7 Surprising DIYs From Metal Anyone Can Make

DIY projects are an excellent way for you to focus on and design something, work with your hands, and enjoy the feeling of developing an item on your own. They allow you to be creative, have fun, and utilize resources in the most cost-efficient way. 

Sheet metal is an excellent base material for creating incredible things that can jazz up your home or office look.

It’s very flexible, allowing you to craft wide-ranging new decorations for interiors and exteriors. However, you’d want to improve your skills in the sheet metal welding process to ensure your project’s welding stage is successful.

Once you know how to appropriately weld metal, you can effectively do these seven surprising DIYs from metal:   

7 Surprising DIYs From Metal Anyone Can Make

1. DIY Welding Table

A welding table is one of the easiest metal projects. There are various ways to build your table, depending on how you want to use it. Below are typical welding table designs:

  • Heavy-duty welding table: As the name suggests, they’re used for heavy tasks as they’re strong and won’t break easily. You only need to weld a sturdy table top to four square metal tubes.
  • Basic square tube welding table: This one is built from square steel tubing, making it long-lasting and cost-efficient.
  • DIY professional grade welding table: In this type of welding table, the entire tabletop and the sides have holes you can use to clamp your work easily.
  • Rolling welding table: This uses three pieces of metal plates welded together to form the tabletop. At the bottom, some casters enable you to move around or lock them if you want them to be steady. 

2. Clothing Rack

One advantage of using a clothing rack is that it frees up your closet. When you have too many clothes stuffed in your closet, a clothing rack can hold some of the clothes, allowing you to be orderly.

Besides, you can hang the clothes you frequently wear on your frame for easy access and let the ones you rarely put on sit in the wardrobe. 

There are many clothing racks available in the market today; however, they may be costly. Luckily, you can make your rack from budget-friendly metal.

If you perfect your skill, they can turn out to be prettier than those on the market. You can also customize and choose a size that meets your needs. You may even add a shoe rack at the bottom; the choice is yours to make!

3. Metal Flowers

Handmade metal flowers are a unique and creative decor for your home. As a unique art form, they create a focal point of attraction for your visitors.

It is because metal flowers are available with outstanding shapes, styles, finishes, and colors. In addition to using them for interior decor, you can use them outdoors in the backyard, patio, or garden without fearing looking after them during hot months.

A thin sheet of metal, cutter or heavy-duty scissors, and paint can be all you need for this project. 

4. Jewelry Holder

Losing your precious and vital jewelry can be very frustrating since you might have spent a lot of money to purchase it.

Also, it may be a symbol of something or a gift given by someone special. Most jewelry is too small, making it easy to misplace.

Thankfully, you can make your metal jewelry holder and place your jewelry in it at the end of the day once you come home from work.

All you need are thin sticks of metal, pliers, and a welding machine to complete this project. You can imitate different designs online depending on your type of jewelry.  

5. Metal Trellis

A trellis is a simple structure of vertical supports and horizontal cross pieces used to support or train plants to grow up.

You may use it to hold up vines or grow climbing vegetables in your garden. A metal trellis is easy to make, but you must ensure it’s strong enough to support the weight of plants as they grow.

Also, it should withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rains. 

Unlike wooden ones, a metal trellis is invulnerable to burrowing rodents and pests that usually plague gardens and landscapes.

But it can be vulnerable to corrosion, so it would be best to coat it with an anti-corrosion coating.

6. Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art is among the most famous and elegant design elements you may have in your home or office. It offers several aesthetic benefits and creates an optimistic vibe to the cold and numb concrete.

Moreover, it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. You can use scrap metal and still make a masterpiece product. Your design options aren’t limited either.

You can stretch your imagination to the limits and craft whatever object you want, from people portraits to animal sculptures, buildings, plants, and more.  

7. Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are typically flat letterforms, which you can illuminate to create a sign visible at night.

You can assemble your letters from metal and put them in your home entrance, backyard, deck, patio, or garden. You can customize your spaces with words like Welcome or Sweet Home.

You can also label different areas in your compound, for instance, the Barbecue Corner, Swimming Pool, or Kids’ Playground. You can also use marquee signs for your business to welcome customers into your premises.


The act of designing and building something on your own can be rewarding. Finishing a DIY project can also give you a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

All the above DIYs from metal don’t require extravagant welding expertise. All you need is to be creative and join the metals in an artistic and valuable way.

Julie Higgins
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