15 Free DIY Nursery Art You Will Fall in Love With

If you’re the crafty kind of mom, this project will get you excited. It takes your mind off of a lot of things and passes time extra fast.  For some of us, who are a lot less artistic, finding the right design to take inspiration from is the challenge that needs to be overcome.

Honestly, though, we have so many options to choose from especially if you know how to use the heck out of your Pinterest account.

Well, just in case you are in that predicament of not knowing where to start, we’ve collected a bunch of really fun and easy ideas to help you get started.

Personalized Name Decor

nursery art

This hanging wall art is as dainty as girls can get. Simple materials like cardboard cut outs, Japanese paper rolled to a flower and some paint can create a simple yet very elegant hanging art.

You can, of course, tweak the colors and the highlighting element to suit your baby boy nursery as well. Instead of a flower, cut out an anchor or a pinwheel for a more rustic feel.

Family Hand Prints

nursery art

Very cool and creative. Plus it’s very easy to make.

If you have other kids, make one for each of them as well and it will be a great family tree kind of art on your nursery wall.

DIY Display Boxes

nursery art

I just totally love how shabby chic and rustic this wall decor is. And from the looks of it, it’s not that difficult to pull through.

I love recycling house items to things of art and of better use. Check out the instructions here.

Hand Painted Gallery

nursery art

All you need is paint, stencils and the pallet you’re going to be painting on. Simply spray paint the stencil on the pallet and let it dry. Hang it up when you’re ready!

Confetti Letters

nursery art

Although this project may be time consuming because of the need to stick the confetti one by one, the outcome is totally worth it.

If you don’t care much about the gradient effect on the confetti, then you can brush paste onto the surface and just randomly sprinkle your confetti on to save you some time.

Paper Flower Nursery Wall Art

nursery art

It may look like you need to be a professional to pull this nursery wall art off but it’s actually easier than it looks. And inexpensive too!

You just need to roll Japanese paper of different colors like you would a paper flower and secure it in the middle to hold the floral shape.

Heads up, though. This decor might be cute, but it can pile up on the dust so think it over carefully before you start making them.

Yarn Wrapped Alphabets

nursery art

If you have a lot of time in your hands and the patience that is required to get this project done, then by all means weave away. I tried this myself and found that I was a lot faster from my 2nd letter onwards.

The first one was a bit slow, but once I got the hang of wrapping the letter cut outs, it was smooth sailing from there.

Stringed 3D Name

nursery art

I have tried making this for a stage backdrop and not as a nursery wall art. I tell you. It’s very time-consuming and your fingers would probably get numb from all the pulling and weaving but another project that’s so worth it.

Golden Nursery Wall Art

nursery art

The golden dots may be too taxing to paste on the wall but wait till you completely cover the portions where you want them, and it will give off a starry effect. Even more, when you equip the room with soft yellow lights with a dimmer.

Wall Stencils

nursery art

Stencils are super fun and easy to use. Plus, there are so many designs to choose from. You just have to persevere in finding the right one for your nursery wall art.

They’re perfect for amateurs who want their DIY project to look like a professional’s and you can make it your own by choosing your own colors. Once you’re done, you can accessorize the room around it.

Hanging Twig Name Art

nursery art

Use bright and eye-catching upholstery fabric to cover the letters. Use twine to hang them. A repainted solid twig or branch to hang the letters on.

Simple right?

Scrabble Tiles

nursery art

Another stencil project. Not on walls but on finished blocks of hardwood. Very unisex and chic.

Canvas Frames

nursery art

Much like the twig hangers, you can use gender-appropriate fabric and secure it on the wooden frames with either a nail gun or a gun tacker.

Add other elements you think would add to the character without going overboard and hang it on the wall when you’re satisfied. You can also use glue for fabric and wood if you’d like.

Embroidery Hoop Nursery Wall Art

nursery art

Buy a bunch of embroidery hoop in different sizes and fill them with different colorful fabrics to perfectly accessorize your minimalist lettering.

Added chic factor to your room!

Baby Photo Wall

nursery art

The most classic yet super effective wall art decor. Print pictures of your baby, have them framed and hang them all over the nursery.

It would be a good view for them as they are growing up. And, of course, a good reminder of what a blessing your child is.

Are your creative juices flowing out already? Ready to take the DIY challenge?

Don’t be in a hurry. If you’re still quite a ways away from your due date, you’ve got lots of time to decide. Check all your options. Making your own nursery wall art will cost money and if you’re impulsive, you might end up not liking it and redoing it which will cost you more.

Do your research. Ask friends who have done these kinds of projects. And don’t hesitate to ask for help! Check out this article if you need more tips.

You can only do this once. Well, until your next baby that is.

Above all, just have fun with your baby in mind!

Got any DIY nursery wall art of your own? We’d love to hear about them. Comment below!

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