Mother & Daughter Matching Outfit Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss

If we would search for the most special bond in this world, that would probably be the one created between a mother and her daughter.

It lasts from the very moment of birth until the end of time. Mothers are always role models for their daughters, and daughters are always a source of immense pride for their mothers.

It’s no wonder mommies want to show off with these amazing beings, like they want to shout to the world: “Look, she is mine”.

Sure, going around shouting is not really a wise idea, but you can always try to match your outfits and show everyone that an apple does not fall far from the tree. Picking the ideal dress for daughter and mommy is so much fun!

Here are some of the cutest mommy-and-me outfit ideas you can try out.

Crazy about Patterns

Spring and summer are just perfect to show some love for prints.

Kids can always wear them because they look adorable, but now mommy can enjoy the patterned craze too.

Patterns and prints are also a great way to coordinate your outfits, without opting for the same model. Mommy can, for instance, wear a tight patterned dress or a maxi dress, while an A-line dress would be more appropriate for a daughter, but she can also put on a pair of shorts, or a skirt.

Crazy about Patterns

Don’t Go Full-on Matchy-Matchy

Sometimes, too coordinating outfits can be more eye-catching than you would have wanted, and you can end up looking like the lost members of a theatre troupe, instead of a mommy and daughter duo.

We can agree that that would not be a match made in heaven, so instead, you can decide on subtle matching.

Wear different colored dresses with similar prints, or wear entirely different clothing combinations with the same accessory (purse, bracelet, necklace, etc.).

Don’t Go Full on Matchy-Matchy

Casually Coordinated

Not every matching outfit has to be intended for some special occasion. You can decide on a completely casual and fail-proof combination of a pair of jeans and a cotton tee.

Surely both of you have at least one black or white tee, so that’s the easiest and the most affordable way to create a cute combination. As for the jeans, check for some great pairs here, and try to have similar shades and models.

Casually Coordinated


One of the hottest trends in fashion can be applied to your mini-me matching outfits. Use the versatility of color blocks to create unique, yet similar outfits.

A simple black-and-white combination is always a good place to start, but you can also decide on bolder combos, like blue and yellow, pink and orange, etc.

Don’t go fully coordinated, but switch and turn some things (e.g. mommy – orange skirt and pink blouse, or linen shirt and daughter – pink leggings and orange tunic).


Disney Love

Kids love Disney, that’s obvious, but you know who else loves it? Mothers.

Yes, ladies, you may act all mature, but you know that you grew up with Mickey Mouse, Donald the Duck, and other child-friendly characters.

Luckily, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts with these loveable characters are more than often available in grown-up varieties, so don’t hesitate to dress up childishly – if your daughter is your mini-me, then you are her maxi-me.


Customized Tees

There is no denying – customized tees are the cutest thing ever. You can choose from a number of already used prints or think of some unique that will belong to just the two of you.

So, what is it going to be the “Mommy” and “Daughter” combo, “Best mom/daughter ever” or something like “My mom/daughter rocks”?

matching tees

Wait no more to match your outfits. The weather seems just right to take some amazing family photos, and that is the moment when mothers and daughters truly shine.

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