12 Coolest Matching Father & Son Formal Outfits

Mother & daughter outfits have taken over the online world for a few years now. Well, that is expected from moms who are so into fashion. But, entirely unexpected from the male species we call dads. Typical dads would put on whatever clean shirt is on top of their closest pile and care less about how they look. Same goes for when they dress their child.

Fashion rules, print clashes and trending patterns matter to them as much as the latest Taylor Swift news does. In translation: they don’t care.

Then there are those who try their hardest to bond with their sons even if it’s over shoes, clothes and what not. And boy, are we enjoying the product!

I have personally fallen in love with the newest fashion craze with father & son formal outfits as much as I have with Chris Evans or Johnny Depp. FYI, both men have swag and dapper written all over them.

It’s All About the Suspenders

For those who are going for a formal yet not overly black-tie mood, dress shirts can be paired with patterned suspenders and bow ties.

This father and son duo knows a thing or two about fashion. Love how they mixed and matched the color of their trousers.

Yes to Colored Trousers!

formal outfits

Colored trousers can either make or break your outfit. Pair it with the wrong colored dress shirt, coat or shoes would send your ensemble to shambles.

This father and son clearly got it right. They look good enough to rock a semi-formal dinner with friends at the country club! Take off the jacket and you go from formal to casual just like that!

Coat that Right

formal outfits

A coat and tie combo sans the tie. Love how they exchanged the color order of their coat and pants finishing both looks off with brown shoes.

The shades? It definitely adds extra swag. Ready for a night out with the momma around upstate New York.

Color Wheel of Mix and Match

formal outfits

Although they don’t match piece per piece, you can’t trick your eyes from seeing the same style. They basically just took the colors of their pieces from the same color wheel. Same golden tie, gray and white combo for the cute little boy and solid black for daddy.

Dark VS Light

formal outfits

No, this is not the fashion version of the feud between Luke and Darth Vader in Star Wars. This is the comforting vision of formal outfits that contrasts yet matches so well.

Same coat or vest and tie combination just darker and lighter shades different.

Mr. Big and Little Gray

matching father and son outfits

Who cares if they don’t completely match? Matthew and his sandy blond haired spawn look great in their gray ensemble. I actually like how little offspring has coffee colored pants. I don’t think all gray would suit his age. But then again, he’s wearing an adult looking coat.

Point is, celebrity fathers like to match their formal outfits with their sons, too. And the media is loving it!

If the Shoe Fits

formal outfits

Every dark colored outfit needs a pop of color to make it picture perfect. In the case of this father and son pair, they did it with their shoes. Top to bottom they matched piece by piece then there’s the pop of color we’re looking for.


Them Bowties

matching father and son outfits 1

Now, this is something I would have my future husband and son wear to a wedding or a formal family gathering. I’m sure the little guy has a coat to match his dad’s.

Those bowties sealed the deal and did the trick!


matching father and son outfits 2

These two look like they just stepped out of a magazine photoshoot for father and son matching formal outfits. Maybe they did.

Regardless, I am digging the trench coats and the matching gray and blue color scheme! Makes me want to wear the same combo with my daughter.

Black and White

matching father and son outfits 3

Clearly, they’re either attending a wedding or daddy’s bestman is his little man. I think it’s precious to have matching tuxes tailored for a father and son whether its for a wedding or no reason at all.

Of course, the classic black and white combo looks dapper on any age.

A Touch of Armani

matching father and son outfits 4

Okay, so I’m not sure if they’re wearing Armani but this fine daddy and his equally fine son is ready to rock the red carpet. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ensemble costs quite a buck. Visit your local tailor. There’s nothing like a traditionally made tailored suit for your hubby and your boy.

One word: swag.

The Beckham Code

matching father and son outfits 5

Obviously, David B. did not only pass on his impeccable genes to his kids but also his sleek fashion sense. Then again, if you’re raised by fashion mogul, Posh Spice, you probably have no choice but to dress to perfection.

Undoubtedly, these two match in fashion and DNA.

Inspired to dress your hubby and son yet?

I’m sure you’ve matched with your daughter a couple of times or more. So why not let your men try matching formal outfits too? It’s a fun experience!

Calling out the daddies out there. If you’re a dad, then yes, I am talking to you. Try doing this with your boy. It’s a great way to bond. After all, most boys dream to be like their daddy one day. Just imagine the smile you put on his face when he sees he’s just like daddy?

So get creative and get matching! Got any matching formal outfits for father and son? Holler with a comment below!

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