15 Serious Organizing Goals – Baby & Kids Closets

Baby closet or kids close is not very difficult to upkeep. I mean, babies don’t have that much clothing to begin with and their items are also small. There shouldn’t be a problem with keeping them organized because they can’t mess it up. But, what then when they’re old enough to walk in there and just pull stuff out?

That’s when the real organization challenge begins. Then, it continues to until your kids are teenagers who don’t care about a messy closet.

Do not panic. You can teach them how to organize at an early age. Start by organizing their closet beautifully, so they know that’s how it’s supposed to look. Check out these closet inspirations!

Baby Closet & Kids Closet: Boys

baby closet

I love the colors of this closet. Turquoise is such a flexible color that it can work for either girls or boys!

I also like how the clothes are arranged based on the baby’s age so it would be easier to pick. Imagine how you’d like to have all your baby’s clothes mixed up when he’s six months old, and all you can easily find are his 3-months-old clothes?

The bins are also labeled accordingly which most of us would totally appreciate! Check out This Is Our Bliss for the full reveal.

Crate Space

baby closet

Ever thought about using crates as storage bins? If you haven’t, now is the time especially if you’re more into the rugged feel. Your boy will also love the set up until he grows up!

Also, this would be the perfect project for DIY junkies! It’s fairly easy and affordable. Check out Addicted 2 DIY for the full look.

Painted Labels

baby closet

Obviously, the people from BHG Style know how to design knock out kids’ closets. I mean, don’t you just love the hand painted labels on those drawers? I know I do. And I think every artsy mom would, too.

The dark navy blue color of the boxes just adds to the whole feel. The labels are so clear cut and creative that you boys would not have a hard time remembering where things belong!

Check out BHG Style for more inspiration!

Daring Dark

baby closet

So, dark colors might not be the first choice you’d consider in building your child’s closet. But, you totally should not cross that option out of your list. Just look at how grown up this closet is. I would not even wonder if the rest of the room has the Harry Potter feel.

Still, not the best choice but aesthetically? It’s just as beautiful and organized!

Shout out to Pretty In Prints for the awesome inspiration.

All In One

baby closet

As shown above, babies at this age do not have enough clothes to fill out an entire closet. So you can utilize the space for all of their other things such as toys, books, and other nursery items.

Having the cloth baskets in kids’ closets is a great way to keep toys and little pieces in check. And, you can reuse them in any part of the room!

Credits to Two Twenty One for the awesome kids’ closets idea.

Bins are Friends

baby closet

These people really know kids’ closets. They have really great ideas to keep them organized and looking great.

I just love the use of bins in this design. They can be used over and over again and for different things. Again, labels are absolutely helpful to boot!

Another great entry by BHG Style!

Baby Closet & Kids Closet: Girls

Baskets of Fun

baby closet

Baskets are go-to items for organization without taking away all the aesthetic by using plastic bins. You get the same function and purpose though they may differ in prices. Also, baskets are unisex and multipurpose which means you can reuse them or sell them after!

Spotted this awesome idea at Babble.

Behind the Curtain

baby closet

I cannot emphasize enough how cute and child-friendly this closet is. I mean, there are no doors which mean less risk of fingers getting caught in between. The curtains just do it for me, and I hope its the same for you!

Credits to 346 Living!

Neutral Tones

baby closet

Sticking to neutral colors for kids’ closets is a very practical and smart decision. Since they’re neutrally colored, you wouldn’t have to keep on changing storage bins, repainting or revamping. You can simply change some elements for a fresher look.

Also, just look at the photo, it’s very elegant!

Check out Handy Little Me!

Space Management

baby closet

Space management is the key to organizing. You have to strategically store your items to maximize space. For example, this closet idea utilized the doors and it most likely saved up a tiny room the bookshelf space.

If you can store books, clothes and toys in one closet then go for it! 😊

Kudos to Polished Habitat for the brilliant idea!

All Walled Up

baby closet

There are only three ways to go about organizing your kid’s clothes. Either you fold them, hang them or both. If you want to utilize your wall space without having the limit of a room like shelves pose, hang everything you can hang on a rod.

Check out Strawberry Swing & Things for the full inspiration!

Pretty in White

baby closet

To be honest, white based is nice, but it’s too boring for me. I don’t like the all-white feel when it comes to quarters. A nice mix of solid colors can fix that. If you’re not into bright colors like me, adding darker shades of neutrals can turn plain to simply chic!

Inspiration by crispinteriorshome.com.

Multi-Purpose Closet

baby closet

Have a big closet space? Then multi-purpose it! If you think your changing table would fit in, you can make the room look bigger if you stuff that in there. Also, it would be easier to organize since everything would be in one place.

Holler to Project Nursery for this beautiful kids’ closets inspiration!

Walk-In Closet

baby closet

A walk-in closet is absolutely ideal for organizing your child’s room. Imagine all the room you can use to keep ALL of his things in one central location. Although most adults don’t even have a walk-in closet, if you can afford it and have space, then go for it!

Spotted at Decor Pad.

Double Doors

baby closet

I absolutely love double doors which is why there’s no surprise why this is in this list of kids’ closets! Double doors also mean more space. Essentially, it would also mean central location for things!

See Dwelling & Telling for the whole look.

A Few Tips

If you’ve never been the kind to organize things or can’t keep things organized, here are a few practical tips we’d like to share with you.

  • Try your best to be consistent
  • Develop a “Do Now” habit
  • Labels! They’re your reminders
  • Embrace the use of storage bins
  • Maximize and utilize your space
  • Have a central location for ALL of your things (as much as possible)
  • Understand that everything has its own place
  • ALWAYS put things back to where they belong
  • Have a regular general cleaning
  • Dispose of of the things you no longer need

Getting organized is not a difficult endeavor as long as you be firm with yourself. Follow these tips as much as you can, and you’ll do just fine in keeping your kids’ closets organized!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re inspired by how kept these closets are, then put it in your to-do list!  Happy cleaning!

Featured image: Parents.com

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