Bathroom Essentials: 6 Things Every Bathroom Needs

Whether you’re designing an entirely new bathroom or want to make slight changes that’ll significantly enhance the mood in your old one, these are some essentials you should pay great attention to.

You’d be surprised by how you can use regular bathroom items as artistic masterpieces if you spend some time planning out the bathroom design and theme.

Regardless if you want a more rustic or modern look, combining bathroom essentials can make a great difference to the room.

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Bathroom Essentials

Bath Towels

Every bathroom needs a proper set of bath towels. Depending on the size of your family, a set of 6 to 10 towels is a perfect place to start.

When shopping for bath towels, make sure you get all the right types. You’ll need bathing towels or sheets, hand towels, and washcloths to go with them. 

In terms of functionality, we recommend you look for fast-drying towels. They’re great for reducing odor and mildew. For a gentle feel, you should look for cotton feel with the quick drying of a microfiber cloth. 

In terms of appearance, you can use bath towels to make a statement and add some contrast to the bathroom.

They’re pretty subtle so they won’t attract unwanted attention, but if you pick the right color to contrast the bathroom walls, a simple set of bath towels can make a significant difference to the room.

Soap Display

The soap display is another bathroom necessity. Whether you’re using regular or liquid soap, you should pay attention to the display, as it can make all the difference in the wash basin. 

To enhance the beauty of your bathroom counter, look for a soap dispenser or display that matches the bathroom decor.

If you’re a liquid-soap type of person, you can go with some pretty-looking rechargeable soap dispenser or make your bathroom seem more high-end by purchasing a battery-operated one.

If you prefer regular hand soap, you can look for an artistic soap display. The options here are plentiful, as many designers and crafters offer premium quality soap displays in pretty unusual designs that’ll add an extra sense of luxury to your bathroom.

Before you purchase a soap dispenser or display, make sure to find a suitable type of soap that’s gentle enough on your skin.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The toilet bowl cleaner is one of the less convenient bathroom essentials that many people don’t like thinking about. Why? Because finding a well-designed toilet bowl cleaner that’s as pretty as it is handy can be very difficult.

To blend functionality with style, look for some premium toilet bowl cleaners. They will undoubtedly cost more than a regular cleaner, but you won’t be anxious about displaying them next to the toilet.

If you still don’t like the idea of a toilet bowl cleaner standing behind the toilet seat, you can store it under the sink or further back behind the toilet, where it won’t be too intrusive but still accessible when necessary.


Storage is another thing that no bathroom can go without. You’ll need lots of storage to keep bathroom essentials like soap reserves, toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup, shampoo, spare toilet paper, etc.

Therefore, you should think about all the things you need to store inside the bathroom and make sure you add enough storage to fit them all inside.

When considering storage, you can use wall space and rolling bins, but the extra room under the sink is one of the most popular options to help your bathroom remain uncluttered.

If you have drawers inside the storage, you should also consider purchasing some drawer organizers, as they’re an absolute game changer.

Air Freshener or Scent

Pick out an air freshener or another scent that’ll help create a signature smell for your bathroom. You can choose between calming diffusers, scented candles, or another non-toxic room spray.

The list of options is endless, so you can customize your bathroom scent to match your preferences perfectly.

Many people use Poo-Pourri as a genius essential that every bathroom should have, as it helps guests avoid embarrassment by spraying a couple of spritzes in the toilet before sitting down.

Non-Slip Bath Mat

If you don’t want to mess up the entire bathroom while leaving the shower or bathtub, you’ll definitely want to purchase a non-slip bath mat.

It is necessary if you want to have an anti-slip surface to step on after you’ve finished showering or bathing.

Microfiber options are usually the most popular ones, as they dry quickly, which is exactly what you need a bath mat to do. A good quality bath mat will soak up any excess water or splashes, keeping your floor clean and dry.

A bath mat is essential if you want to keep your bath safe and hygienic.

Bathroom Supplies

Depending on your lifestyle and daily routine, you’ll also need to stack some essential bathroom supplies. The most common products you should always have in sight include:

Personal Care Products

Personal care products are mandatory. Whether it is hair care, body washes, skincare products, lotions, dental essentials, bubble baths, or shaving cream, you should always have a stock of your personal care products inside your bathroom cabinet.

Personal Care Tools

A bag of razors, nail clippers, dental floss, a hairbrush, and some other hair styling tools should also find their way into your bathroom. If you use many personal care tools, make sure you get enough storage to keep them organized.

Cleaning Supplies

If you don’t have another dedicated room for cleaning supplies, you’ll have to keep your cleaning essentials in your bathroom storage. Make sure you stock up on cleaning products, disinfectants, and some gentler cleaning solutions for your bathroom’s glass and mirror objects.

Toilet Paper

Last but not least, you should always keep several rolls of toilet paper at hand as the most important thing every bathroom needs. Get larger packs of toilet paper, so you don’t have to worry about it too often

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