Airbnb changed the travel industry the instant it was introduced. If you haven’t heard yet, its an online marketplace where people can offer their residential properties for short-term lodging instead of getting a hotel room. It has proven to be more economical especially for families on a budget. In addition, this kind of setup is fit for people who prefer to do things by themselves.

If you book a hotel room, you only get a bed and bat unless you can afford a suite where a sitting area is included. There’s also no means to do your own laundry or make your own meals and have a bit of space to move around, not even talking about a garden or nice view to enjoy. If you’re travelling with kids, that means either renting a huge overpriced family room, or couple of room next to each other. Put kids in a small enclosed space and watch what happens… we can all imagine, right?

If you’re booking your next trip or family holiday, we have hand-picked some listings that will score five stars from your kids too!

1House Rental with Star Wars Room 

Located in Anaheim, California, this six bedroom house is perfect for a large family vacation. The six bedrooms can easily accommodate 16 guests and keep them well entertained in between tours.


It comes with a game room, a pool and lots of room for kids to play around in. The house also is equipped with lots of toys and baby gear for families with toddlers and a room for reading and movies. Cable TV is also provided. The best thing about this rental? It’s near Disneyland! So, if you can’t get your kids to be excited for a long weekend with you, Disney land would certainly do the job!

Though the price might be a little bit too steep for some (approx $600/night), if you’re aiming for a grand family vacation then it should be worth the save!

Check it out here.

2Tahoe Donner Cabin

If you’re tired of the heat and just want to enjoy the snow, this cabin is perfect for you. An intimate and off-the-grid feel with your family is made doable with 3 bedrooms, a hot tub and a BBQ pit.

Located near Lake Tahoe and Donner Lake, this cabin is perfectly situated even for a summer’s week fun. During the winter, take your kids for skiing and sledding. Then, warm up near the fireplace with a cup of warm cocoa in hand.

Renting at approximately $200 per night, you are sure to have every penny’s worth.

Book here now.

3Hawaii 5-O

Is there even any need to convince your kids to go on a vacation with you after showing them this photo? I don’t think so. Located right on the pristine beach of Hawaii, this house has 3 bedrooms, a lanai, hammock, and lots of beach gear to ensure 100% fun at the beach! In addition, the gorgeous beach house is equipped with air conditioning since it can get pretty toasty in Hawaii.

You might be planning on bringing pets but since this is wide open space, it might not be the best idea. Still, kids love the water and your teenagers would get a ball out snapping the best beach selfie while you and your partner watch the sunset. So, win-win situation, right?

Learn how to book here.

4Berkshire Greens

If the house looked a bit older, I would think I was looking at Sleeping Beauty’s cabin in the woods. The lush green color around the property just makes you want to kick back and relax. Good luck with your kids feeling that though which is why this rental is located near Deerfield River and Plainfield Pond.

The hosts have also added to the value of this place by providing fishing rods for pond behind the house, and inner tubes to float down the Deerfield River during the summer. Cross country skis, snow shoes and wood for the fireplace are provided during the winter since it’s only 10 minutes away Berkshire East Ski Area.

There are lots of activities outside while the inside offers a relaxing 3 bedrooms, a common room with 16ft. couches, a fireplace and a gazebo perfect for romantic dinners.

Check out their booking details here.

5Disney Villa

An exit away from Disney World, this Florida villa is every Disney-lover kid’s dream home. With 4 bedrooms (2 of which are Disney themed), a family vacation cannot get any better. After all, Disney World is on every family’s vacation bucketlist. Some can’t afford to stay in Disney hotels but Airbnb has got your covered!


If you have teenagers, the home can keep them entertained with a fully equipped game room. Not only that, the living room has a 60″ HDTV, 50mbps WiFi speed, outdoor pool and tub. Plenty of things to do for the young and old!

Check out their details here.

Get Booking!

So, are you on your laptop browsing the vast selection of Airbnb? There many to choose from and you can filter your choices based on location and price range. Though not all of the properties listed come with extravagant game rooms and such, there are still a lot things you can do in between sight-seeing and bedtime. Think about the things you usually do at home to keep your kids entertained. Can you do that in your rental? I’m sure not all of our houses are equipped with pools, lakes and game rooms, right?

Vacations can be difficult to plan but as long as you’re up for the fun and fueled with creativity, you’d be able to find something to entertain the family without having to bust the bank. For one, skip the hotel part.


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