12 Easy Healthy Birthday Cakes That Will Wow Your Kids

Healthy birthday cakes have become a thing now that there are more health conscious parents in this generation. But come on, birthday’s are supposed to be fun so who would want a birthday cake that’s healthy but tastes like grass?

I remember attending a birthday party for a two-year-old whose parents are health freaks and I think they went overboard by serving a wheat grass birthday cake. Trust me, the cake looked like a field from the game Minecraft even though the game didn’t exist back then.

I’m sure glad super scrumptious healthy birthday cakes are possible now! And I’m sure the kids who have health freak parents are as happy as I am!

In case you are already heading toward a healthier lifestyle and want to introduce your kids to healthy birthday cakes without giving them a drastic shock, we have gathered twelve recipes that are still satisfying to your child’s sweet-tooth but healthy and guaranteed to get your kid’s approval.

Classic Vanilla Birthday Cake

healthy birthday cakes

This vanilla cake recipe is an eggless, non-dairy milk and non-hydrogenated fat based which makes it healthy without compromising the right amount of sweetness a kid expects from his birthday cake.

Stays as good on day 3 as it did on day one!

The ULTIMATE Vegan Chocolate Cake

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken

No, it doesn’t look like a birthday cake for kids but anyone, regardless of age, will drool over that thick layer chocolate frosting made from non-dairy milk and vegan butter.

You want to make this cake a bit more kiddie? Add sprinkles or use sparklers as candles.

This mouth-watering recipe is easy to make – no need for fancy-shmancy equipment!

Gluten Free Strawberry Cake

healthy birthday cakes
Raising Generation Nourished

Gluten free, made with organic sugar and coconut milk yet guaranteed to taste so good. Every kid loves strawberries. This recipe will make them say wow the moment you walk out with it, candles lit and all.

Vegan Berry Red Velvet Cake

healthy birthday cakes
Power Hungry

This red velvet cake is made with non-dairy cream cheese frosting and we all know red velvet cakes are totally trending right now! Make it even more colorful with colorful candles!

Raspberry Frosted Chocolate Cake

healthy birthday cakes
Baking a Moment

Dainty and perfect for your little princess. Made with Greek Yogurt and fresh raspberries, this triple layer cake is deep, rich and chocolatey. Perfect match of bitter chocolate and sweet fruit!

Banana Choco Hazelnut with Salted Caramel Sauce

healthy birthday cakes
The Cake Blog

A mixture of dark chocolate, fresh bananas and hazelnut (fresh hazelnuts are better) make this recipe one of the ultimate favorite with so many favorite flavors rolled into one. Treat your kids to something healthier and still packed with the party spirit!

Chocolate Mint Cake

healthy birthday cakes
source: thepowerplant.com.au

This source: thepowerplant.com.au calls for gluten-free flour, organic cocoa and coconut milk. A dash of green food coloring and peppermint flavor, your kid will think you have magic for turning his birthday cake green. Just make sure your kid likes mint otherwise you’d get a bunch of crinkled noses in disagreement to your choice!

Oreo Chocolate Vegan Cake

healthy birthday cakes
Momma Told Me

Made with organic ingredients and vegan butter, you kids would never guess this Oreo covered cake is actually healthy. They wouldn’t know the difference while you pat yourself on the back for getting them to eat something healthier.

Swedish Princess Cake

healthy birthday cakes
Swedish Vegan

Pretty and perfect for tea party themed birthdays. Sweetened with Agave instead of sugar, this cake is healthier than most.

Vegan Rainbow Cake

healthy birthday cakes
Speed Bump Kitchen

Guaranteed to make your kid say wow. One of the best selection in healthy birthday cakes. This cake is fun, colorful and screams party through and through!

HIS Funfetti Cake

Healthy birthday cakes
The Kitchen McCabe

Dairy-free and gluten-free. Celebrate your son’s birthday with a burst of colors and flavors with a perky cake made healthier!

HER Funfetti Cake

healthy birthday cakes
What the Fork Food

Yes, this is indeed the female and definitely girlier version of the funfetti cake above. Every girly girl will squeal for joy upon seeing this VERY pink and colorful cake. Little does your princess know her cake is good for her health!

That was a lot of colors and a lot of selections!

So many to choose from but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 12 on our list.

Healthy food does not mean it is boring. You can make it fun and hip just by how you present it. A must try for parents who want to take the healthier diet for their kids.

Start with the cake and then move on to their other favorite desserts like cookies, brownies or cupcakes. Pretty soon, they’ll be used to the taste!

Just remember to loosen up a bit on their birthdays. Let them have fun on their special day!

Got any healthy birthday cakes tucked in your recipe books? Share them in a comment below!

Featured image source: Swedish Vegan

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