his little nook.

9. Furry chair and deer on the wall! Inspiration from

Bring on the western cabin feel. Furry chairs will take you down a wild, wild west scenario. They can be quite uncomfortable especially during the summers when its a lot warmer but if you choose the right piece and you have aircondition in the house, then it shouldn’t be a problem!

Don’t use an actual deer head though. Earthquakes can knock them off the wall and may risk the safety of your baby especially if its hanging right above the crib. Still, these pieces make up pretty good accessories for a black and white nursery.

Got any black and white nursery decors you’d like to share? Hit us up on a comment below!
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